A Function

Examples of use

…Δτ represents the time of the non-inertial (travelling) observer K’ as a function of the elapsed time Δt of the inertial (stay-at-home) observer K for whom observer K’ has velocity v(t) at time t.

…Δ Absorbance records any change in the absorption spectrum as a function of time and wavelength. As a matter of fact, it reflects ground state bleaching (-ΔA), further excitation of the excited electrons to higher excited states(+ΔA),…

…Čolak-Anta and his family returned to Serbia in 1831 after the country became a semiautonomous state and a full amnesty was granted to those who had participated in the rebellion. Čolak-Anta was appointed Chief Magistrate, a function he held until his retirement in 1843.

…Çinlar uses the unique structure of the MAP to prove that, given a gamma process with a shape parameter that is a function of Brownian motion, the resulting lifetime is distributed according to the Weibull distribution.

…Älvkarleby is a locality situated in Älvkarleby Municipality, Uppsala County, Sweden with 1,647 inhabitants in 2010. It is not the seat of the municipality, a function uphold by Skutskär 7 km to the north.

Zyll had a function key interface based on the arrangement of the keys on a PC/XT keyboard. In the same year of Zyll’s release, IBM released new AT keyboards which changed the arrangement of the function keys by placing them at the top of the keyboard. Within the game, one could switch to the AT keyboard layout by pressing Alt-K.

… historian Milica Ilijic, and held at the Gallery ŠTAB, Belgrade, Serbia, on January 14, 2017. The project Zone 2 has multiple meanings: it refers to the smaller part of the city where the artist lives, experiencing it in a function of narrow,…

… experimentation the variation of transport properties as a function of band-gap can be generated. Electrical measurements are obtained using scanning tunnelling microscope-transmission electron microscope probing system.

… γ (x = 1), δ (x = 1.5-1.65) and ε (x = 1.75-2). Fractional x values often correspond to mixtures, so the compositions with x = 0.8-1.5 usually contain a mixture of α, γ and δ phases, and δ and ε phases coexist for x = 1.65-1.75. As a

Young’s equation describes the contact angle of a liquid drop on a plane solid surface as a function of the surface free energy, the interfacial free energy and the surface tension of the liquid. Young’s equation was developed further some 60 years later by Dupré to account for thermodynamic effects, and this is known as the Young-Dupré equation.

… removed. Dynamic mechanical analysis or DMA measures this complex modulus by oscillating the load and measuring the resulting strain as a function of time.

You may also consider using a function instead of an alias.

… vinegar age might be relatively low as a function of the amount of cooked must used to refill.Applying the spreadsheet of the theoretical model to a barrel set as in figure, the residence time obtained as a function of withdrawn quantity and evaporation rate is plotted in the concerning graph.

Yet, agriculture is the predominant economic activity in the civil parish, a function that has persisted on a subsistence basis since the settlement of Madeira. Around 60% of the population is involved in cultivation, with 80% of these lands taken by small parcels, usually for self-consumption.

… amount of the dependent variable spending (Y) as a function of the independent variable the interest rate (i), while the LM curve shows the value of the dependent variable, the interest rate, that equilibrates the money market as a function of…

Yet another assumption is that the surface is isothermal. If it is not, then the radiosity will vary as a function of position along the surface. However, this problem is solved by simply subdividing the surface into smaller elements until the desired accuracy is obtained.

X2π(ω) designates a function defined on −∞ < ω < ∞.

… on observing the scattered intensity of an X-ray beam hitting a sample as a function of incident and scattered angle, polarization, and wavelength or energy.

… regulating this process in humans. The presence of Tsix in humans may be an evolutionary vestige, a sequence that no longer has a function in humans. Alternately, it may be necessary to study cells closer to the X inactivation stage rather than older cells in order to accurately locate Tsix expression and function.

Writing x as a function of y gives the inverse function, also an algebraic function.

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