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Together with Thomas Rockwell Mackie, Mehta developed a form of radiation treatment known as Tomotherapy.

Together with Katherine K. Young, Nathanson has published a series of works on the subject of misandry, which is a form of prejudice and discrimination against men and boys.

Together with Hans Medick, Alf Lüdtke can be considered a founder of Alltagsgeschichte, a form of microhistory that was particularly prevalent amongst German historians during the 1980s.

… including a form of braced and bolted timber scaffolding. They were awarded the contract for Birmingham Grammar School (with Charles Barry as architect). They next constructed a number of prestigious buildings in London, including Hungerford…

Toffee hammers were used by suffragettes, in particular members of the Women’s Social and Political Union, for breaking windows as a form of protest during their campaign for votes for women.

Australian season but he suffered something of a form slump. After losing his NSW crown to Craig Boyce he would only manage 5th in the Australian Championship at the 402 m Arunga Park Speedway in Alice Springs, though he paired with Boyce (who won the individual title) to win the Australian Pairs Championship a night earlier.

Today, the company focuses on using the performing arts as a form of humanitarian outreach and as a tool for education and healing in refugee camps, areas of conflict and post-war environments. The ensemble collaborates with local artists…

Today, most transactions take place by a form of payment with either inherent, standardized, or credit value. Numismatic value may be used to refer to the value in excess of the monetary value conferred by law, which is known as the collector value.

Today, like the Anglican Church of Canada generally, liberal theology dominates, with the bishop approving a form for blessings for same-sex unions in 2010.

Today, in the United States, Sprint and Verizon use a form of GPS known as Assisted GPS while AT&T Mobility and T-Mobile use U-TDOA for their E9-1-1 solutions.

Today, despite the staged aspects of wrestling, it is still seen as a legitimate sport in several countries, such as Canada, Japan, Mexico, and the United Kingdom, while it is seen as a form of entertainment in the United States similar to…

Today, animal glues are sparsely industrialized, but still used for making and restoring objects, paintings, illuminated parchment manuscripts, and other artifacts. Gelatin, a form of animal glue, is found in many contemporary products,…

Asian ethnic group in the United States, Tagalog is the second most spoken Asian language in the country. Taglish, a form of code-switching between Tagalog and English, is also spoken by a number of Filipino Americans.

Today, Phinnoi are most commonly seen as the forefathers of the Sami people, who inhabited most of the Scandinavian peninsula in the times of Ptolemy. The name seems to have been a form of the Germanic word finn, an old common nominator for Finns and the Sami people, both speakers of Uralic languages.

… residents look upon this new public school system as a form of government charity. Therefore, public education is not very successful in any section of the commonwealth. Private schools, for those who can afford them, continue to play the major role in schooling for many of Virginia’s young people.

Today the most popular forms of Chinese Buddhism are the Pure Land and Chan schools. Pure Land Buddhism is a form that is very accessible as even lay practitioners have the ability to escape the cycle of death and rebirth. The goal of this…

Today diagnosis for psychotic patients and mentally or otherwise ill persons are most commonly placed by ICD or DSM criteria.Psychosis will in general appear as an affective disorder (e.g. psychotic depression), a form of schizophrenia (e.g. catatonic type of schizophrenia) or a schizophrenia-like disorder, like the schizoaffective disorder for example.

Today audio collage may be thought of as Fluxus postmodern and a form of digital art. George Rochberg is an artist well known for his use of collage in pieces including Contra Mortem et Tempus and Symphony No. 3.

Today Papier d’Arménie is sold primarily as a form of incense or perfume, or as a form of air freshener; strips tucked between the books of a library will keep the air from turning stale for much longer than a conventional product. Papier d’Arménie is also effective at covering the smell of cigarette smoke and that of animals.

Todas are tribal people residing in the Nilgiri hills in South India who for several centuries practiced polyandry. They practiced a form of polyandrous relationship which is considered to be a classic example of polyandry. They practiced both fraternal and sequential polyandry.

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