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Hárslevelű/Lipovina grapes are the primary grapes used in this wine. In a manner similar to Sherry, the wine is aged in partially filled barrels with a film of yeast on top and stored underground in wine caverns.

Toho reissued the film in 1973 as part of the Champion Matsuri (東宝チャンピオンまつり), a film festival that ran from 1969 through 1978 that featured numerous films packaged together and aimed at children.

Toho had always been interested in the Frankenstein character as, in 1961, producer Tomoyuki Tanaka commissioned a film project called Frankenstein vs. the Human Vapor (フランケンシュタイン対ガス人間 – Furankenshutain tai Gasu Ningen). Acting as a sequel…

Together, they trail the thief to a film noir festival in Colorado. As they work to solve the mystery, they fall in love.

Together, Panna and Jaa developed an interest in Muay Boran, the predecessor of muay thai and worked and trained for four years at the art with the intention of developing a film about it. Eventually they were able to put together a short…

Together with screenwriter Ronan Bennett, Fassbender has formed a production company, Finn McCool Films. Fassbender and Bennett are currently developing a film about the Irish mythological hero Cú Chulainn.

Together with his partner, Tim Wilson, Necati has campaigned against his assailants and has made a film of his experiences. It mixes animation and live action footage. The film, A Torture Cartoon, was sponsored by Screen South and the RIFE lottery project.

Together with his closest associates, including Vladimir Vardunas and Arkady Tigai, they came up with a screenplay for a film consisting of ten funny short stories about brides.

Together with her partner Misha Maltsev, also a film and music professional, she runs Partisan Films.

Canto sopra un’ idea frattale in 2005 in Vienna was documented in a film Die Kochsche Schneeflocke, directed by Norbert Wartig (born 1973), produced by LNW Film.

Together with Thea Djordjadze, with whom she has frequently collaborated since Djordjadze had been her student in the late 1990s, Trockel designed Image Movement, a film shop and cinema within Sprüth Magers’ Berlin gallery.

Together with Russel Crouse, Lindsay won the Pulitzer Prize for Drama for the 1946 play State of the Union, which was adapted into a film directed by Frank Capra two years later.

Together with Mira Lesmana, Riza has also become a film producer. Their Ada Apa dengan Cinta? (What’s Up With Love?), directed by Rudy Soedjarwo, had two million viewers in 2002, Indonesian cinema’s biggest box-office draw.

Together with Michael Feast and David Dundas he co-wrote the music for Private Road (1971), a film he and Feast also starred in.

Together with Goffredo Petrassi, Trovajoli composed the score of Giuseppe De Santis’ Bitter Rice (1949). In 1951, Trovajoli was invited by Dino De Laurentiis to write music for Anna, a film directed by Alberto Lattuada: particularly the…

Together with Claes Gabrielson, Hagerman also made a documentary on Lundborg, Hur gör man för att rädda ett folk?, which was broadcast on Swedish Television in January 2015. There is also an English version of the film, What Measures to Save a People? A film about Herman Lundborg, head of the Swedish State Institute for Race Biology.

Tofu skin, yuba, bean curd skin, bean curd sheet, or bean curd robes, is a food product made from soybeans. During the boiling of soy milk, in an open shallow pan, a film or skin forms on the liquid surface. The films are collected and…

… award-winning BBC1 series Life on Mars and a film adaptation of the novel My Summer of Love. The BBC One crime drama series Happy Valley, written by Sally Wainwright (who grew up in nearby Sowerby Bridge), is filmed in and around the town, amongst other locations.

Todd was the first choice of author Ian Fleming to play James Bond in Dr. No, but a scheduling conflict gave the role to Sean Connery. In the 1960s, Todd unsuccessfully attempted to produce a film of Ian Fleming’s The Diamond Smugglers and…

Todd is a Film Production graduate at USC’s School of Cinematic Arts. She is involved in several charitable causes including St. Joseph Center, The Children’s Institute, The Alliance for Children’s Rights, Variety, the Children’s Charity,…

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