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ZertES is a Swiss Federal law that regulates the conditions under which trust service providers may use certification services with electronic signatures. Additionally, this law provides a framework that outlines the provider’s obligations and rights as they apply to providing their certification services.

Zarcadoolas, C., Pleasant, A., & Greer, D. (2006). Advancing health literacy: A framework for understanding and action. Jossey-Bass: San Francisco, CA.

Zachman Framework is also used as a framework to describe standards, for example standards for healthcare and healthcare information system. Each cell of the framework contains such a series of standards for healthcare and healthcare information system.

Yeti is also active in the San Francisco development community. Cofounder Rudy Mutter organizes the San Francisco Django meet-up. He also teaches a public course on Django, a framework for web applications.

… offered master of public health programs in Europe. The goal of this component was to build consensus among European institutions on a framework for accreditation and mutual recognition of degrees and courses. The second component comprised…

XtratuM is a hypervisor designed for embedded systems to meet safety critical real-time requirements.It provides a framework to run several operating systems (or real-time executives) in a robust partitioned environment. XtratuM can be used to build a MILS (Multiple Independent Levels of Security) architecture.

XML Enabled Directory (XED) is a framework for managing objects represented using the Extensible Markup Language (XML). XED builds on X.500 and LDAP directory services technologies.

XBRL GL, the familiar name for XBRL Internationals Global Ledger Taxonomy Framework, is a series of modular taxonomies developed by XBRL International and a framework for its extension for representing the information found in a typical Enterprise resource planning (ERP) system using XML and the XBRL Specification.

Written with Richard Buck and published by McGraw-Hill in 2011, the book was also packaged with the Financial Fitness Kit as a fundraiser for PBS. Addressing the financial fallout of recent years, Merriman offers a framework guaranteed to…

… budget to provide a framework for long-term expenditures, noting that this approach is used in the private sector and by most state governments.

… whites utilize their whiteness, consciously or unconsciously, as a framework to classify people and understand their social locations. In addition, even though many white people understand that whiteness is associated with privilege, they do…

… concerning White Moor women, female slaves or other lower-caste women, and foreign women. The personal status code provides a framework for the consistent application of secular law and Shari’a-based family law, but it is not uniformly employed.

Within their group, they develop possible theories or hypotheses to explain the problem. Together they identify learning issues to be researched. They construct a shared primary model to explain the problem at hand. Facilitators provide scaffolding, which is a framework on which students can construct knowledge relating to the problem.

Within the past decade, comparative neuropsychology has had prevalent use as a framework for comparing and contrasting the performances of disparate neurobehavioral populations on similar tasks.

… not until 2003 that the Ley General de Derechos Lingüísticos de los Pueblos Indígenas established a framework for the conservation, nurturing and development of indigenous languages.

… leagues, the ANFC provided a framework for permit reciprocity agreements as a condition of affiliation; but, since the VFA was not ANFC-affiliated, a separate agreement was needed between the VFA and VFL if clearances were to be recognised…

Within a framework of an project the idea of an indicator-based instrument proved to give internationally valid, reliable and feasibleresults for quality improvement in primary health care. The following nine countries took part in the…

… detection, and response to threats. A framework published by a standards organization, such as Risk IT, CobiT, PCI DSS or ISO/IEC 27002, may guide development. Countermeasures may include technical tools such as firewalls and anti-virus software,…

… alankara and geetham (geethe) and laid down a framework for imparting formal training in this art form. Later in the 17th and 18th centuries, the haridasa movement would once again contribute to music in Karnataka in the form of haridasas such as Vijaya Dasa, Gopaladasa, Jagannathadasa who are just a few among a vast galaxy of devotional saints.

With the occupation of South-East Asia, a large expatriate Indian population had come under the Japanese occupation. A framework of local Indian associations had existed even before the war reached Malaya. The biggest of these included the…

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