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… and graduate readership and which was edited by Ďurčanský. Unlike some of his contemporaries, who advocated autonomy, Ďurčanský was a supporter of a fully independent Slovakia and when he and Jozef Tiso visited Adolf Hitler in 1938 it was only Ďurčanský who pressed the Nazi leader on the issue.

Macedonia. Čento’s goal was to create a fully independent United Macedonian state or as a constituent republic within the new communist Yugoslavia. The latter became a reality with the formation of the People’s Republic of Macedonia, however, Čento…

…École des Ponts Business School, in conjunction with Ecole Hassania des Travaux Publics, has been providing a fully accredited Executive MBA in Morocco since 1998 that provided access to participants in Africa and the MENA region.

…Åland Islands have 10 football clubs that compete at different levels and age groups. Number of licensed players is about 700. The islands even have their own national team, Åland Islands official football team, despite not being a fully sovereign…

…Águas do Cuiabá Ecological Station (Estação Ecológica Águas do Cuiabá), formerly the Águas do Cuiabá State Park, is an ecological station in the state of Mato Grosso, Brazil, a fully protected conservation unit in the cerrado biome. There was controversy about the acquisition of land to expand the unit’s area when it was made an ecological station.

Zrze is a fully functioning monastery, in line with the faith of the Macedonian Orthodox Church.

… bulged section on bikes with very narrow chainstays. The new 101 wheelset featured the first aluminum clincher rim with a fully toroidal profile and reaches a lower price point than Zipp’s carbon wheels. 2010 also saw a redesign of the 303 wheelset with claimed improvements to strength, durability, and aerodynamics.

Zink started as one of two major new technologies being developed inside Polaroid Corporation in Cambridge, Massachusetts, in the 1990s, with 100 researchers working on it. Polaroid Corporation spun out Zink Imaging as a fully independent…

Zerocoin was first implemented into a fully functional cryptocurrency called Zcoin (XZC), a project that went live on September 28, 2016, 12AM UTC. The project’s testnet software was first released to the public on December 18, 2015 under the name Moneta (not Moneta Verde (MCN)) before it was dubbed to Zcoin.

… bitcoin transactions. Zerocoin was first implemented into a fully functional cryptocurrency released to the public by Poramin Insom, as the Zcoin. Zerocoin provides anonymity by the introduction of a separate mixing service known as zerocoin that…

… and diversified their product line and now feature many high accuracy CMMs, the Metrotom, a CT x-ray scanning measuring machine, with the ability to quickly and completely measure a part in 3 dimensions without ever touching the part, and the O-INSPECT, a fully optical measurement machine.

Zeidan later claimed that the kidnappers did not appear to have a fully developed plan, and that his kidnappers were unsure of where to take him following his abduction. Zeidan claimed that his kidnappers initially attempted to take him to…

… 1964, Zanzibar was a fully independent member of the Confederation of African Football (CAF), but never qualified for the African Nations Cup. It was also an associate member of FIFA between 2007 and 2009.

ZTE Myanmar is also a fully owned subsidiary of ZTE Corporation.

ZAO Raiffeisenbank (ЗАО «Райффайзенбанк») is a bank in Russia. It is a subsidiary of Raiffeisen Bank International, which in turn is a fully controlled subsidiary of Raiffeisen Zentralbank. It was founded in 1996 as Raiffeisenbank Austria and has expanded considerably following the 2006 takeover of Russia’s Impexbank.

Yushan Lu Station is a fully accessible station, this station equipped with wheelchair accessible elevators, blind paths with bumps, and wheelchair ramps. These facilities can help people with disabilities, seniors, youths, and pregnancies travel through Suzhou Rail Transit system.

Youth Energy Squad is a fully student-run, non-profitable green Project Based on Exchange (PBoX) established by AIESEC in USM.It is a youth platform which promotes the awareness of energy usage and also to ensure sustainable project impacts on energy wastage issue.

Youth Business International was originally part of a programme within the International Business Leaders Forum, becoming an independent organisation in 2000. With HRH Prince Charles as its president YBI also became a member of the part of the Prince’s Charities Group. YBI has been a fully independent and is now a fully independent organisation.

… password, as well as reverting all changes back to the default and formatting the whole device. The P2 features a fully customizable equalizer as well.

… emergency room with 30 treatment stations, including special pediatric stations, two isolation units, and a triage area. In addition, it has a fully equipped recompression chamber for treating diving accidents. The hospital also has kidney dialysis facilities open to vacationers and local residents.

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