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…Ōsumi was killed in action in the Second Sino-Japanese War on 5 February 1941, when his plane, a navy transport, was shot down by Chinese guerrillas soon after takeoff from Guangzhou on a flight towards Japanese-occupied Hainan.

…ČSA Flight 511 was a flight operated by an Ilyushin Il-18 that crashed in Gräfenberg near Nürnberg on March 28, 1961 during flight across West Germany.

Zykov is on board a flight from Moscow bound for London. It is believed he will carry out a suicide mission by exploding the plane over London. Such an action may push Russia and the UK into war. Using a device smuggled onto the aircraft,…

Zweig uncovers the roots of Marge’s fear: the moment she realized her father was not a pilot, but a flight attendant. Her shame is eased when Zweig assures her that male flight attendants are now very common and that her father could be…

Zvezda provided early living quarters, a life support system, a communication system (Zvezda introduced a 10 Mbit/s Ethernet network to the ISS), electrical power distribution, a data processing system, a flight control system, and a propulsion system. These quarters and some, but not all, systems have since been supplemented by additional ISS components.

… announced that his wife was pregnant with a boy, and invited the personnel in his regiment to celebrate. During the party Zuyev personally handed each coworker a slice, except for four people: the commander who was preparing a flight plan, two mechanics on guard duty, and a unit member who was expected to be at another base.

Air received its air operator’s certificate on 3 February 2017 and began operations on 15 February with a flight from Delhi to Durgapur via Kolkata.

Zoe, rapidly descending a flight of stairs, baby in hand, and three other children in tow. Zoe gets into a physical altercation with the neighbour. Tensions remain high as the two women and their children shout at one another and hurl insults.

Zippe was born in Varnsdorf, Austria-Hungary (nowadays Czech Republic) in 1917. Zippe studied and graduated with B.Sc. Physics at the University of Vienna in the ‘1938, and served in the Luftwaffe as a flight instructor and a researcher on…

… unflyable condition. Due to these circumstances the AFZ contingent in the Congo in August and September 1998 consisted of flights from No.3, No.4, No.5, No.7 and No.8 Squadrons, while a flight from No.2 Squadron was to follow later.

Zhang Yongyi was born in February 1950 in Haicheng, Liaoning Province, about 150 miles north of the port city of Dalian. He attended a flight academy of the Shenyang Military Region Air Force. He also holds a graduate degree in politics…

Zephyr was designed to fly at a maximum height of altitude 21.336 kilometres (70 000 feet), and in a 2006 flight, was airborne for 80 hours, which was then was the longest flight made by a HALE vehicle. Model 7 holds the official long-endurance record for an UAV of 336 hours, 22 minutes and 8 seconds, a flight made from the 9th to the 23rd of July 2010.

Cohen to Liverpool when he saw Peter Robinson, the then secretary of the club, at Heathrow airport during a flight delay caused by fog. The player had got to know Zahavi through his coverage of Maccabi Tel Aviv in Yedioth Ahronoth. Zahavi was paid an introduction fee for his part in the deal.

… 2016, members of Iran’s Revolutionary Guard arrested her at the Imam Khomeini Airport as she and daughter were about to board a flight back to the UK. Her daughter’s British passport was confiscated during the arrest, and the 2 year-old remains in Iran under the care of her maternal grandparents.

Herzliya Hebrew High School and served in the Israel Defense Forces as a psychotechnician. After her service, she studied acting at the Tel Aviv University, where her father taught music. She then worked as a flight attendant in El Al for a year. She played in a series and was an understudy in a play in the Gesher Theater.

… flee Cuba on August 25, 1961. A friend who worked on at an airline assisted him and got him aboard a flight to Jamaica. He worked as a taxi driver in Kingston for three months. With other Cuban militants, he joined an exile community in San Juan, Puerto Rico where he helped found Alpha 66. His wife, child, and young brother arrived from Havana soon thereafter.

ZAS Airline of Egypt was founded by two brothers, Sherif and Emir Zarkani, as a freight airline. Operations started on November 23, 1982 with a flight from Cairo to Amsterdam to London. In 1987 ZAS was granted a license to carry passenger charter operations. Flights to Jeddah for the Hajj were begun that year and then flights to Western Europe.

Yurchikhin served as a Flight Engineer for the Expedition 24/25 long duration missions to the ISS. On June 16, 2010, Yurchikhin along with NASA astronauts Douglas Wheelock and Shannon Walker lifted off aboard the Soyuz TMA-19 spacecraft…

… opposed to the previous 2 day rendezvous procedure. He served as a Flight Engineer for Expedition 51, and on June 1, 2017, assumed command of the ISS over from crewmember Peggy Whitson.

… happily wishing to gain the spot. To her surprise and anger later on, So-hee is selected instead. When So-hee confronts her on this, Jin-sung declares her hatred towards her best friend and accidentally sends the former down a flight of stairs during a scuffle. So-hee is left unconsciousness and hospitalized.

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