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…Ștefan is the Romanian form of Stephen, used as both a given name and a surname. For the English version, see Stefan.

…Żurawiejka was a short, two-line facetious couplet, written specifically for cavalry regiments of the Polish Army in the interbellum period. It humorously and ironically presented history of a given regiment, as well as its contemporary…

…Ó, in Irish surnames, indicates a grandson or descendant of the person whose given name it precedes (as in Ó Briain: grandson of Brian). Creachmhaoil is not used as a given name in Ireland, and is actually a toponym, composed of two Gaelic words.

…Étienne, a French equivalent of Stephen/Steven/Steve, is a given name. An archaic variant of the name, prevalent up to the mid-17th century, is Estienne.

Zuleika is a given name for females. Variants include Zulaica and Zuleica.

… equipped with tools and sensors to search for direct evidence of life beneath the surface of the ground. Zoe significantly aids in research needed to study Mars because it acts as a mobile observer and analyzer of any signs of life in a given location.

… formulation of Zorn’s lemma is Hausdorff’s maximum principle which states that every totally ordered subset of a given partially ordered set is contained in a maximal totally ordered subset of that partially ordered set.

… early works are based on autonomous changes taking place within a given system, or on changes caused by outside intervention (e.g., by the viewer). These events and changes take place within the work occurring at a slow pace, turning the…

Zooey is a given name.

Zoning is the process of dividing land in a municipality into zones (e.g. residential, industrial) in which certain land uses are permitted or prohibited. The type of zone determines whether planning permission for a given development is…

Zipf’s law might be able to be used to indicate if a given dataset of animal communication indicate an intelligent natural language. Some researchers have used this algorithm to study bottlenose dolphin language.

… zinc in the anode than a cell that must also contain, for example, manganese dioxide. This increases capacity for a given weight or volume. As a specific example, a zinc-air battery of 11.6 mm diameter and height 5.4 mm from one…

Zillow has data on 110 million homes across the United States, not just those homes currently for sale. In addition to giving value estimates of homes, it offers several features including value changes of each home in a given time frame…

Zhenren is a proper name of characters in Chinese folklore (e.g., Taiyi Zhenren), Chinese mythology (Cihang Zhenren), and Chinese literature (Luo Zhenren). Note that Japanese 真人 can be pronounced shinjin in the Daoist sense and Masato (e.g., Masato Shimon) or Mahito (Mahito Tsujimura) as a given name.

… belong to a given sequence, but which could be naturally placed before its initial element, may be termed the zeroth element. There is not wide agreement regarding the correctness of using zero as an ordinal (nor regarding the use of the term zeroth) as it creates ambiguity for all subsequent elements of the sequence when lacking context.

Zero is an even number; indeed, half of the numbers in a given range end in 0, 2, 4, 6, 8 and the other half in 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, so it makes sense to include 0 with the other even digits for rationing. However, many people are unaware that…

… and is inexpensive due to low cost components and simple construction. The scalable technology can be optimized to satisfy the energy requirements and design constraints of a given application.

a given opportunity in May 1931, he secured an appointment as a laboratory assistant at the Institute of Chemical Physics of the USSR Academy of Sciences, and remained associated with the institute for the remainder of his life. As a…

ZTM tickets are valid on city and suburban bus lines, as well as trams, Metro, and SKM. Some ZTM tickets are also valid on the WKD and Mazovian Railroads, but only within the city or suburban zone. A given ticket costs the same price within one zone, but if a passenger passes the zone limit, it costs double. Tickets are best bought at newsagents and at ticket machines at various high traffic areas. Additionally, they can often be bought from drivers on trams and buses, but this is not guaranteed. ZTM tickets are invalid on PKS suburban and intercity buses and private companies that do not operate within the ZTM scheme.

ZMET draws on a variety of disciplines including neurobiology, psychology, semiotics, linguistics, and art theory to elicit metaphors that can reveal how a person conceptualizes a given topic. Metaphors are a way of learning or understanding a new piece of information by comparing it to a known piece of information (see Conceptual metaphor).

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