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… unable. I convinced him to see a doctor, he accepted. Then Édouard added ‘I will die, it’s so sad to die so young and so far away from dear parents.’ He asked for a glass of water. I ran to get water and at my return he was already…

… were interviewed extensively in his home over a glass of wine.  The workers were often invited to the gardens of the Zeiss home for wine and refreshments and the workshop paid for the yearly worker’s outing to the hills in the haywagon.  His longest serving apprentice Löber earned three Talers per week by 1856 while the other workers earned two and a half.

Yury Sergeevitch Saulsky (Юрий Серге́евич Саульский) is a Soviet and Russian composer, author. His works as a film composer include the score for A Glass of Water.

… groups of two or three with two swollen pig bladders in the hands making huge noise. If the pantallas finds a male relative or neighbour of Xinzo de Limia not dressed with carnival clothes, they will take him into a bar, to pay the fee for not been dressed properly, which is a glass of wine.

With the temperature back to normal and damage repairs underway, Helena unwinds by watching Verdeschi manipulate his home-made brewing apparatus. He toasts the recovery of Mr and Mrs Osgood with a glass of his latest creation. She abstains, musing on the events of the past few days. They speculate if some sort primal intelligence existed in the fire-storm, it could have somehow made contact with Osgood’s unbalanced mind. The storm’s behaviour could have been influenced by the geologist’s subconscious impulses; if so, this communion could also explain Osgood’s temporary gift of clairvoyance.

With the rise of pasteurization the making of clabber virtually stopped, except on farms that had easy access to unprocessed cow’s milk. A somewhat similar food can be made from pasteurized milk by adding a couple of tablespoons of commercial buttermilk or sour milk to a glass of milk.

With pure private costs, the costs carried by the individuals involved are the only economically meaningful costs. The choice to purchase a glass of lemonade at a lemonade stand has little consequence for anyone other than the seller or the buyer. The costs involved in this economic activity are the costs of the lemons and the sugar and the water that are ingredients to the lemonade, the opportunity cost of the labour to combine them into lemonade, as well as any transaction costs, such as walking to the stand.

With Bayern he won the European Cup in 1975 and 1976. In 1975, he did not take part in the final of the competition, whilst in the year thereafter a glass of brandy sufficiently prepared the nervous Rummenigge to contribute to the defeat of AS Saint-Étienne. In the same year he became also part of the team that prevailed in the Intercontinental Cup finals against Cruzeiro EC from Belo Horizonte.

Willibald Eser (1 September 1933 – August 2005) was a German screenwriter, notable for his work on films including A Glass of Water, Love from Paris, Temptation in the Summer Wind and The Dream of Lieschen Mueller.

… to tell them of Van der Zaans heroic feats, all present enjoying a glass of wine. This tradition was discontinued when in the 20th century the schools art collection was relocated to the Amsterdam naval museum, the Nederlands Scheepvaartmuseum.

Wilder is Babette’s two-year-old son, and the youngest child in the family. Wilder is never quoted for dialogue in the novel (however, at one point, it is said that he asked for a glass of milk), and periodically Jack worries about the boy’s slow linguistic development.

While the gentlemen discussed political and military events over a cigar and a glass of wine, the Ladies’ Salon, also prevailingly representative of the Second Rococo style, witnessed conservations about fashion. The interior is dominated…

While snooping around on the set, Drew finds a derringer mounted inside a lamp and electrically wired to be fired remotely, but he is knocked out and the gun taken. He goes to question Chalmers, but finds him dead beside a glass of poison…

While Sam’s attempt to sell a glass of lemonade for $1,000 alienated his team-mates and was a big factor in his being brought back to the boardroom by Troy, such attempts to sell everyday goods for vastly inflated prices would become commonplace in the later Celebrity Apprentice editions of the show.

When the chorus of the song begins, two women pull Gaga out of the bathtub, rip her top clothing off and force her to drink a glass of vodka. As the second verse begins, Gaga, wearing a diamond-covered outfit topped with a crown,…

When the book is done, he reminds Annie it is his practice to have a single cigarette and a glass of champagne after finishing a novel. After he gets them, Paul sets the manuscript on fire, giving him the chance to hit Annie over the head with the typewriter. Paul and Annie fight and Annie is killed.

… hydrocephalus: when his skull was opened, the equivalent of about a glass of water came out. Recent study of his remains have confirmed the diagnosis.

When he gets home, Roger prepares a glass of champagne with the new potion. Just as he is about to give Leila the glass, she reveals that she is pregnant, which shocks Roger into dropping the glass. He tells himself he could not have gone…

… their position on the table. The cup closest to the opposing team is 1/4 full, the second cup is 1/2 full, the third cup is 3/4 full and the final cup nearest the edge is full. It is also common to have a glass of water with the purpose of cleaning the ball between throws. After consumption the cup is refilled to the appropriate level and placed back on the table.

When Lena awakes at the hotel, Louise gives her a glass of what appears to be blood. As Lena drinks, she feels her strength return. Louise bathes Lena and tells her the story of how she was changed. 280 years ago at a masked ball. At first…

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