A Few Days

Examples of use

…Šírl and Zenit St. Petersburg agreed to the mutual termination of his contract on 7 September 2010. A few days later, Šírl signed a two-year contract with Mladá Boleslav.

…Ōyama is said to have asked Fenton to make the melody for it; but some later complained that there was too much similarity with a Satsuma lute tune. The melody was composed and was performed before the Emperor in 1870. As it happened, Fenton had only three weeks to compose the music and a few days to rehearse before performing the anthem to the Emperor.

Novi Beograd. Đinđić escaped injury thanks to his security detail. Milenković was arrested, but released from custody after only a few days. The investigative court explained their decision to release Milenković by stating that he was a salesman whose business suffered from his absence.

…Čokot is a village situated in Niš municipality in Serbia.The famous actor Robert De Niro spent a few days in this village sometime in the 60s before he became a famous actor.

…Íñigo López de Mendoza y Quiñones died in Granada on 20 July 1515 having a few days before given his final testament to Juan de Luz, son of an artillery man and resident of the Alhambra Gonzalo de Luz.

…Émile Lisbonne (20 June 1876 – 21 December 1947) was a French lawyer and Radical politician. He was briefly Minister of Health in 1933, and again for a few days in 1934.

… has been trapped in a house for a few days, so she and Élizabeth try to get out and run, but the woman grabs Élizabeth and gives her to Lucas. Two men, Paul and Lucien show up and start to kill the zombies. The woman goes to them for help, so…

… a permit to marry Connolly. While it’s not clear how much this helped, they surprisingly received a permit a few days later.

Zárate completed a move to Lazio on 5 July 2008. He joined initially on loan, for €2.4 million, with Lazio having an option to make the deal permanent, and following a successful medical he was presented to the media a few days later.

… settle on a surface. Others produce larvae that have little yolk but swim and feed for a few days before settling. After settling, all larvae undergo a radical metamorphosis that destroys and rebuilds almost all the internal tissues.

… the club from Thessaloniki he made one appearance during the group stage of the UEFA Cup against Shakhtar Donetsk. After that he played for Panionios, AEK Larnaca and Ionikos FC. On 8 January 2009 Zografakis signed with Bulgarian side FC Vihren Sandanski. He made his team debut a few days later, in a friendly match against Lokomotiv Plovdiv.

Zofia Glazer and Cypora met again at the Zawadzkis house. The baby Rachela remained with the rescuers but the two girlfriends found a different place on the outskirts of town. Cypora wrote a secret account of the liquidation of the ghetto while in hiding. After a few days she met with Mrs. Sabina Zawadzka once more and formally entrusted her…

… next person in the presidential line of succession. Due to the resignation a few days earlier of Vice President Hoynes, the Speaker of the House, Republican Glen Allen Walken, becomes Acting President of the United States. Zoey is recovered with only minor injuries several days later and President Bartlet reassumes his office shortly thereafter.

… 2007-08 season on May 10, 2008 in a 2-2 away draw against Beroe. A few days later, he had a trial with Dynamo Kyiv, but did not do enough to secure a contract with the Ukrainian club. In June 2008, Zlatkov was sent to Pirin Gotse Delchev on…

… reaching the 2002 FIFA World Cup.Stones were thrown at Weah and his teammates after the match and the Liberia star, incensed by the behaviour of the fans, announced his retirement – a decision he rescinded a few days later.

Zieten met his old teacher, Batthyány, during the First Silesian War and defeated him at the Battle of Rothschloss. The chivalrous Austrian sent him a complimentary letter a few days later, and General Hans Karl von Winterfeldt, who had…

Ziegfeld died in Hollywood, California on July 22, 1932, from pleurisy, related to a previous lung infection. He had been in Los Angeles only a few days after moving from a New Mexico sanitarium. His death left Burke with substantial debts, driving her toward film acting to settle them. He and Burke are interred in Kensico Cemetery in Valhalla, New York.

Zia finds Karana in the same cave in which she and Mando had hidden the boat they found at the beginning of the book. A few days later, Karana dies.

… recognises Lu Zhishen. The conflict between Lu Zhishen and Zhou Tong is resolved when Li Zhong manages to convince Zhou to give up on marrying Squire Liu’s daughter. Lu Zhishen stays with Li Zhong and Zhou Tong for a few days and leaves later.

Zhou Tong manages to escape back to his stronghold and tell Li Zhong about it. Li Zhong and Zhou Tong then lead their bandit followers to the manor to confront Lu Zhishen, who is waiting for them. Li Zhong is surprised when he recognises Lu Zhishen. The conflict between Lu Zhishen and Zhou Tong is resolved when Li Zhong succeeds in convincing Zhou to give up on marrying Squire Liu’s daughter. Lu Zhishen stays with Li Zhong and Zhou Tong at their stronghold for a few days before leaving.

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