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… represents a generation that felt marginalized by colonialism, Kingfisher, Jikinya and other poems, published in the same year, is a celebration of love and nature.

Zilberman was the rabbi who influenced Israeli comedian Uri Zohar to become a baal teshuva. Zohar would go on to have an enormous impact on a generation of spiritually ambivalent Israeli Jews.

Japanese Marxism, and his translations and articles influenced a generation of Chinese communists. However, it now seems unlikely that Zhou met him or heard any of his lectures. Zhou’s diaries also show his concern over Chinese student strikes in…

Zhang Gansheng, a scholar of modern and contemporary Chinese literature, has characterized Wang as perfecting the wuxia genre, and paving the way for a generation of great writers. However, according to Xu Sinian, another scholar, there has not been any detailed critique of Wang’s works, apart from that of the Taiwanese scholar Ye Hongsheng.

Zeev Ben-Zvi (זאב בן-צבי) (1904-1952) was an Israeli sculptor born in Ryki, Poland, whose work influenced a generation of sculptors.

Zakuani was selected by expansion side Seattle Sounders FC as the number-one pick in the 2009 MLS SuperDraft on a Generation Adidas program contract. He declined offers from two English clubs so he could sign with Major League Soccer; the…

… the imperial convention that a new emperor must always be of a generation after that of the previous emperor, candidates were considered from the generation of the Tongzhi Emperor. Empress Dowager Ci’an suggested choosing one of Prince…

Yukultji Napangati is an Australian Aboriginal artist. She is a painter of the Papunya Tula group of artists. She is part of a generation of female painters who followed in the footsteps of the original male Papunya Tula artists.

Yueill left college after the 2016 to sign a Generation Adidas contract with Major League Soccer.

Youssef Soltane, a 45-year-old Tunisian intellectual, is the product of a generation that lived the era of euphoria and great ideologies in the sixties, and their subsequent failure. He was incarcerated and tortured for his political…

Yevgeny Bolkhovitinov (Евгений Болховитинов; 1767 – 1837) was the Orthodox Metropolitan of Kiev and Galicia from 1822. Best known as an antiquary and book collector, Bolkhovitinov came from a generation of learned Orthodox monks formed by the Russian Enlightenment.

Years later, a generation has been born, one which lives a life of leisure, never knowing the world their parents had lived in before Wily’s robots; still, there are rumors of a red-eyed demon which patrols the dark streets of the city, one which will make you disappear for good if you are overheard speaking against Wily or his new world.

… several editions and was the standard reference work for a generation of British ornithologists. He described Bewick’s swan in 1830, distinguishing it from the larger whooper swan.

Xiaotao uses sexually explicit material in his works for a subtle yet explosive effect. Xiaotao belongs to a generation of Chinese artists that have been able to paint with much freedom. Xiaotao’s use of pattern and decorative elements in…

… superseded by the Ys series as their flagship franchise back when it was released, for decades to come, until today (2012)), to a generation of fans. Though they had various degrees of success with older titles, Xanadu was Falcom’s breakthrough that brought them into the spotlight.

Wynne was the first pick at the 2006 MLS SuperDraft, with the MetroStars (later renamed as New York Red Bulls) trading up to make the selection. He subsequently signed a Generation adidas contract with the league.

Writing in the February 1996 edition of Artforum, Rosetta Brooks said of his s exhibition at Thomas Soloman’s Garage… “Part of a generation of artists in the early ’80s who appropriated mass media imagery, Zwack reconsiders the impact of…

Wright’s adaptation failed to have the same cultural impact as the 1995 serial and has since attracted sharply-divided opinions. However, even three years after the release, Knightley was still associated with Elizabeth Bennet among a

… poetry that sprang from experience of active service. Together with Elizabeth Bishop (1911-1979), Theodor Seuss Geisel (‘Dr. Seuss’) (1904-1991), Theodore Roethke (1908-1963) and Delmore Schwartz (1913-1966), they formed a generation of poets that in contrast to the preceding generation often wrote in traditional verse forms.

… educational level of a generation of men. Tiger Stadium was built in 1952. The first campus fraternities were established during Wilson’s presidency.

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