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…Şener Şen (born 26 December 1941 in Adana, Turkey) is a Turkish film and theatre actor who has won the Golden Orange for Best Actor twice for his roles in Mr. Muhsin (1985) and Lovelorn (2005), the Golden Orange for Best Supporting Actor for Çöpçüler Kralı (1977) and a Golden Orange Lifetime Achievement Award.

…Łada: on red background, a silver horseshoe with opening to the South, on its top a golden cross; on each side a silver arrow and two hunting horns in the lower field. On the helmet there is a golden and crowned lion holding a sword. This…

…İki Genç Kız (The international working title is 2 Girls) is a Golden Orange awarded 2005 Turkish film by Kutluğ Ataman, produced by Gulen Guler Hurley, starring Feride Çetin, Vildan Atasever and Hülya Avşar. The book is based on Perihan…

… retained the arms which had originally been granted to Öland in 1560 (a golden deer on a blue field). The arms of Åland are displayed with a comital coronet.

Zwigoff’s next film was the 2003 black comedy Bad Santa whose star, Billy Bob Thornton, was nominated for a Golden Globe award. The film cost $23 million to make and grossed over $76 million worldwide.

Zwicker grew up on the San Pasqual Indian Reservation in North County, San Diego, to a father who was a truck driver and a mother who worked hard to support Zwicker and his 11 other siblings. Zwicker’s older brother was a Golden Gloves…

Zuo Tiancheng (左天成) was a fictional general guarding the Sishui Pass. He was hardly mentioned in the book Shuo Tang, but he was very popular in folk cultures. He used a golden blade as his weapon and he was regarded as a top warrior in Sui…

Zoop in South America (Zoop in Zuid-Amerika) is a 2007 Dutch youth film. The film received a Golden Film for 100,000 visitors.

Zimmerman was a member of the Phi Delta Theta social fraternity and of the Phi Delta Phi legal honor society. He was later made a Golden Legionnaire of the Phi Delta Theta fraternity.

Zieglerin created a golden oil which she called “lion’s blood” It could be used to make gemstones, medicines and the Philosopher’s Stone. The Stone, Zieglerin theorized in her manuscript, could be created from two methods. The first method…

Zhu Yuanzhang initiated a beginning for a golden era of China under the reigns of his successors. He implemented land reforms to prevent peasants from being abused by wealthy landlords and bureaucrats; harshly punished officials found…

… servants, they wore crimson markings on the crown of the head. Temple evidence shows that women of the era, rich and poor, used a golden buckle to cover the upper body. The topknot allowed a long ponytail, worn over the shoulder.

… director Jia Zhangke, including Platform (2000) and Still Life (2006). With Shun Li and the Poet (2011), she became the first Asian actress to win a prize at David di Donatello. She received a Golden Horse Award nomination for Mountains May Depart (2015).

Zaslavsky was born in Odessa, Ukraine on 31 May 1935. His father was an artillery officer who dragged his cannon in World War II and survived there. Zaslavsky received his education at the University of Odessa and moved to Novosibirsk in 1957 where a golden age of Siberian physics was beginning.

… request was for Yedigei to tell his sons about the Aral Sea, so Yedigei spends much time telling them about his former occupation as a fisherman. As a result of his frequent reminiscing, Yedigei recalls the time he had to catch a golden sturgeon…

Ysaure is now visited by the Spirit of Curiosity, who tries to make Ysaure follow her underground. With a golden key the Spirit of Curiosity opens a door on the left and descends the stairs.

Hrólfr gave Vöggr a golden ring, and Vöggr swore to avenge Hrólfr if anyone should kill him. Hrólfr and his company were then attacked by a troll in the shape of a boar in the service of Aðils, but Hrólfr’s dog Gram killed it.

… compared to a gilded ship whose occupants are unaware of an approaching storm. Etty chose to illustrate Gray’s lines literally, depicting a golden boat filled with and surrounded by nude and near-nude figures.

Young played his club hurling with Glen Rovers and enjoyed much success during a golden age for the club.

Young has two stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, one for her work in television, at 6135 Hollywood Boulevard, and the other for her work in motion pictures, at 6100 Hollywood Boulevard. In 2011, a Golden Palm Star on the Walk of Stars, in Palm Springs, California, was dedicated to her.

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