A General

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…Đorđe Marković Koder was, by his own account, born in 1806 in the village of Vizić or Bingula, in Fruška gora, present-day Serbia. Soon after that his family moved to Sremska Mitrovica, where his father worked as a merchant and ran a

…Đinh Bộ Lĩnh’s father was Đinh Công Trứ, a general under the reigns of Ngô Quyền (939-944) and Ngô Xương Văn (950-954). Đinh Công Trứ died while Bộ Lĩnh was still very young. His mother then took him back to her village to live with her…

…Ömer Halis Bıyıktay (1883; Erzincan – December 25, 1939; Istanbul) was an officer of the Ottoman Army and a general of the Turkish Army.

…Étienne d’Hastrel de Rivedoux was a general of the First French Empire who fought in the French Revolutionary Wars and the Napoleonic Wars. He was born 4 February 1766 at Pointe-aux-Trembles in Quebec, which was then the British colony,…

… opportunities and the means for establishing a general peace and liberty of conscience to all the world, addressed to the monarch and the sovereign princes of the time. He proposed that a city, preferably Venice, should be selected where all the Powers had ambassadors including all peoples.

… memoranda on 10 June 1809. In response to this intransigence, Napoleon selected a general, Étienne Radet, to remove the pope and eliminate a figure that could rally opposition against the Empire and his regime. The removal occurred on the…

Human Sex he was already reversing the expected roles, with female dancers raising their male partners into the air and Louise Lecavalier, with her androgynous body, wearing a tutu and false moustache. In a general sense, Lock’s style has…

… 1921. It is a general engineering school recognized for leading French higher education in the fields of construction and project management. ESTP Paris is one of the most prestigious civil engineering schools in France.

…École Nationale des Sous-Officiers d’Active (ENSOA or National Active Non-Commissioned Officers National School) is a general military school created by the French Army in 1963 to train career NCOs (Sous-Officiers) on active service. It is a reorganization of the previous Saint-Maixent NCO School.

…Çeşme Museum is a general interest museum in Çeşme ilçe (district) of İzmir Province, Turkey.

…Âsım Gündüz (1880; Kütahya – January 14, 1970; Ankara) was an officer of the Ottoman Army and a general of the Turkish Army.

…Ángel Abrea (born 13 September 1933) was the first resident of Latin America to become a general authority of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS Church).

… went on sabbatical until the convocation of a general chapter; he had an advanced incurable brain tumor, which was undiagnosed at the time.

Zygmunt Przyjemski of Rawicz (died 3 June, 1652) was a Polish military commander and a member of the administration of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth. A general of artillery and, at the same time, the Field Writer of the Crown, he was…

Zygmunt Michał Vetulani (1894-1941) was a Polish diplomat and economist. He was a general consul of Rzeczpospolita in Kaliningrad, Baghdad and Rio de Janeiro.

… modernity, where a person can shift from one social position to another in a fluid manner. Nomadism becomes a general trait of the ‘liquid modern’ man as he flows through his own life like a tourist, changing places, jobs, spouses, values…

… heritage, reflected in some of the architecture. They have four churches of various denominations, a bakery known for their Tasty Nu doughnuts, a large community centre, a general store, a hardware store, a Case Tractor dealership, St. Boniface Elementary School, and a Liquor Control Board of Ontario retail store.

Zuo Zongtang, previously a general in the Xiang Army, was the commander in chief of all Qing troops participating in this counterinsurgency. His subordinates were the Han Chinese General Liu Jintang and Manchu Jin Shun. Liu Jintang’s army…

Zuko’s grandson is named Iroh and is a general of the United Forces, the armed services of the United Republic of Nations.

Zucker, who is Jewish, was born in Newport Beach, California. His mother, Natalie Zucker, is a former competitive figure skater, and his father, Scott Zucker, is a general contractor who built ice rinks and roller rinks when Jason was young. He has two older brothers, Evan and Adam, and a younger sister, Kimmie, and brother, Cameron.

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