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…Ögedei was also known to be a humble man, who did not believe himself to be a genius, and who was willing to listen to and use the great generals that his father left him, as well as those he himself found to be most capable. He was the…

Zoe’s age is not given in the series, but according to initial publicity she was fifteen when she joined the TARDIS crew. She holds a degree in pure mathematics and is a genius, with intelligence scores comparable to the Doctor’s. Coupled…

… up. But the reason he lied on his resume in the first place is because he knows he’s a genius, light years ahead of his time, and he just knows that the world of evil doing is nothing without him.

… annual art exhibitions. He was praised by high-ranking Parisian critics, and graphic arts experts wrote admiringly of him as a masterly young artist with a genius for wood engraving.

Yuuki is Naoki’s younger brother. He takes after Naoki and looks up to him. This makes him act cold toward Kotoko when she first moves in. An elementary school student, he is a genius and is smarter than Kotoko.

Yume’s classmate, a fellow dream walker, a genius who surpasses Yume in dreamscape power, academic performance and sports, enjoys teasing Yume and Belle, uses a chain as his weapon.

YAWNI is bored with his everyday life. He is always in search of something new to explore, but it usually doesn’t hold his attention very long. Yawni is a genius and it takes a lot of exciting things to keep him interested. Once he comes…

… her and he saw her as a genius of painting and he had frequently used her as a model for his own work. Xu was also still using Jiang as a model and the only work of Xu that was sold in Europe was a painting of the sitting figure of Jiang.

… design a new autodoc based on nanotechnology. Along with being a genius mathematician, he is also a playwright and composer. Wu is an easygoing and pleasant fellow, although he broods over feeling trapped by the ARM keeping constant track of his…

Shin-young, and Choi Hwa-jung. He received praise as a genius in the making for his natural MC style and quick wit. He left the show on August 3, along with Taeyeon, to focus on 2PM’s first concert.

With full cooperation of the the Disney family and access to private papers and letters, it produces a definitive biography of the man behind the legend-the unschooled cartoonist from Kansas City who went bankrupt on his first movie venture but became a genius who produced unmatched works of animation.

Tsu Wing-Fai (Raymond Cho), a good-natured self-made businessman; and Kan Ming-Hin (Moses Chan), a genius plastic surgeon. To complicate matters, Hin happens to be in love with both Chi and her superwoman alter ego. Despite having superpowers, Chi has no idea how to find her true love.

Wissowa advanced the hypothesis that Semo Sancus is the genius of Jupiter. W. W. Fowler cautioned that this interpretation looks to be an anachronism and Sancus is a Genius Iovius, as it appears from the Iguvine Tables. The concept of a genius of a deity is attested only in the imperial period.

… qualified as a psychoanalyst. Bion was, and is, regarded by many people as a genius who made fundamental contributions to psychoanalysis, and to the understanding of groups. His stance of always pointing to the unknown, whether with a patient or with a group or in himself, was the realization of his genius.

… of Wide Worlds run. Arledge had a genius for the dramatic storyline that unfolded in the course of a game or event. McKay’s honest curiosity and reporter’s bluntness gave the show an emotional appeal which attracted viewers who might not…

… attested in the inscriptions of 58 BC from Furfo, that of a Genius of gods is, and even of a Genius of a goddess, Victoria. On this point it looks remarkable that also in Martianus Capella’s division of Heaven a Juno Hospitae Genius is mentioned in region IX, and not a Juno: the sex of this Genius is feminine. See section below for details.

While Tim manages to take down the first wave of drones, he is apparently killed by the second wave, devastating the Bat family and his former Teen Titans teammates. Prior to the mission, Tim was accepted to receive a genius grant from Ivy…

While Massacre doesn’t have any traditional super-powers, an accident made it nearly impossible for him to feel any emotion. Massacre also has a genius level intellect.

While MLV was known more for her cerebral style, rather than her emotional style, this was compensated by her rich and original manodharma. Similarly to GNB, she was a genius in her tricky, instantaneous brilliant manodharma. Indira Menon…

… called Ward a genius in the book The Story of Walt Disney. While there were many talented animators at Disney, Ward’s efforts stand out as unique.

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