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…Świńka is one of the oldest coats of arms in Poland. According to legend, the history of the Świńka family began in 712, when a certain Biwoj, squire to Queen Libusza, gave her a giant boar that he had hunted down in the forest. The queen rewarded him with the coat of arms, the village of Świny in Silesia, and her daughter.

Super Giant Slalom. Jean-Baptiste Grange was Slalom World Cup champion in 2009 and Slalom World Champion in 2011 and 2015. In January 2017 Alexis Pinturault set a new record for World Cup wins by a French skier when he took his 19th victory in a giant slalom in Adelboden, breaking Jean-Claude Killy’s record.

…Écoute is sculpture by French artist Henri de Miller in Paris. It is a giant stone head with cupped hand in front of the Church of St-Eustache. It is near to another sculpture by the same artist; a very large sundial designed by the astronomer Dandrel and made by the sculptor, in the Jardin des Halles, above the Forum des Halles.

…Átahsaia is a demon, and thus a spiritual creature. But Átahsaia is also depicted as having physical form. He is a giant, several times larger than a normal human being. In one story, he is depicted as so huge that he cannot fit his…

…Átahsaia – A giant cannibal demon.

Zeffirelli’s lavish production that the Met had used for 24 years. The premiere performance was broadcast at no charge to over 3,000 people on a giant outdoor screen in Lincoln Center’s Josie Robertson Plaza and on multiple screens in New…

Zzzap (rendered ZZZap!) was a British children’s television comedy programme. The concept of the show is a giant 18 ft comic that has been brought to life. The show was broadcast on ITV from 8 January 1993 until 21 September 2001 and was produced for ten series by The Media Merchants and Meridian Broadcasting.

Zword (19-20): The leader of the three. A knight-like warrior, who Matoi risked his life against, by aiming both the Life Bird and his V-Lancer at the monster. When he was revived as a giant, he had a new form. This monster was destroyed…

… might be moved like a giant spaceship to travel to other stars. He considered this might be achieved by firing pellets into the Sun to produce asymmetrical fusion explosions, and by this means he thought that the star Alpha Centauri might be reached within 2500 years.

Zundo Druer (first boss) – fought in the burning town. It guards the portal to the Ghoul Realm, and looks like a giant blowfish who spews forth living flames.

Zowie’s pet cat, who likes to jeer at Puma. She appears as a boss character in the PSP version, where she uses a giant samba machine.

… amphibious rather than fully aquatic and will leap out of the water to chase Link when he enters their domain in northeastern Hyrule. A giant Zora also lives in their region, who does not fight Link but instead sells him a pair of flippers for a steep 500 Rupees.

Zootopia was produced in makeshift quarters in a giant warehouse in North Hollywood (together with Moana) while Disney Animation’s headquarters in Burbank was being renovated.

Zhang Jindong further developed his small shop into a giant business group – the Suning Group, with only 15 years. He also found and co-found Suning Holdings Group and Suning Appliance Group as unlisted portion of the his business empire,…

… fended him off until the rest of the Gaorangers arrived and defeated him, causing his flaming body to fall into the ocean below. Zeus resurrected as a giant and revived his brothers just in time for the eclipse to summon GaoKong occurred. Destroyed by GaoKnight.

Zeus fell in love with Elara and hid her from his wife Hera’s jealousy by placing her deep beneath the Earth. This was where she gave birth to Tityos, a giant who is sometimes said to be the son of Gaia, the Earth goddess, for this reason. It is further added that Elara died in labour because of the enormous size of her baby.

Zeta Draconis is a giant star with a stellar classification of B6 III. Compared to the Sun, this star is about 2.5 times larger, 3.5 times more massive, and is radiating 148 times as much luminosity. This energy is being emitted from the…

Zero is the game’s secret and true final boss; defeating him is key in achieving the best ending. Zero takes the form of a giant eye with a red iris, and is responsible for leading the Dark Matter invasion of Dreamland. Zero is famous for…

Zeppelin is a 1971 British World War I action-drama directed by Étienne Périer. The film stars Michael York, Elke Sommer and Anton Diffring. Zeppelin depicts a fictitious German attempt to raid Great Britain in a giant Zeppelin to steal or destroy the Magna Carta from its hiding place in one of Scotland’s castles.

… true form – a giant defiant Demon Lord and a force to be reckoned with in battles. Zenki is undoubtedly powerful, yet rebellious. He can be quite reckless and naive, takes no one’s order, and often prefers brawn over brain. In some cases,…

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