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… a forger of the 16th century. Though meager and carelessly assembled, it preserves the order of the original and so affords a foundation for its reconstruction.

…Şifa University is a foundation university with the theme of health, which was founded in 2010 by Turkish medical doctors. It is located in Izmir.

… teacher, his students, such as Bourdieu, have noted Weil’s formative role in their intellectual development. This influence was also at the origin of the creation of the Institut Éric Weil, a foundation and research library created by a group of his former students after his death.

…Ájtte was inaugurated in June 1989 and has a staff of about 25 employees. The museum is owned and managed by a foundation, which was established in 1983 by the Swedish Government, the Norrbotten Region, the Jokkmokk Municipality and the…

…Águeda, has been a municipal seat since 1834 and has had official city status since 1985. It was built on a foundation of successive Celt, Turduli and Greek inhabitants since 370 BCE.

… well-muscled, the croup is long, slightly tilted, and muscular. The horse stands on a foundation of dry, large joints and correct limbs ending in correct, hard hooves of sufficient size.

Zoning regulations provide a foundation for regulating solar rights. Since the type of construction is unlikely to change within a zoning district, local administrations do not have to deal with the complexity of different building types when assuring solar rights to each property.

Zion Church measures 24 by 32 meters and is situated on 6,725 square meters of land. An extension was built on the back facade, measuring 6 by 18 meters. It was built above a foundation of 10,000 logs. The construction is designed by E. Ewout Verhagen from Rotterdam. The wall is constructed from bricks glued by a mix of sand and heatproof sugar.

Zinchenko’s pioneering work on involuntary memory became a foundation for the development of Leontiev’s activity theory and psychological research on memory in Soviet developmental psychology.

… he and his wife called home, including pictures of Halle and the Ruhr valley. Forty-two images from their shared collection were incorporated into a foundation, bequeathed to the Mülheim Ziegler Art Museum.

Zhou’s accomplishments and personal qualities led him to be selected as the speaker at his graduating class, in June 1917. Zhou’s experience at Nankai has been cited as a foundation of Zhou’s emotional resilience and intellectual growth.

… couple transferred about 400 exhibits to the Archdiocese of Warsaw and the Polish nation and created a foundation to supervise the collection. The first part of the collection was displayed publicly on 5 November 1987 at the Museum of the…

Zarina Screwvala (born Zarina Mehta, 1961) is an Indian entrepreneur and philanthropist. She is currently the Managing Trustee of Swades Foundation, a foundation dedicated towards Rural Empowerment in India. Previously, she was the Chief…

Zabih Etemadi is a member of the Dutch think tank Voetbal en Recht (football and law), affiliated with the University of Amsterdam, which discusses legal issues related to football. He is also a board member of Favela United, a foundation that…

ZHdK offers taught Bachelor’s and master’s degree courses, which have replaced the former diploma courses in the wake of the Bologna Process. Places on all degree courses are limited. The university also offers a foundation course in art…

Yuracaré is documented with a grammar based on an old missionary manuscript by de la Cueva (Adam 1893). The language is currently being studied by Rik van Gijn. A Foundation for Endangered Languages grant was awarded for a Yuracaré-Spanish / Spanish-Yuracaré dictionary project in 2005.

Youth Fight for Jobs was launched through a ‘March for Jobs’, in the tradition of the Jarrow Marchers, to the G20 on 2 April. It held a foundation conference in May 2009.

Yoon is a foundation player for Daegu FC, appearing for the club in its debut season in the K-League. Yoon would stay for four seasons, playing over one hundred matches for the club in all competitions. Although he played in the majority…

… and a foundation of concrete and stone. A single-story ell extends to one side. The property includes as outbuildings two residential cottages and a storage shed, along with two mill ponds and related raceways. The mill was established about 1896, and remained in operation as an economic mainstay of the community until 1990.

Nash, Carmelo Anthony, and Baron Davis, and movie star Jackie Chan. After the 2008 Sichuan earthquake, Yao donated $2 million to relief work, and created a foundation to help rebuild schools destroyed in the earthquake.

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