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After Konoha departs the train, they have a final goodbye kiss and Tohko departs on the train. Years later, Konoha has put out his second novel titled Book Girl, and an editor comes to his house to read his newest work before it gets released. It remains unclear whether the editor is Tohko or not.

… evidence from Xie Yu’s confession. The Emperor is angered by the sudden accusation of his own mistakes, but is powerless to stop it, as the whole court pleads for him to reopen the Chiyan case. With a final confrontation with Mei Changsu…

Charlie and the Baron then confront each other in a final duel of rock-paper-scissors, ending with the Baron being thrown into a pit filled with captive orphans who tear him into pieces, leaving behind only his monocle and top hat. Upon returning home, William takes a better-paying job, finally freeing the Blackmore family from poverty.

… comes time for the finals stage on the dark side of the Moon, both the new wizards and their mentors are both flung into a final conflict that could change the solar system for the better… or damage Earth beyond even wizardly repair.

… nomination never received a final vote in the Senate. On April 30, 2015, President Obama re-nominated Kim to the position, but the Senate declined again to act on that nomination.

… erosion. The trailhead, shared with the Timber Gap trail, is located in the Mineral King Valley, about 1/2 mile (0.80 km) uphill from the Ranger Station. It starts at 7500 ft, is approximately 7 mi round trip, and the route reaches a final elevation of 12343 ft at the peak.

… alone. Nor was it used at the end of a number. Thus numbers like 2 and 120 (2×60), 3 and 180 (3×60), 4 and 240 (4×60), looked the same because the larger numbers lacked a final sexagesimal placeholder. Only context could differentiate them.

Today, according to the 2010 US Census, 260,073 people of Hmong descent reside in the United States up from 186,310 in 2000. The vast majority of the growth since 2000 was from natural increase, except for the admission of a final group of…

… lectures for women students. Since the 1970s, Harvard has been responsible for undergraduate governance matters for women; women were still formally admitted to and graduated from Radcliffe until a final merger in 1999.

Toad gets fired as the school janitor for helping the Hellfire Club. He then helps Baron Maximilian escape the school, but beats up Manuel. Manuel repeats a final message from Toad to Paige Guthrie, the new guidance counselor, who doesn’t remember falling in love with Toad.

To win the 1953 premiership St George would need to beat minor premiers Souths in both a final and a Grand final, emulating the feats of the Dragons of 1949 from which team only Noel Pidding was still playing. A crowd of 44,581 were at the Sydney Cricket Ground to see the first phase of this attempt.

… imperious form setting up, Jura, Okwaro, Kola and Co. However Kenya composed themselves and closed the match off to set up a final versus rift Valley side Nakuru. It was not Kenya’s day as New winger Caleb Langat scored try after try, taking Kenya’s winger’s apart. Winners Nakuru RFCBy Monday of the new week, Call ups to Kenya, Andrew Okwaro and Fred Jura.

… format. By 1955 the number of new releases threatened to overwhelm the authors, who recruited two younger colleagues to help them, Andrew Porter and William Mann. Between them they produced a full new edition of The Record Guide in 1955, running to 957 pages, and a final supplement in 1956.

Recently, video-conferencing technology has also enabled viewing a real-time lecture without the students all coming to a single campus. For each course, students must complete several required assignments, and take a final exam. To obtain a…

To see how temporal motivation theory can be applied in an example, consider a student given one month to study for a final exam. The student is given two options—studying and socializing. The student enjoys socializing but needs to…

The school held an annual bootcamp style singing and dancing workshop, managed by Voicebox Studios. Rehearsals took place during a week of half term and a final performance was presented on a later date, featuring all the acts…

… with tennis facilities built in), a large field with a grass running track, several football and rugby pitches and a cricket circle. A final unique facility is the school’s ABL (Adventure Based Learning) space.

… body is the Head Prefect team, led by the Head Boy and Head Girl. The Head Prefect Team is selected through a rigorous process that includes written applications, student voting, teacher staff voting, student council panel interview, and a final interview with the Principal, Vice Principal, and a School Council member.

… have the opportunity to do part of their education abroad via the Erasmus Programme. All teaching is in English. Students are required to learn Italian, and, in order to be graduated, must, in English, write and defend a final thesis. The degree granted is a Dottore magistrale, styled in English as a Doctor of Medicine.

The school discovered large-scale cheating in an English IV final examination in 2012. The school invalidated all English IV final exam results, allowing students who did not cheat to have a final grade without the final or to take the final again. The students who cheated received scores of zero.

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