A Fish

Examples of use

…Ṿi fun a fish iz a frosh geṿorn: zikhroynes̀ fun mayn ḳindheyṭ. (How a fish became a frog: memories of my childhood) Bialystok: Ferlag Ḳulṭur lige, 1921.

…Ōmoyō (大模様) An Omoyou has large markings, at least a quarter the length of the fish. This is desirable, because as a fish ages, the markings will separate and form interesting patterns.

…Òrrius celebrates its fiesta mayor on 30 November, the Feast of Saint Andrew. During this fiesta peixos are eaten; a small cake, typical to the village, in the form of a fish. There is also the Festa de la Plantada del Maig, celebrated on…

… guarded by creatures confusingly known as Zubs but each planet has a different sub-species – for example the first level’s Zub resembles a gyroscope whilst he fourth level’s is a fish. The Zubs can be shot and stunned. They will float to…

… sorrowful until she realizes through encounters with an alligator that wants to climb a tree, an owl that wants to swim like a fish, and a girl who wants to be a man, that she has been foolish to be unhappy with her lot.

… or seated, but is typically shown riding his white mule, usually seated facing backwards. His emblem is a fish drum, which is a tube-shaped bamboo drum with two iron rods or mallets that he carries with him, or carrying a phoenix feather or…

Zavaroni was born in Greenock, Renfrewshire, and grew up in the small town of Rothesay on the Isle of Bute with musical parents, who owned a fish and chip shop. Zavaroni’s father, Victor, played the guitar, and her mother, Hilda, sang, and Zavaroni herself sang from the age of two. Her grandfather had emigrated from Italy.

Zalieutes is a fish genus in the family Ogcocephalidae.

Zafferano was opened by chef Giorgio Locatelli in February 1995 in Knightsbridge, London. The restaurant’s name comes from the Italian for saffron. The location had previously been a fish restaurant, but under Locatelli the new restaurant…

… assigned to direct Fierce Creatures, John Cleese’s 1997 follow-up to A Fish Called Wanda, which featured many of the same cast as GBH. However, the production ran into problems and Fred Schepisi was brought in to finalise the movie. Young did, however, direct Splitting Heirs, which starred Cleese and Eric Idle.

Young leaves and sprouts are cooked and eaten as a vegetable, or with rice and beans. Found in Kenya, Tanzania, Senegal, Gambia, South Africa, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Ivory Coast, Gabon, Cameroun and Nigeria, it may be propagated from seed, leaf cuttings, rhizomes or suckers. Ripe fruits are used as a fish poison.

Ynys Gorad Goch: Two connected islands with weirs and Smoke Tower. , SH544712. Ynys Gorad Goch is the largest island in the straight, and lies mid-stream east of Britannia Bridge. Two islands are joined by a causeway, and each has a fish weir.

Yang Yi-ru’s womanizing boss and ex-boyfriend. Owner of Feng Hua advertising company. He is a lazy slacker who doesn’t take work or life seriously. He refers to his multiple girlfriends as goldfishes he raises in a fish bowl. He has a kind…

… memory of her husband Clement Acton Griscom, a 19th-century shipping magnate. Ninigret is portrayed holding a fish in each hand. The sculpture was originally part of a water fountain for the village horses: water flowed from the mouths of the fishes into a trough.

Yaldwyn’s triplefin, Notoclinops yaldwyni, is a fish of the genus Notoclinops, found around the North Island of New Zealand from low water to depths of about 5 metres, most common in reef areas of broken rock, but nowhere common. Its…

… falls down when he touches a wall. In the third form, Yakopoo resembles a fish. While he can’t move on the ground, the fish-like Yakopoo is able to swim well and attack enemies with foam in water. Beneath these three forms, Yakopoo also…

Yair, also known as The Yair, is an estate in the Scottish Borders. It stands by the River Tweed in the former county of Selkirkshire, 2.5 mi north-west of Selkirk, and 28 mi south of Edinburgh. The name comes from the old Scots word for a fish trap. The estate is centred on Yair House, which is protected as a category A listed building. The nearby Yair Bridge is also category A listed.

… mythical creature, a ‘Makorn’. The Makorn is a legendary animal, a chimera composed of parts from a lion, an elephant, and a fish, and holding five-headed naga in its mouth.

Xiphophorus nigrensis is a fish in the Poeciliidae family.

Xiphophorus multilineatus is a fish in the Poeciliidae family. It is found in Central America.

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