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… coach his inexperienced master. Ibrahim’s replies to Ḳara Muṣṭafā’s reports show he had actually received a good education. Ibrahim often traveled in disguise, inspecting the markets of Istanbul and ordering the Grand Vizier to correct any problems he observed.

…Živković started his career at FK Sarajevo as a youth player, before being signed by NK Marsonia (from Slavonski Brod). He gained a good reputation at Marsonia, first appearing in the 1994/95 season, during which he made 13 appearances.

… through the village. The village also lies on the train track of regional importance (Otrokovice-Zlin-Vizovice track, code 331). This track is not electrified, but offers a good range of regional public transport. Zelechovice nad Drevnici is…

…Šiškevičius and Brändle attacked at the start of the final lap, with Delaplace unable to follow, but with 10 km remaining they were caught by the peloton. In the final 2 km, Cofidis came to the front on behalf of Bouhanni and gave him a

…Šarakauskas is a 2.04 m tall big man who can play the power forward and the center positions equally well. He is a good rebounder for his size, averaging nearly one rebound every four minutes on the court in his entire career. Besides…

…Řež has a good railway connection by Prague – Kralupy nad Vltavou line. The stop is located on the opposite (left) bank of the Vltava River and is accessible by a pedestrian bridge. An 18 km ride from Masaryk Station takes up 24 minutes.

…Ōmi — The temple and park above Ōmi Kindergarten are quite pretty with a good view of the town. There is also a natural history museum at Kirara Ōmi Hall near the train station. Apart from these the only other real attractions are the nearby mountains and beach where one can go fossicking for jade washed down from Hisui Gorge in the nearby mountains.

… about the original Okami. They have a good understanding of what was important about the visual style and what aspects they need when making this new version so it will transfer well. The work Clover did was amazing; they were really…

…Để có trí nhớ tốt (To Have a Good Memory) – Dongnai Publishing House, 2004.

Palme dOr-winning previous effort ensured plenty of attention for the project along with a Cannes showing. Though his part in the movie was minor (he played one of the Gypsy thugs in Italy), Đuro left a good impression that opened many doors for the young actor.

…Đurić enrolled as a student of a 4-year programme of the Faculty of law in 2002, and graduated 8 years later, in 2010. Đurić speaks Serbian and English fluently, has a good level of Hebrew, and basic French.

… assistant and professor at the University of Belgrade. They lived in Belgrade’s neighborhood of Profesorska Kolonija. Đaja was a good friend with Milutin Milanković.

…Čkembari have a good relations with the Ribari from Ohrid and Lozari from Kavadarci.

…Āpihai Te Kawau (c. 1790-1869), leader of the Ngāti Taou hapu, was a good friend of Samuel Marsden. Over a ten-month period in 1821-1822 he conducted a principal part in the 1,000 mi Amiowhenua expedition. This series of battles raged…

… critics. A good example of her sensitive, accurate observational prose is a 1975 Turkish language novel under the title Gurbet Yavrum, which was translated to German in 1987, under the title The Flying Carpet.

…Örskär, is a Swedish island and lighthouse station located north of Gräsö on the Uppland coastline. A large part of the island is a nature reserve and it is rich of unusual flowers such as wild orchids. The island is also noted to be a good place for birding. A very small hostel exists on the island.

…Ó Domhnalláin was from Balleighter or Ballydonnellan. He was a good friend with Patrick Callanan of Skycur but a dispute arose one night during at party at Callanan’s house. Ó Domhnalláin initially did not wish to attend as he did not have suitable clothes, but Callanan loaned him something suitable.

…Ó Domhnalláin was a member of the Ó Domhnalláin bardic family of Ui Maine (now south-east County Galway. The Annals of the Four Masters recorded him as a good poet, but who died of a scrofulous ulcer. The condition is now known as Tuberculous cervical lymphadenitis.

Bermingham had in 1305 beheaded several of his guests, Ó Conchobhair of Uí Failghe and thirteen of his kindred. Bermingham had been granted the Earldom of Louth for defeating Prince Edward Bruce at the Battle of Faughart in 1318. He lived in the same part of Ireland as Ó Cearbhaill and would have been regarded as a good patron for him to cultivate.

…Étude Op. 10, No. 9, in F minor, is a technical study composed by Frédéric Chopin in 1829. This étude is part of the twelve studies which belong to Op. 10. It is widely regarded as a good left hand étude because it promotes flexibility in the wrists and fingers.

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