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… and research activities in the engineering school were reorganised into a three-year curriculum and developed within its Institut industriel du Nord, with a focus on civil engineering, mechanical engineering, chemistry and manufacturing…

…Çelim was first appointed as a doctor to Cizre in Şırnak Province, working there four years. Then, he was appointed to Çukurova in the Mersin Province with a focus on fighting malaria.

Zugara was founded in March 2001 as an interactive marketing company with a focus on interactive strategy and web application development. From 2001 to 2008, the company created award-winning interactive campaigns for Fortune 500 brands…

Zoran was founded in 1983 by Dr. Levy Gerzberg, with a focus on DSP technology.

… in a single point giving a focus. Zone plates can be used as condensers to collect light, but also for direct full field imaging in e.g. an X-ray microscope. Zone plates are very chromatic, making it necessary to have monochromatic X-rays for efficient collection and high resolution imaging.

… demonstrate what today would be called obsessive-compulsive behaviors. Pauline demonstrates these characteristics to a lesser degree than anyone in the family who is a focus of his or her own book.

Zircotec is a high temperature coating and heat barrier manufacturer, based in Abingdon near Oxford, England. It uses plasma-sprayed ceramic materials to provide thermal and abrasive resistance to components – with a focus on automotive…

Zimbabwe’s Second Science and Technology Policy (2012) cites sectorial policies with a focus on biotechnology, information and communication technologies (ICTs), space sciences, nanotechnology, indigenous knowledge systems, technologies…

… to determine that HIV was sexually transmitted) and that monogamy and the ‘normalization’ of gay male sexual practices were the proper and adequate response (as opposed to a focus on safer sex practices).

… until June 2007, when she became the social issues and cultural affairs columnist at the Toronto Star. In January 2008, she launched a new Star blog, with a focus on feminist issues, called Broadsides

… extensive reorganization resulting in 40% more customer-facing employees. Accompanying the realignment was a focus on accountability and customer satisfaction.

… other schools of Buddhism. Japan was dominated by a focus on Zen culture then, and he was registered at a Zen temple and was a friend of a well-known Zen priest. In 1422, he became a lay monk.

Zapata was born in Palma de Mallorca in Spain, but moved to London to attend Regent’s College (1993-1997) and later moved to Washington, D.C. where he studied at the American University. Zapata specialized in the study of contemporary art with a focus on acrylic painting and pastel drawing.

… of nasal and sinus disorders. The Los Angeles Sinus Institute was founded in 2007 with a focus on the treatment of nasal allergies, sinusitis, nasal polyps, turbinate hypertrophy, and deviated nasal septum’s. Through the LA Sinus Institute, Dr Zadeh is able to help many patients every year regain their health.

Zabludowicz has served as a member on a number of boards, including the European Advisory Board of Citigroup, the board of directors of GEMS (an Asia Pacific private equity fund), and Stratos Ventures (an early stage venture capital firm with a focus on information and communication technology sectors).

Z-Maestro is a MIDI and digital audio sequencer designed with a focus on ease of use and power for the Windows platform. Developed by Z-Systems, it has seen over a dozen regular releases spaced two to six months apart.

Youth work is historically said to focus on five areas, including a focus on young people; an emphasis on voluntary participation and relationship; a commitment to association by youth and adults; friendly and informal atmospheres, and; acting with integrity.

Youth engagement is the sentiment young people feel towards a particular person, activity, place or outcome. It has been a focus of youth development, public policy and social change movements for at least forty years.

Your Other Warehouse, a large plumbing distributor with a focus on special order fulfillment, was acquired by The Home Depot in 2001. Your Other Warehouse also supplied two divisions of The Home Depot and the EXPO Design Centers. The EXPO…

State, he studied for two years at The Shepherd School of Music/Rice University (Houston, Texas), with a focus in Flute Performance and Composition.

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