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…Álex asks Julia if the SI-9 project should be modeled after a girl and not a boy, though Julia warns against the negative emotional side-effects of the change. Álex also meets with Lana, who says that she does not want Eva to be in Álex’s…

… of the land his father had maintained, Áed carried off a girl who belonged to them. He hoped to force his brothers to give him his patrimony through this injury, but then he met the bishop St Illann, who convinced him to give up his claims to the land and to let the girl go.

… later. His father and brother died two years before that. His new partner Natalia gave birth to their first child, a boy they called Lev, on 20 September 2008. He married Natalia on 9 June 2010. Their second child, a girl named Polina, was born on 9 January 2012.

Zusu – A girl who is always frightened, though not as much as the unnamed one. Her whimpering often annoys the Others, who usually tell her to shut up.

Zukor was born to a Jewish family in Ricse, Hungary, which was then a part of the Austro-Hungarian empire. In 1889, at the age of 16, he promised Mella Baumoel, a girl almost 4 years older, that he would send for her one day and they would…

Zukanović and his wife Emina have two children, boy named Armin and a girl named Alin. He possesses Belgian passport since 2015.

Sheetal Singh (Achint Kaur). One day Mrs Singh shows Zorawar some photos of suitable brides to her son. Zorawar then sees a girl (Jasleen) whom he had met earlier in a college. On the date Jasleen gets shocked to know that Zorawar is…

Zonker is entirely uninterested in sex and romance and has never pursued a romantic relationship. He claims that this is because his heart was broken by a girl when he was ten years old, and that this convinced him that love wasn’t worth the trouble.

Zoe meets a girl who remembers her from The Whitaker Institute in Australia, when she was travelling with the Second Doctor, although Zoe doesn’t immediately recall this.

Zoe is forced to recall the memory of a trip back in time, to the year 2022. She attended the funeral of a girl she didn’t even know, alongside the Second Doctor and Jamie.

Zoe is a girl who loves to go on adventures with her brother Felix and Messy. Zoe doesn’t like being late or getting lost and she likes to jump in first. Zoe loves gadgets, her favourite is her communications watch which she uses to speak with Zim, Zam and Zoom. Zoe lives in the Okido house with Felix.

Zoe goes to the annual Bonfire Night celebration and meets the boy from the party, he tells her his name is Aaron. Aaron then goes off with a girl who Zoe assumes is his girlfriend. Heart-broken, she then runs into Max, who gives an honest…

… sorrowful until she realizes through encounters with an alligator that wants to climb a tree, an owl that wants to swim like a fish, and a girl who wants to be a man, that she has been foolish to be unhappy with her lot.

Ziani was born in Sèvres, France, to an Algerian father from Béjaïa and a French mother. Ziani is married and has 2 children: a girl, Lina, and a boy, Kaïs. Ziani has a twin sister by the name of Karima who is married to fellow Algerian international Antar Yahia.

… to Zhao, but the latter spares his life and leaps to safety on a cliff. Cao Cao’s granddaughter Cao Ying witnesses the attack. Zhao later returns to Changshan as a hero and falls in love with a girl putting on a shadow puppet show dedicated to him.

Zhang next starred in Feng Xiaogang’s disaster film Aftershock (2010), playing a girl who separates from her mother after the Tangshan earthquake and becomes a rescue worker. Zhang also takes part in earthquake relief efforts in real life.

After arriving in Beijing he goes to the wrong place due to his little knowledge of Chinese. He stays in a temple and befriends a girl living there with her aunt. After learning that she works in films with an actor who knows Jackie, he asks her to question him about Jackie’s whereabouts. But she forgets and he leaves to search for his idol.

Zhang Yangsong (April/May 1980) Zhang Yansong, a girl born in 1982 suffering from cerebral palsy, had her leg broken in 1989 by a medical employee, and the bone fused crookedly, leaving a permanent limp.

Zhang Ya’s Earthquake Video: In May 2008, an earthquake with a magnitude of 8.0 swept through Sichuan, China, killed approximately 168,000 people. After this had happened, a girl recorded a four-minute video complaining about how…

Zeronine: January 25, 1986-July 1986 He was picked up on Day One of the ABA Supernationals. According to his brother and fellow racer Dana Griffin, Zeronine threatened to drop him from the team for refusing to go on tour because he wanted to stay close to a girl he just met. As a result, he didn’t race the Murray World Cup race on June 27, 1986.

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