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Amber Road). The Teutonic Knights, under command of the Order’s Marshal Dietrich von Altenburg, sacked Żnin in 1331. After a few years, the town was rebuilt.

… strikers, Henry and Trezeguet, who were 19 years old and a few years older Victor Ikpeba, so they completed transfer of Belgian side Club Brugge top scorer Robert Špehar together with another striker from French Division 1 club FC Nantes, Chadian…

…Ōyodo was removed from the navy list on 20 November 1945. The wreck of Ōyodo was raised 18-20 September 1947 and towed to Kure on 20 December 1947. The ship was scrapped at Kure – the shipyard where she was completed only a few years previously – from 17 January to 1 August 1948.

…Ōgigayatsu Tomosada tried unsuccessfully to take Edo Castle (江戸城), and a few years later, in 1545, an army led by Ashikaga Haruuji (足利 晴氏) and Uesugi Norimasa (上杉 憲政) besieged Kawagoe Castle (see Siege of Kawagoe (1545)). Hōjō Tsunashige…

… campaign in the West, he recaptured his former territory. Mehmet returned, however, and captured both Karaman (Larende) and Konya in 1466. Pir Ahmet berely escaped to the East. A few years later, Ottoman vizier (later grand vizier) Gedik Ahmet Pasha captured the coastal region of the beylik.

…Özkök was born in İzmir a few years after his parents had to migrate to Istanbul. Both his father, who had made a name as a prominent printer of İzmir, and his mother are from Kardzhali, Bulgaria. He graduated from İzmir Namık Kemal Lisesi and did his university studies in Paris, France.

… as a presenter and television producer at RTÉ’s Irish language current affairs division. He moved to the United States for a few years, settling in Boston, where he briefly attended Harvard University.

On 12 December 1052 Íñigo assisted at the consecration of García’s new monastic foundation of Santa María la Real at Nájera. Along with Dominic of Silos, he also intervened to try and prevent the fraternal conflict that ended in the Battle of Atapuerca (1 September 1054), at which García died. Íñigo died at Oña a few years later.

…Ísadóra, nicknamed Dóra for short, is a chamberlain working under Sigurð. She is distantly related to Sigurð and Helga and is under orders from Helga to monitor and restrain Sigurð as needed based on her own judgement. If she feels it necessary she can chant an incantation that activates a ring Sigurð is wearing to forcibly restrain him. She is about Lotte’s height but, based on her level of maturity in reigning in Sigurð’s antics, is likely a few years older. She always wears an eyepatch, as it’s a present from Sigurð which she treasures.

…Étienne Polverel (1740-1795) was a French lawyer, aristocrat, and revolutionary. He was a member of the Jacobin club. In 1792, he and Leger Felicite Sonthonax were sent to Saint-Domingue to suppress a slave revolt. Polverel was an abolitionist and after a few years he had emancipated the slaves of the colony and given them political equality.

…Édouard Bovet (1797-1849) was the son of the watchmaker Jean-Frédéric Bovet. He studied the art with his father in Fleurier, but in 1814 left home for political reasons with two of his brothers, Alphonse and Frederic, to study watch making in London. After studying in the city for a few years with the firm of Messrs. Ilbury & Magniac, Magniac sent Bovet to Canton, China in 1818. Almost as soon as he arrived he was able to sell four of his watches for the equivalent of US$1 million in 2008 currency.

…Çifte Minareli Medrese is an architectural monument of the late Seljuk period in the Turkish city of Erzurum. Built as a theological school a few years before 1265, it takes its name, Twin Minaret Madrasa, from the two fluted minarets that crown the monumental façade.

…Æthelhere witnessed the fortunes of his dynasty during the years of Rædwald’s rule and afterwards. The East Angles under Rædwald had been converted to Christianity, but in around 627, during the reign of his son Eorpwald, they reverted to heathenism. This occurred after Eorpwald was killed by a pagan soon after his succession and baptism. The assassin, Ricberht, may then have ruled the kingdom for a few years, to be succeeded by Sigeberht, who re-established Christianity in the kingdom and became the first East Anglian king to act as a patron of the Church.

…Ælfgifu was the consort of King Eadwig of England (r. 955-59) for a brief period of time until 957 or 958. What little is known of her comes primarily by way of Anglo-Saxon charters, possibly including a will, the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle and hostile anecdotes in works of hagiography. Her union with the king, annulled within a few years of Eadwig’s reign, seems to have been a target for factional rivalries which surrounded the throne in the late 950s. By c. 1000, when the careers of the Benedictine reformers Dunstan and Oswald became the subject of hagiography, its memory had suffered heavy degradation. In…

Anglia, but also was exiled for a time. Through the first marriage of his daughter he would become father-in-law of the Welsh king Gruffydd ap Llywelyn; a few years after his death, his daughter would become a widow and marry English King Harold.

… joined the Danish army but at the first opportunity he deserted and fled to the Netherlands. Ironically, he ended up fighting in the Dutch War of Independence which began in 1567 and continued to 1648 (though Åsmund was only involved for a few years).

…Årdal became a symbol of modern Norway after World War II. In the course of a few years, Årdal was transformed from a scarcely populated rural community into a small town situated around the aluminium plant Årdal og Sunndal Verk. Construction of the aluminium plant at Årdal started in 1941. The purpose was to build a large aluminium industry as a part of the German war effort. The Norwegian State confiscated the unfinished plant in Årdal in 1945 at the end of the war. The plant was finished by the government and production started in 1948.

…Álvarez’ father, Bernardo Álvarez, was a lawyer of the Royal Council of Castile before he was named prosecutor of the Royal Audiencia of Bogotá. He arrived in Bogotá with his family in 1736. Manuel was born there a few years later.

…Álvarez de Toledo was the son of Luis Álvarez de Toledo y Liche, a navy captain of Seville, Spain, and María Dolores Dubois. He was educated at the Escuela Naval de Cádiz and then joined the Spanish Navy in 1806. In 1808 he switched to serving in the British Navy (for a few years).

Zynga approached a billion dollars in revenue in four years since inception, surpassing the market value of the longtime console game company Electronic Arts. Zynga’s rapid growth has been seen as an indicator of the vastly different playing field from only a few years before, where games have become able to gain significant public acceptance in a shorter period of time, with the cost of entry being much lower.

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