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…Örskär, is a Swedish island and lighthouse station located north of Gräsö on the Uppland coastline. A large part of the island is a nature reserve and it is rich of unusual flowers such as wild orchids. The island is also noted to be a good place for birding. A very small hostel exists on the island.

Zaragoza is really a good place.

Yankee Boy Basin is a good place to see native wildlife, including: deer, black bear, birds of prey, and other fauna of the southwestern Rocky Mountains region.

With no irrigation north of the Arizona Canal, the Sunny Slope desert was a very dry area and was considered to be a good place to live for people recovering from tuberculosis or asthma. During this period, it was common for people from eastern states, known as “health seekers,” to move to Arizona.

With its country roads and small path, Nuvilly is a good place for hiking trails and nature sightseeing. Recently renewed and well preserved, the church is a good example of the local architecture.

With CNN at the height of its popularity due to the Persian Gulf War and only two other local 24 hours cable channels, Allbritton considered the eight largest TV market and capital a good place to launch one. The existing two local…

Winnie helps parents find information about kid-friendly places to go with their families as well as general parenting topics. It contains metadata about places like whether there is a changing table in the restroom, a kids menu, or a good place to…

While the cost of housing spiked up over 40% in 2004, the lack of business and income taxes still makes Nevada an attractive place for many companies to relocate to or expand existing operations. Being a true twenty-four-hour city, call centers have always seemed to find Las Vegas a good place to hire workers who are accustomed to working at all hours.

… the jump-drive of the player. For the multiplayer mode, it is being presented as a good place for a hard and honest fight between clans. Also, dockable carriers and constructor stations are new environments.

… to Bishops Cleeve and Stonehouse was chosen as a good place to build factories for the manufacturers Sperry’s Gyroscope Company, who moved to Bond’s Mill and Hoffmann’s Bearings located to Oldends Lane. These two factories employed many people during the war and for a long time afterwards ensuring employment in the town for many years.

General George C. Marshall, Army Chief of Staff, appointed General Leslie McNair as director of all army training. He and Colonel Mark Wayne Clark picked thousands of acres of unused land in Louisiana as a good place for large-scale training. The…

When Behan first arrived in Tombstone in September 1880, he also got a job bar manager in the Grand Hotel, a favorite of the outlaw Cowboys, and a good place to make political connections. He also bought part interest in the Dexter Livery Stable with John Dunbar, where local businessmen could rent horses.

… books makes the library a good place to study and do research. Currently, the value of advanced teaching and research facilities totals to RMB 1.5 billion.

… housed Phra Rattana Chedi, the pagoda of the temple, which was erected on the Charot Withithong Rd. The museum collection includes gifts from the ex-abbot of Wat Ratchathani and art objects unearthed in Sukhothai and nearby provinces, so if everyone is interested in art objects, Monument of Phor Khun Ramkamhaeng museum is a good place to visit.

… them since they thought they were losing their home. As a matter of fact, it was the Florians who picked up these stray animals and gave them a good place to live, and were simply going to keep them the way they were. In 2001, the new…

WE has a reputation as a good place to work. In 2002 the agency had a turnover rate of less than 20 percent, compared to an industry average of 50. The firm allots 16 hours a year to each employee for a charity of their choosing. One…

Norse god of thunder, is a good natural harbor, and would be a good place for travelers to land their ships and boats, and complete the travel overland, if conditions on the southwestern coast were disagreeable.

Vargö has been a nature reserve since 1986. The varied sea landspace offers a diversity of flora. It is a good place to see razorbills, woodland birds, gulls and eiders.

VaLePa is known to be a good place for young players. Many of the club’s own juniors have reached professional level and other young talents have made their pro-level debut in the club. Some of the best known of them are Olli-Pekka Ojansivu, Olli Kunnari, Mikko Oivanen and Matti Oivanen.

Using a standard test method, perhaps published by a respected standards organization, is a good place to start. Sometimes it is more useful to modify an existing test method or to develop a new one. Again, documentation and full disclosure are very necessary.

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