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Zombie Defense Council – The Zombie Defense Council is an association of students with a common interest in zombies. It is a fun social club that any student can join.

Zoltán Kodály (1882-1967) was a prominent Hungarian music educator and composer who stressed the benefits of physical instruction and response to music. Although not really an educational method, his teachings reside within a fun, educational…

Zig and Zag dig out their little black book to do a celebrity wake up call. Once the celebrity has gotten over being woken they have a fun interview. From Ryan Tubridy to Coronation Street’s Michelle Keegan, from Dr.Alban to The Sawdoctors Zig and Zag will wake up anyone for a chat.

Zak is portrayed as a typical ‘blokey’ male character who likes football and parties, he also values his close friends and family. Channel 4 publicity describe him as a fun loving man who likes ‘a good knees-up’ with his good friends, they also explain how he looks after his sister’s love life, as Zak is always shown on-screen being protective of his sister.

Youth of the Nation strives to bring in different elements to provide a different kind of event. In 2008, the conference added a sports extension. The YOTN Championship is a sports tournament where the different churches/youth groups attending the conference enter teams to compete for the YOTN Championship Trophy. It is a fun competitive event.

… last Sunday of the weekend. It is a fun weekend near the end of the summer and is a tourist attraction for many people visit the area.

… uncle Menon. Karthy, a lady party worker with strong naxalite leanings develops a strong passion towards Shivan, but he is unaware of it. Vasu (Jayaram), his close friend since childhood, is a fun loving character, who always saves Shivan from several issues.

Yamcha has received mixed reviews since his inception, he has been praised as being a fun character, but criticized as an outclassed fighter later in the series.

Yamba’s Christmas SurpriseCome on a fun, engaging and entertaining journey with Yamba the Honey Ant and discover what Yamba’s Christmas surprise really is.

… bandstand.Indoor amenities for children include a swimming pool at the Meres Leisure Centre. The public library is located in the Sir Isaac Newton Centre, which includes Grantham Museum and the Guildhall Theatre. There is also a Fun Farm on Dysart Road.

… leaders are recognized with the Wood Badge beads, neckerchief, and woggle. Powder Horn is a high adventure resource course designed to help Scout leaders to safely conduct outdoor activities of a fun and challenging nature, provide an…

Wonder Works is a children’s museum, a non-profit corporation established in 2002, located in the village of Oak Park, Illinois. It is the successor to the Children’s Museum of Oak Park, established in 1993. The museum is dedicated to the principle of offering a fun, largely self-directed playing and learning place for children.

Wolsingham Agricultural Society holds its annual show on the first weekend in September, with a daily attendance of over 30,000. Established in 1763 it is one of the oldest show in the country and brings in animals and visitors from a wide area. A fun fair runs in the town the same weekend with many streets closed to traffic to cope with the crowds.

… competitive grant allocations. To celebrate the community’s philanthropic spirit, the giving period concludes with a Fun run in the heart of town, probably the single most unifying event in the Jackson Hole community.

With its trendy boutiques and a large Legion hall, where auctions are frequently held, Creemore is a popular stop for Torontonians looking for a fun getaway. The local pub is also a busy place on weekends attracting thousands of Motorcyclists during the summer and snowmobilers in the winter.

… status in Indian cinema and was dubbed into other languages and met similar success in other regions. Mani took a more light-hearted approach with his next film—Thiruda Thiruda (1993). Scripted by Ram Gopal Varma, the film was a fun filled…

With 3000 visitors and rising, The Party started attracting elements outside of the demo scene. In the early 1990s, rave culture exploded in Denmark, and kids found The Party to be a fun place to dance and blast music. They mostly coincided peacefully with the demo sceners, but in 1995, a rave in the sleeping hall sparked numerous complaints.

Winter Kids Expo – We teamed up with Mt Pleasant Parks & Rec for a fun filled day at Finch Fieldhouse on the campus of CMU.

… bring their dogs for a fun day in the water. Depending on the weather conditions, the park’s beaches may be temporarily closed in order to maintain the safety of the park’s visitors. Gilson Park also hosts a public theater, the Wallace Bowl,…

Willis had a fun and exciting professional basketball career in Europe during the WNBA offseason. She played for teams in Vologda, Russia, Byron, Greece, Kayseri, Turkey and Riga, Latvia. Her last season of overseas basketball was played…

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