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While most will agree that the goal of easing the digital divide is a good one, many informed people have raised objections to franchise contract with EarthLink/Google.

When money enters in ‒ then, for a price, I become a liar ‒ and a good one I can be whether with pencil or subtle lighting or viewpoint. I hate it all, but so do I support not only my family, but my own work.

Katherine. Their marriage was not a good one. They spent most of their time living apart, Katherine moved back and forth between Ireland and London, and Arthur spent much of his time traveling. They had four children, three daughters and one…

Verdi’s experience in Naples for Luisa Miller had not been a good one and he returned home to Busseto to consider the subject for his next opera. The idea for Stiffelio came from his librettist and, entering into a contract with his…

Utah didn’t have to go far for their next head coach, as they promoted Foster’s assistant Jerry Pimm. The hire would prove to a good one, as he would continue what Foster had started. In Pimm’s third season he guided the Utes to a…

… would come together — how it would flow and how the songs belonged together.” Fox agreed, “The production was amazing. When we first heard the mixes, we were like, ‘Wow, I can’t believe this is us.’” The guys count the recording experience as a good one.

Until the quartz revolution of the 1970s, all watches were mechanical. Early watches were terribly imprecise; a good one could vary as much as 15 minutes in a day. Modern precision (a few seconds per day) was not attained by any watch until 1760, when John Harrison created his marine chronometers. Precision was attained as from 1854 first by the Waltham Watch Company, through the industrialisation of the manufacturing process of the movement part, in order to attain the necessary precision: they won a Gold Medal at the 1876 Philadelphia Centennial Exposition with a lot of watches taken at random out of the production line, showing the way to their peers in U.S.A. (e.g. Elgin Watch Company) and the worldwide watch industry. Mechanical watches are powered by a mainspring. Modern mechanical watches require of the order of 1 microwatt of power on average. Because the mainspring provides an uneven source of power (its torque steadily decreases as the spring unwinds), watches from the early 16th century to the early 19th century featured a chain-driven fusee which served to regulate the torque output of the mainspring throughout its winding. Unfortunately, the fusees were very brittle, were very easy to break, and were the source of many problems, especially inaccuracy of timekeeping when the fusee chain became loose or lost its velocity after the lack of maintenance.

… 1842, Chapman had four children, one of whom died in early childhood. Henry’s parents were also enthusiastic abolitionists. By all accounts the Chapman marriage was a good one, free from ideological and financial strain.

… whether or not the environment that they are about to enter is a good one for his or her superior to be in. When he or she is so satisfied, he or she grants the other twin, Kehinde (sometimes shortened to Kenny), the go ahead to come out.

International were transferred. In fact the year had not been a good one the firm, or indeed for builders merchants nationally. Nevertheless, Elliott Brothers’ annual group sales reached £2M for the first time. Growth during the rest of the…

… pitching staff posted a collective 2.41 earned run average. Venezuela blasted only one home run in the series, but it was a good one as first baseman Héctor Giménez’ 12th-inning, walk-off solo homer in Game 4 pushed the Tigers to a 1-0…

… in Düsseldorf as well. Her father wanted her to marry a painter, however, and felt her chances were higher of finding a good one in Amsterdam. Eventually, she did marry the painter Willem Breekveld in 1684, but he died in 1687. After Spilberg’s death, she married his successor in Düsseldorf, Eglon van der Neer in December 1697.

This varnish won’t turn a bad instrument into a good one. The soundbox prior to the white varnish application must be fine tuned (plate tuning). The genius of Stradivarius was, according to Sacconi, that he was able to anticipate the modification and the potential improvement of the Vernice Bianca application and tune the unfinished instrument accordingly.

… thinks both, considering 6…Bb4+ to be a bad move after 4…Nxe5 5.f4 Nec6 6.Nf3, but a good one after 4…Nxe5 5.f4 Nec6 6.Be3. After 4.e4 the main line is 4…Nxe5 5.f4 when Black has an important choice to make about where to move the Ne5.

This paradox was an important problem for every investor, investment advisor and academic that took his responsibility serious. The question if the rule of thumb that every advisor was using was a good one or not was open. Philippe De Brouwer published solved this puzzle and published a simple solution in 2001.

This is one of the earliest 3D animated cartoons, made in 1992, by John Kay using a basic computer program with no interface. It features two Pear characters, a good one and a bad one, competing in a car race. Length 5:30 minutes.

… piece of a scumbag is then shown as a smart person to follow. Sickening end. I expected at least karma to kick in or Ah Lev to find his guy who gives him a good one at least once. Never happened, the only person that he wasn’t able to cheat remains on the palm tree.

… demonstrated that the concept was indeed a good one, as a result of which the Gallery evolved into a popular and prestigious exhibition hall.

They realize that the year hasn’t been exactly a good one, with many unfortunate events occurring. Abed (Danny Pudi) then remembers that Jeff (Joel McHale) and Britta (Gillian Jacobs) have been hooking up secretly, which angers the group,…

They lost both EuroLeague Finals, but the fact that they won against Panathinaikos in both semifinals was a big consolation for their fans. Tomić wasn’t a leader in the statistics section, but he was the mind and soul of the team. The next season, 1995-96, wasn’t a good one for Tomić individually.

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