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…Ömer Diler was trained as a chemical engineer but became interested in numismatics in 1972 when he received a rare gold coin of the Ottoman Empire as a gift. He wrote a number of articles for the Turkish Numismatic Society (Türk Numismatik Derneği) and was also a contributing editor of the American Numismatic Society.

… originally commissioned by his step-mother Ælfflæd as a gift to Bishop Frithestan of Winchester. The invasion was launched by land and sea. According to the twelfth-century chronicler Simeon of Durham, his land forces ravaged as far as Dunnottar in north-east Scotland, while the fleet raided Caithness, then probably part of the Norse kingdom of Orkney.

…Ärtogrul Gazy Mosque, a gift from Turkey, was inaugurated in 1998. This magnificent building resembles the Blue Mosque in Istanbul.

… pistols as a gift to Fidel Castro. His daughter is the TV actress Sonia Infante. He appeared in films such as The Two Orphans, Corner Stop, Women’s Prison, Here Comes Martin Corona, My General’s Women, Full Speed Ahead, What Has That Woman Done to You?, The Atomic Fireman, and Love for Sale.

… receive a hereditary English title. In addition to these honors, Henry VI granted Almada an annual life pension of one hundred marks, as well as a gift, a gold cup with one hundred gold marks inside.

… the old St. Lambert Church of Veghel. The tower cross was presented as a gift by the St. Lambert Parish of Veghel in 1873, which would start the demolition of its old church that following year, because of the completion of a new and larger church.

… dealing with Montreal fur traders, Sutherland implored Zheewegonab to return to dealing with the Gloucester House, smoked calumet with him, exchanged a gift of guns with him, and after a dance and a feast, Zheewegonab agreed to once again deal with the Gloucester House.

… about it, who was quite surprised and had to confess that he knew nothing about the wine. Yan almost severed relations with Zhao Wenhua for this transgression if not for the good words by Yan’s wife. In another incident, Zhao Wenhua was so drunk that he failed to bow and kneel when receiving a gift from the emperor.

… fortune as a gift to one of Zhang Rang’s housekeepers. The housekeeper, grateful for the generous gift, asked him what he wanted in return. Meng Tuo said that all he wanted was to meet Zhang Rang. Around the time, there were many people…

… appeared naked before Paris. Each of the goddesses also offered Paris a gift as a bribe in return for the apple; Hera offered to make him the king of Europe and Asia, Athena offered him wisdom and skill in battle, and Aphrodite offered to give to…

Zeta Beamers, highly coveted by other races like the Thanagarians, are few and far between. Most are situated on Rann; Adam Strange later received a personal Zeta Beamer from Sardath. Throneworld, home of Prince Gayvn (Starman), received a Zeta Beamer as a gift from Rann.

… including Graeme Souness and Kenny Dalglish, to holiday at his villa in Eilat, and even taking oranges to Melwood, Liverpool’s training ground, as a gift for players and staff.

Z Capsule Light Monster Miraclon: A gift to Zearth from his father.

… to several different museums, though the bulk of it is kept in Arkhangelskoye, the Hermitage and the Pushkin Museum. In 1804, Nicholas went to Paris and frequently met Napoleon I, who presented him with a gift of three large tapestries. He also commissioned Sappho and Phaon from Jacques-Louis David in 1809.

… would debut in blue short tights which harken back to Jun Akiyama’s original debut color. It was later revealed that the tights were indeed Akiyama’s as he gave them to the young rookie as a gift for his hard work. On July 7, 2015, Aoyagi…

Antoine (1894-1979) and Théodore (1898-1934). César Franck presented his Violin Sonata in A to them as a gift on the morning of the wedding, and after a hurried rehearsal Ysaÿe performed the piece at the marriage celebration. The sonata had its formal concert premiere in Brussels on 15 December 1886 with Franck in the audience.

Your Ghost Is a Gift is American metalcore band Ligeia’s first full-length album released on March 21, 2006.

Young organised for the museum to move to Gilmorehill in 1870. After he died in 1902 his library was purchased by a benefactor as a gift to the university.

… neighboring women. When Lucretia saw this doll, she cried and expressed surprise that someone had given her a gift. On the way home, she confessed to her aunts that she wanted the other children to think that she had things. The aunts…

… corsage from Sonny’s stepmother, opera singer Genya Smetana. Hector isn’t aware of that the corsage has real diamonds in it, and it is a gift from the opera where Genya works. Unfortunately the wedding is yet again delayed when it is discovered…

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