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Yousafzai had come out of her coma by 17 October 2012, was responding well to treatment, and was said to have a good chance of fully recovering without any brain damage. Later updates on 20 and 21 October stated that she was stable, but was still battling an infection. By 8 November, she was photographed sitting up in bed.

good chance to make the score 4-4 – to go through to the next round on away goals. He played in both legs as Wrexham went out 3-0 on aggregate to Roma in the second round. After 35 league games, in which he scored three goals, Rogers moved into non-league football in Wales, first with Rhyl and then with Merthyr Tydfil.

Without knowing RHO’s next bid, if East knows there is a nine-card spade fit, East can bid 4 Spades even in an IMP game and expect a good chance to make it. However think about the same auction if partner doubles showing exactly three spades, your bid now becomes a guess.

… had a good chance to scrape the game when Drew Roberts squared for Inih Effiong, only for the big striker to slip in the sodden conditions before firing wide.

With the failed and profitless Wellsville to Buffalo extension now gone and no longer a burden on resources, the new Buffalo and Susquehanna Railroad Corporation had a good chance to prosper. With their debts now reorganized, and wood and lumber shipments on the continued decline, the B&S survived and continued to operate very profitably now as a coal carrier.

With Ichiro Suzuki gone away to the major leagues, Obando had a good chance at winning the triple crown, but sustained a knee injury that forced him out of over half of the 2001 season. Incredibly, he still contributed with 15 home runs and 51 RBIs in only 52 games (meaning that he had an RBI in almost every game he played).

Windmill: a prominent feature of the local landscape at one point. Pubs with this name may no longer be situated near a standing mill, but theres a good chance theyre close to a known site and will almost certainly be on a hill or other such breezy setting. Clues to the presence of a mill may also be found in the naming of local roads and features.

… crash, the nominee would have a good chance of becoming president. The major candidates were Smith (the 1928 nominee), Smith’s successor as New York’s governor, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Speaker of the House John Nance Garner, and former…

Williams’ only win at the venue stage of a ranking event this season came at the UK Championship, with a 6-4 victory over Sam Baird, before missing a good chance when 5-4 up against Ricky Walden to be ultimately knocked out 6-5.

… population size must be sufficient to enable the necessary genetic diversity to survive within the population, so that it has a good chance of continuing to adapt and evolve over time. This reserve size can be calculated for target species by…

… larger cities and the young voters. But unlike the 1957 election in which Manahan was seen as a viable contender, Manglapus was not seen as having a good chance of winning the election. In the end, Manglapus lost to Marcos with 5.17 percent of the vote, while Manahan lost to Fernando Lopez, the runningmate of Marcos, with 3.40 percent of the vote.

… 1966, it was increasingly seen as becoming tired and unfocused after 20 years in power. There were also growing concerns over Australia’s involvement in the Vietnam War. The ALP thus went into the election with a good chance of increasing its small caucus.

… that Courtland has a good chance of survival. Lily drops her treasure box, spilling money and jewels on the floor of the ambulance. When the attendant points this out, she tearfully tells him she doesn’t care. Courtland opens his eyes, sees Lily, and smiles at her as the movie ends.

Significant care must be taken to ensure that Dee does not learn the truth. Dee confirms that Davlo’s plan, if successful, stands a good chance of repairing Inferno’s ecology. The comet project is given the go-ahead and work commences to evacuate the areas near the impact site.

… prophecy. Chiron and Zoë organize a quest, but Percy is forbidden from going because the Hunters refuse to travel with a boy. He successfully sneaks away from camp on Blackjack, though he is almost stopped by Mr. D (Dionysus) who agrees to let him go because there is a good chance that Percy will get killed while on the quest.

When looking at the head, there are a few key things that the judges are looking for. One of the main things the judge looks for when judging any animal is the structure. In most animals, if one joint is set incorrectly, there is a good chance that…

When Texas “favorite son” Lyndon Johnson withdrew from the 1968 election in March, it was generally thought that the Republican Party would have a good chance of winning the Lone Star State despite losing by 27 percentage points in 1964,…

… man-of-the-match. The Warriors had a good chance to make the finals, however a four-match losing streak late in the season removed those chances and they finished the 2005 season 11th, a slight improvement from the previous year.

When Lassa fever infects pregnant women late in their third trimester, induction of delivery is necessary for the mother to have a good chance of survival. This is because the virus has an affinity for the placenta and other highly…

… 15,000 men, including 1,500 officers, while being renamed the Reichsmarine in the era of the Weimar Republic. As Lindemann had finished fifth in the Class of 1913, he stood a good chance of being retained. He served temporarily in the Dahlem…

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