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…Đắk Tô lies on a flat valley floor, surrounded by waves of ridgelines that rise into peaks (some as high as 4,000 feet) that stretch westward and southwestward towards the tri-border region where South Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia meet.

…Červená hora (Red Mountain) is a flat geological formation in the Nízký Jeseník mountain range in Moravia, the Czech Republic. With 749 m above sea level it is the highest formation of the Domašov Highlands, which are a part of the Nízký…

Turn 1 when Andretti passed him on the outside as Gordon passed him on the inside (ironically, all three cars were sponsored by rival brands of motor oil). Gordon slowed with a flat tyre (blaming Andretti over the radio to Derrick Walker),…

… gouaches. The big breakthrough was in oil pastels, that only he made in large format. Using a deep space photo surface rather than a flat paper was pioneering moment.

… gouaches. The big breakthrough was in oil pastels, that only he made in large format. Using a deep space photo surface rather than a flat paper was pioneering moment.

… impedance matching problem. The main application of these sections has been not so much for filtering out unwanted frequencies, the k-type and m-type filters remained best for this, but rather to equalize the response in the pass band to a flat response.

Zillen are simply constructed boats, between five and 30 meters long. Smaller Zillen are generally open, while larger Zillen for freight or passenger transport have house-like structures amidships. Zillen have a flat floor and straight side walls. The front of the boat usually tapers. Depending on the type, the tail of the Zille may be either narrow or wide. For the past several decades, the tail has been used a mount point for motorized operation.

Zigzag scallop shells show a wavy, crenulated pattern along their outer edges and have several colored rays varying from white to orange, yellow, or gray. Within this pattern are well-defined annual rings which make determining a scallop’s age relatively easy to the trained eye. The zigzag scallop’s lower valve is somewhat cup-shaped, whereas its upper valve forms a flat to concave lid. They exhibit a zigzag pattern of stripes on their shells which gives the species its name. Interestingly, it also moves in a zigzag pattern when jetting.

… mastaba-like structure with a flat top. Sun-baked bricks made up the core of the ziggurat with facings of fired bricks on the outside. Each step was slightly smaller than the step below it. The facings were often glazed in different colors and…

Ziereis is best friends with Kevin Volland. The duo shared a flat while playing together at TSV 1860 Munich as they both played for Bavarian Football Association youth teams.

… such as a flat roof to the skull, a straight ischium, and the location of muscle attachments on the upper arm. The type species, Z. luoyangensis, was described by Xu and colleagues in 2007. Zhongyuansaurus was described by Xu et al. as the…

… completely new game with unique features. Among the games powered by the Spring game engine, Zero-K makes extensive use of Lua scripting for interface and gameplay changes/enhancements, as well as unique RTS concepts such as a flat technology tree.

… in shape with a flat top. They are laid on leaves in groups of twenty to fifty and held together with a sticky, brownish material.

Zangguy Township has jurisdiction over 11 village committees. It is surrounded by the Gobi Desert and has a flat, dry continental climate, with an average annual temperature of 11.6 °C. The average temperature in July, the hottest month is…

Zahavi is a widower with two children. He lives modestly in a seaside apartment in the north of Tel Aviv and rents a flat in Marble Arch, London. He is the great uncle of footballer Alex Zahavi.

Netflix of tyres.This scheme allows consumers to pay a flat monthly rate and covering all tyre related costs, and allowing customers to fit or upgrade tyres when needed. The service is currently available through Alzura X and its 600 partner stores nationwide.

ZK PivottableAn Ajax data summarization component, which takes raw data from a flat table and organizes them by desired categories arranged on columns and rows, enabling developers to take advantage of a ready made component for demonstrating complex sets of data online.

Yu earned HK$20,000 plus per month at Bulova FC, later his salary rose to HK$35,000. He used his salary to buy a flat at City One in Shatin. He paid if off in just a few years. He currently resides in Cheung Sha Wan. Sammy Yu married at the age of 24. They have two sons; the eldest son is a teacher and the younger son is studying for an associate’s degree.

… structures that run from each ear to the sagittal suture on top of the head — may force your baby’s forehead to flatten on the affected side. It may also raise the eye socket and cause a deviated nose and slanted skull. The Bicoronal synostosis (brachycephaly). When both of the coronal sutures fuse prematurely, your baby may have a flat, elevated forehead and brow.

Young was born in London, and was a slow left-arm spin bowler, who relied on accuracy and a flat delivery rather than flight. He was on the staff at Middlesex for much of the 1930s, but only came to the fore after World War II. In 1947, he…

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