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… nude woman lying on her back with her face hidden and legs spread holding a gas lamp in the air in one hand against a landscape backdrop.

… city. Zwartjes sees these carefully assembled attributes, such as a shopping cart, a wooden barrel, old blankets and a gas mask, as the leftover products of a modern society in which people often feel lost. Together with a number of life-size figures, these materials make up the decor for a mythological journey of discovery.

Zuckerman later changed his reporting to focus on stories that had more of an environmental bent. For example, he wrote about the Forest Service loosening its environmental standards so a gas corporation can clear cut through old growth in the Mount Hood National Forest to make way for an LNG pipeline.

Zorya-Mashproekt is a research and production complex that specializes in a gas turbine construction. The complex is located in the city of Mykolaiv, Ukraine and is part of the Ukrainian Defense Industries (Ukroboronprom) state corporation.

… everything. Embers from the marquee fly towards the boat which later catches fire also. Dylan tries to put it out with a fire extinguisher he requests for Zoe to bring up to him but a gas canister is soon alight and it explodes. After…

… boiling point. At temperatures typically used for smelting metals, zinc is a gas that will escape from a furnace with the flue gas and be lost, unless specific measures are taken to prevent it.

Zettler remained on Israel’s political right wing, retaining a long-held suspicion of Arabs and foreigners in Israel, and believed that Israel should retain territories occupied during the Six-Day War. In his later years, he lived in Tel Aviv and ran a gas station in Jaffa.

Yusef Abad has a gas station, Yusef Abad Gas Station, and a cinema/theater, Golriz Cinema-Theater. The famous Yusef Abad Police Station (Persian: کلانتری یوسف آباد) is located on the corner of Asad Abadi Square (formerly known as Kalantari Square, translated as Police Station Square, Persian: میدان کلانتری).

Young open clusters may not be contained within the molecular cloud from which they formed, illuminating it to create an H II region. Over time, radiation pressure from the cluster will disperse the molecular cloud. Typically, about 10% of the mass of a gas cloud will coalesce into stars before radiation pressure drives the rest of the gas away.

… invention, helping a patient at Dr. Diane’s hospital, delivering goods throughout Busytown, helping Smokey the Firefighter prepare a fire engine for extinguishing a house fire, work at a gas station, fill orders at an automated deli, learn…

Yet the attacks continued. On 6 October, a gas bottle exploded in station Maison Blanche of the Paris Métro, wounding 13. On 17 October, a gas bottle exploded between the Musée d’Orsay and Saint-Michel – Notre-Dame stations of RER Line C, wounding 29.

Yenakiieve is an important regional centre of coal mining, metallurgy, chemical production and manufacturing. The city’s outdated industry has caused accidents like that of a gas explosion which occurred in June 2008 at one of Yenakiieve’s coal mines.

… to bring him in. The battle concludes when Thunderclap knocks Bantam into a gas truck, which explodes and kills him. Thunderclap tries to apologize but, feeling too ashamed, disappears into a nearby alley. Floyd, in a later issue of Frontline, wonders about the convenience of the gas truck being so close to the battle.

Years before the events of Catalyst, Faith Connors’ family was killed during the November riots against the ruling corporations, with her parents, scientists Martin and Erika shot dead and her sister Cat suffocating from a gas grenade…

… from a gas station. That evening, Yaman’s destiny changed as he met Selim Serez, a rich lawyer who helped him out of jail. Selim sees Yaman as a promising young man and he offers him his help. When Yaman’s mom kicks him out of her house, Yaman…

X-rays going through a gas will ionize it, producing positive ions and free electrons. An incoming photon will create a number of such ion pairs proportional to its energy. If there is an electric field in the gas chamber ions and…

… accompanying the passage of an electric current through a gas of extremely low pressure. After Rontgen’s discovery, he took an x-ray of his wife’s hand, showing the bones and her fingers along with her wedding ring, and sent it to several…

… the FBI would question him and he would not make it to Memphis in time, he begs Ivy to drive him all the way. They happen upon the Global Express delivery truck at a gas station. Wyatt breaks into the truck and locates the package, but the truck unexpectedly drives off. Ivy gives chase but despite their efforts they fail to retrieve the package.

Gram-negative organisms, including Escherichia coli, may lead to a gas gangrene-like syndrome in diabetic patients. This presents with cellulitis and crepitus, and may be mistaken for gas gangrene.Spontaneous, nontraumatic, or intrinsic infections from a bowel source have been increasingly reported recently.

Worms 2: Armageddon was developed by Team17 for Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network. The game is heavily inspired by Worms Armageddon’s success, and tries to mimic the game’s physics and several other aspects, such as the variety of available weapons. Several new weapons are also available, such as a gas pump which fills underground tunnels with poison gas.

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