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…Đồng Đăng Railway Station and the town are several kilometres short of the Friendship Pass border crossing. It is one of three main border crossings with China, the others being Móng Cái-Dongxing, Guangxi to the East on the coast, and Lào Cai-Hekou, Yunnan, inland 150 km northwest. A fourth crossing is the Trà Lĩnh District-Longbang, Guangxi crossing.

…Āghā-Soltān was the middle child of a middle-class family of three children, whose family resided in a fourth floor flat on Meshkini Street in the Tehrānpars district of Tehran. Her father is a civil servant and her mother is a homemaker.

…Økland enjoyed a successful three-year spell at Leverkusen. Just a few months into his stay at the club, he scored a hat-trick in a 3-0 win against Bayern Munich. Økland was in fact credited with a fourth goal late in the game as the ball…

…Ödland went on two tours in 2010 in England and Germany with Ottocento and another tour through Germany in 2012 to support their album Sankta Lucia. A fourth band member Isabelle Royet-Journoud left the band in June 2012.

… to Formula 2 races and hillclimbs around France. His best result was a fourth place in the Circuit de Cadours, in 1951. In 1953 he was fourth again at Pau and obtained a pole position at Albi. He also succeeded the same year to win the Aix les Bains Circuit du Lac Grand Prix (Formula 2).

Zurita defeated New York based Puerto-Rican born Koli Kolo around June 1, 1938, in a fourth round knockout in Tepic, Nayarit, Mexico. The exact date of the bout remains unknown, and may have occurred the month earlier.

Marc Girardelli who followed him in 1991 with a fourth overall title, and Girardelli added another in 1993 to become the only male racer with five overall titles in World Cup history.

Zubair completed a bachelor’s degree and later on two master’s degrees, one in Islamic studies in 1983 and another in the Arabic language in 1994 from the University of the Punjab in Lahore. Additionally, Alizai graduated for a fourth time from the Salafi University in Faisalabad.

Don’t Be Tardy… for a fourth season as well as announced another spin-off show, NeNe and Kim: The Road to Riches, starring both Leakes and Zolciak. However, the network later decided not to move forward with the show. The network later…

Zografski’s debut in the Ski jumping Continental Cup occurred in 2005 when he was 12 years old. In 2007 he made his debut in the Junior World Championships in Tarvisio, Italy. He finished last.His best placement in the Ski Jumping Fis-Cup was a fourth place in Oberwiesenthal 2008. This season in Continental Cup, his best placement was a 23rd in Villach 2008.

… in Tulsa on February 5, 2005. Jack was survived by his wife, Jan, three sons, three stepchildren and a sister. A fourth son, Colin, died in 1993.

… national championship in 1946. While Zilly was a sixth round draft pick for the San Francisco 49ers of the All-America Football Conference, he did not play for that team. Instead as a fourth round draft pick for the then-Cleveland Rams in…

… of the year it had closed. The magazine ceased publication for a period during 1983 and was then re-launched for a fourth period, in October 1983, with Mick Mercer as editor, covering post-punk and early goth. It ceased publication with…

… in heat two, she faded down the stretch from third at the halfway turn to pick up a fourth seed in 2:14.47, about a third of a second (0.33) outside her entry standard. The following day, in the 4×200 m freestyle relay, Lozumyrska and her…

Zhang Chengqing (1872-1914) – The First General Manager of Changyu Company.He was the nephew of Zhang Bishi and a fourth rank official of the Qing Dynasty. The Grand Cellar was built, 3,000 hectares of premium vineyards, and dozens of different products were developed during his term.

Zeth’s daughter, Gunhild Höglund completed a fourth volume in the Memories in Torch Light series, called Moscow, There and Back Again, published in 1960.

Herschel noticed perturbations in Zeta² Cancri’s orbit around Zeta¹; this led Otto Wilhelm von Struve, in 1871, to postulate a fourth, unseen, component which orbited closely the visible member of Zeta². Later observations have resolved this fourth component and have indicated that there may be one or two more unobserved components.

… pedigree of Zero Down’s members), and was well received. The band added a fourth member in August 2001, ex-Lagwagon guitarist Shawn Dewey.

… six home runs in three consecutive games from May 13-16, 1951. The day after the picture was taken, he hit his seventh home run in a fourth consecutive games.

Zelchenko published three books of poetry, all in the 1990s. He stated that he wrote too little poetry in the 2000s, which was not enough to compose a fourth book.

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