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… occasionally. They silently exchanged a glance, as if they could see their reflection in each other. They are the most familiar strangers.

… them,Have been taken off by you with just a glance.I give my life to you, Oh my cloth-dyer,You’ve dyed me like yourself, by just a glance.I give my whole life to you Oh, Nizam,You’ve made me your bride, by just a glance.You’ve said the wonder, by just a glance.

Yansiou Echoing with Tidal Cave (燕秀潮音) is behind the frogman troops of the special forces post. The term ‘Yenshow’ (燕秀) means “swallow nests” in Matsu dialect. Yansiou Echoing with Tidal Cave is a typical sea cove, at the bottom of which is a crevice connected to the sea. Yansiou Echoing with Tidal Cave is known to the resonant sounds caused by waves slapping against the rocks. After a stroll to the top observatory, the view expands. Towards the east, the beauty of Laoshu (Rat) Sands Stone Forest (老鼠沙石林) is taken in at a glance.

… causes of war, and of climate impact research. It appraises past experience but also ventures to cast a glance far into the future in order to assess the likely impacts of climate change on societies, nation-states, regions and the international system.

… through the corneal parenchymal layers according to the principle of total reflection allowing the interface with the cornea to be brightly illuminated. The magnification should be selected so that the entire cornea can be seen at a glance.

… colouring of the under sole are also evident, although the differences can be hard to notice at a glance, the Manados are often mistaken for Manias even though the recommended retail price of the Manados was £60, opposed to the £120 of the Manias.

… nature of a granite or basalt is obvious at a glance, and while the former contains white or pink feldspar, clear vitreous quartz and glancing flakes of mica, the other shows yellow-green olivine, black augite, and gray stratiated plagioclase.

With PID controllers, pellet grills moved beyond many of the limitations imposed by fixed duty cycles to become precision cookers with temperature control comparable to the best kitchen ovens. At a glance, PID controllers look no different…

Windows Live OneCare is built for ease-of-use and is designed for home users. OneCare also attempts a very minimal interface to lessen user confusion and resource use. It adds an icon to the notification area that tells the user at a glance the status of the system’s health by using three alert colors: green (good), yellow (fair), and red (at risk).

… others) to display content like Weather and a glance to the users’ Yahoo! Mail and GMail inboxes, rearrange the layout controlling the type and amount of content on each tab and add additional tabs to the page.

While it is doubtful that the intention was to have a Class 7E4 in blue train livery for blue train hauling on the Richards Bay line, the ones photographed, numbers E7272, E7274 and E7275, were nevertheless painted in Spoornet’s maroon era Blue Train livery after being rebuilt, possibly to make them easier to identify at a glance.

… provides a better visualization than the GPWS did. At a glance, pilots can view a visual display of hazardous terrain below and ahead of the aircraft.

Appeals, since the subsequent writ history of the case must always be noted (e.g., no writ, writ refused, writ denied, etc.) in order for the reader to determine at a glance whether the cited opinion is binding precedent only in the district of…

Appeals, since the subsequent writ history of the case must always be noted (e.g., no writ, writ refused, writ denied, etc.) in order for the reader to determine at a glance whether the cited opinion is binding precedent only in the district of the Court of Appeals in which it was decided, or binding precedent for the entire state.

… first step in Ruben’s self-tutoring. With this book came an understanding of human energy and a glance at the possibilities that he had within himself.

… the desk of the Sergeant at Arms. Thus Representatives entering the chamber know with a glance whether the House is in session or in committee.

When some characters are placed next to each other, seen together at a glance they give the visual impression of another, unrelated character. A more precise way of saying this is that some typographic ligatures can look similar to…

… (e.g. for test scores) or when comparing prices (e.g. in dollars per kilogram). Multiple speed-time-distance calculations can be performed hands-free at a glance with a slide rule. Other useful linear conversions such as pounds to kilograms can be easily marked on the rule and used directly in calculations.

When higher speeds and consequently higher lateral forces were attained with the introduction of motor vehicles, the artillery wheel was used in those too. By the 1920s, motor cars used wheels that looked at a glance like artillery wheels but which were of forged steel or welded from steel pressed sections. These too were usually called artillery wheels.

When an app sends a notification while closed, a red badge appears on its icon. This badge tells the user, at a glance, how many notifications that app has sent. Opening the app clears the badge.

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