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…Śankarābharaṇaṃ has been decorated with compositions by almost all composers. A few of the compositions are listed here.

…Érard’s pianos were also widely appreciated by the foremost musicians – Charles-Valentin Alkan, Beethoven, Chopin, Fauré, Haydn, Herz, Liszt, Mendelssohn, Moscheles, Wagner, Verdi and Ravel are just a few of the famous composers who owned Erard Pianos. Mid-career, Paderewski traveled on concert tours with his own Érard piano.

… relaxacon with all programming in English. While a few of the participants are Ålanders, the majority travel from mainland Finland and Sweden for the convention.

… album’s ten songs, with guitarist Erik Cartwright contributing a sixth. A few of the songs are given a rockabilly treatment augmenting the blues rock the band is better known for. It would be the band’s last album for over a decade until their comeback album, Return of the Boogie Men, in 1994.

Zero: the Circle of Flow is a Korean manga written by Dall-Young Lim and illustrated by ROH Sang-young. It is the sequel to Zero: The Gate of the Beginning and a direct adaption of the Korean eroge of the same name. It features different main characters and setting from its prequel, with a few of the original characters returning.

… towards kids and marketing in schools. These are just a few of the ideas that have become more saturated in mainstream society. Recently in youth marketing there has been much information and misinformation on this topic despite the issue…

… co-determine children’s consumer behavior include socioeconomic level of the family, frequency and kind of parent-child interaction, and involvement with peer groups. These are just a few of the issues regarding youth consumer behavior and it is not…

Ynglingtal is also indirectly preserved as a list of names in Íslendingabók from the early 1100s. A few of the characters in Ynglingatal are also mentioned in the Old English poem Beowulf.

… seminars are just a few of the projects that YES Alumni Pakistan has taken part in. Multitudes of such projects are also conducted under the banner of many YES alumni associations all around the world. These activities are actually a reflection of the passion of community service that students get to learn over their exchange year.

Socrates engages with a variety of persons: named and unnamed companions, rival teachers, famous and less famous Athenians. A few of the interlocutors appear several times. Typically Xenophon introduces the reason why he is writing about a particular conversation, and he will also occasionally interject a remark into the narrative, or at its conclusion.

Xenbase provides many tools useful for both professional research as well as academic learning. Highlighted below are a few of the tools, along with a brief description. For full details on provided tools, users are referred to Xenbase’s publications.

… with some of the worlds most respected artists as well as being the face of Portland hip-hop after featuring as the lead rapper for the televised official Portland Trail Blazers NBA Anthem for their 40th anniversary are but a few of the many endeavors this young visionary accomplished in the span of a few years.

Work was started on at least three airframes in an early effort to reduce costs by some measure of standardisation of design, and Wright claimed that he could deliver an aircraft within fourteen days of receiving an order. Although only a few of the type were built, it was quickly followed by a number of very similar aircraft.

Work done in 1981 by Muraoka et al. showed that music signals with frequency components above 20 kHz were only distinguished from those without by a few of the 176 test subjects. Later papers, however, by a number of different authors,…

… subdivision. Most of Brownwood was condemned by FEMA after Hurricane Alicia destroyed all but a few of the homes there in August 1983. Most of the subdivision is now the Baytown Nature Center.

… towns and cities Woodland is on the doorstep of some of England’s most unspoilt countryside. Teesdale and Weardale offer many opportunities for outdoor leisure. Close by is Hamsterley Forest, which is a very popular attraction offering walks, bike rides and horse riding to name just a few of the available activities.

California women. A few of the treasures that were displayed included: a baby coverlet made by Tamsen Donner (who perished in 1847 en route to CA with the Donner Party); a catalog of stitches – a sampler of diverse skills; a “best” quilt, Blazing…

Wittman then goes to a party mainly attended by followers of the Beatnik movement. After overhearing a woman, Taña De Weese, reciting poetry, Wittman composes the basic structure of a play. Only a few of the guests are sober, not under the…

Witnesses at the scene described several intermittent shots fired from both sides before the lines of regulars began to fire volleys without receiving orders to do so. A few of the militiamen believed at first that the regulars were only…

With the goal of promoting scientific research, the Pius XI Medal is awarded by the Academy every two years to a young scientist who is under the age of 45 and shows exceptional promise. A few of the winners have also become members of the Academy.

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