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… village of Marmorera and the surrounding valley were flooded for the dam project. Marmorera is a ghost story about the mystery of identity of individuals and a village that disappeared beneath the waters of a reservoir. It is a story about the…

Zumwalt is a ghost town in Wallowa County, Oregon. It is located on the Zumwalt Prairie.

Ziphosuchia is often considered to be the sister group of Neosuchia, a clade that includes modern crocodilians. Because the fossil range of Neosuchia extends back to the Early Jurassic with the family Goniopholididae, a ghost lineage of ziphosuchians dating back to that divergence point can be expected.

Zincton is a ghost town located in the West Kootenay region of British Columbia. The town was located near Sandon, East of Slocan Lake. The town of Zincton was built to support the mining efforts in the area. Zincton was founded around…

Ziegler is a ghost town in the town of Berlin, Marathon County, Wisconsin, United States.

… performance, which should have won him first place, he was unfairly deprived of the first place prize by a corrupt official: in response, the scholar killed himself, the act of suicide condemning him to be a ghost. Many people afraid of…

… unfairly deprived of the first place prize by a corrupt system: in response, he killed himself, the act of suicide condemning him to be a ghost. Many people afraid of traveling on roads and paths that may be haunted by evil spirits have worshiped Zhong Kui as an efficacious protective deity.

Zhangmu was evacuated after being damaged by the 2015 earthquakes, which also closed the route between Nepal and China (TAS region). By 2016, it was still a ghost town and trading had not returned to previous level. As of mid-2016, the crossing is still closed.

Zeirath is a ghost town in eastern Jasper County, Texas, United States. The town was located along the Gulf, Beaumont and Kansas City railroad between Jasper and Kirbyville. It disappeared sometime in the 1920s.

Zanuck heard Shirley sing and promptly put him under contract as a ghost singer for 20th Century-Fox. Shirley dubbed vocals for films including Oh, You Beautiful Doll (1949) (Mark Stevens’ singing voice) and Dancing In The Dark (1949), but was released by the studio for no known reason a few years later.

Yvgenie begins 15 years after the conclusion of Chernevog. Pyetr, Eveshka, Sasha and Ilyana, Eveshka and Pyetr’s 15-year-old wizard daughter, live in Uulamets’ cottage. One day they are alarmed to discover that Ilyana has befriended a

Yukon is a ghost town located within Jacksonville, Florida.

Yujima Hijiri- Mitsuru’s middle aged lover who killed herself who continues to haunt him as a ghost.

Yu-Rei is a scary girl who lives in a haunted house. Everyone is a little afraid of her, and she feels very insulted by this. To make matters worse, she is allergic to the sun, which forces her to use a protective suit that looks like a

Yoshikage Kira’s first victim and her dog. She was killed 15 years before the happenings of the manga and waited as a ghost for someone she could tell the story to and inform them of the serial killer. At the end of the arc, she informs Yoshikage Kira of how he died, and because of his death is finally able to rest peacefully.

Yerranderrie is a ghost town located near Kanangra-Boyd National Park of New South Wales, Australia in Wollondilly Shire.

Yerevan was said to be all but a ghost town, with soldiers outnumbering citizens.

Yellow Sky is a 1948 American western film directed by William A. Wellman. The story is believed to be loosely adapted from William Shakespeare’s The Tempest. A band of reprobate outlaws flee after a bank robbery and encounter an old man and his granddaughter in a ghost town.

… tedious work. Then he stopped eating during the shoot and became thinner and thinner each day, until he looked like a ghost behind the camera. When I met Marty at the Universal studio with DeNiro, he looked healthy and…

Yale is a ghost town in Itawamba County, Mississippi, United States.

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