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… be of age and brought to power a government of national unity led by Air Force General Dušan Simović. The coup resulted in the German-led Axis invasion of Yugoslavia during which the armed forces of Yugoslavia were defeated within 11 days.

… academic interests are in the areas of economic development and transition, labor economics and behavior of the firm. His research focuses on the determinants and effects of (a) government policies on firms and labor and capital markets, (b)…

…Đinh Liệt who was a government officer of Lê dynasty, has some poems written in his Family book, in which he metaphorically stated that the actual murder was Empress Tuyên Từ.

…Čardaklija had a brother, Jovan, who also crossed to insurrectionist Serbia and worked as a government clerk until the Ottoman return in 1813. Jovan then fled to Russia with other notable Serbs. That is also where he died.

… reportedly because of internal dissent over her popularity; she had reportedly been strongly lobbied by many party members to withdraw from politics. Economy minister Martin Bartenstein announced he would not be willing to stay as minister in a

…Émile Puech (born 9 May 1941, at Cazelles de Sébrazac, Estaing, Aveyron, France) is a French Catholic priest, scholar and editor in chief of Manuscrits de la mer Morte. He is a government employed director of research at Paris’ Centre…

…Émile Mayrisch’s father was Edouard Mayrisch, a doctor at court, and his mother was Mathilde Metz, the daughter of Adolf Metz, and niece of Norbert Metz, an industrialist at Eich and Dommeldange, and a government minister. He grew up in…

… the Communist Minister of Industrial Production Marcel Paul. Until November 19, 2004 it was a government corporation, but it is now a limited-liability corporation under private law (société anonyme). The French government partially floated…

… forced to resign on 7 February. He was replaced by the conservative Gaston Doumergue as head of the government; this was the first time during the tenure of the Third Republic a government fell because of pressures from the street.

…École William Ponty was a government teachers’ college in what is now Senegal. The school is now in Kolda, Senegal, where it is currently known as École de formation d’instituteurs William Ponty. It is associated with the French university IUFM at Livry-Gargan (France).

… counterbalanced by the fact that he had an excellent sense of humour and used satiric fables, spoofing, and puns in his writings. He was more conscious of social obligations than Luther and he genuinely believed that the masses would accept a

Zuras authorized Thena to resume her battles against the Deviants, and ordered her and Makkari to battle against Zakka in New York. He also aided Mr. Bradford, a government agent, in studying the Celestials. Zuras attempted to mind-probe…

… government, a government led by the white minority, Zuma was sentenced to ten years imprisonment, which he served on Robben Island with Nelson Mandela and other notable ANC leaders also imprisoned during this time. Whilst imprisoned, Zuma served as a referee for prisoners’ association football games, organised by the prisoners’ own governing body, Makana F.A.

Zubair Khan was born into a farmer family in rural Alwar, Rajasthan. His father, Bagh Singh, was a Sarpanch for 38 years. Zubair Khan undertook his early schooling in a government primary school and his further schooling at Jamia Millia…

… of his political party, the Bangladesh Nationalist Party. On the night of 30 May, a group of officers commandeered the Chittagong Circuit House, a government residence where Zia was staying, shooting dead Zia and several others.

Ziaur Rahman, popularly known as Zia, was the second son of Mansur Rahman and Jahanara Khatun. His father was a chemist who specialised in paper and ink chemistry and worked for a government department at Writer’s Building in Kolkata. As a…

Investment Authority. In 2008 he became the head of the Egyptian Financial Supervisory Authority, a government agency that supervises Egypt’s non-banking financial transactions and markets.not He has served as an International Advisor at Goldman Sachs.

Pakistan Parliamentary elections the Awami League had won a majority and it leader Sheikh Mujib laid claim to form a government, but Pakistan President Yahya Khan postponed the convening of the legislature under pressure from Zulfikar Ali Bhutto’s PPP party.

… father’s remaining younger brother Yikui for the next two years. In 1910, Zhou’s uncle Yigeng, his father’s older brother, offered to care for Zhou. The family in Huai’an agreed, and Zhou was sent to stay with his uncle in Manchuria at Shenyang, where Zhou Yigeng worked in a government office.

Zhongnanhai has served as a government centre again since the early days of the People’s Republic of China, founded in 1949. The People’s Republic government built many of the structures today seen in the compound. The compound housed the Communist Party of China Central Committee, as well as the State Council. Early leaders, such as Mao Zedong, Zhou Enlai, and Deng Xiaoping lived in the compound. Chinese maps of Beijing show Zhongnanhai as an insignificant green area with a water body; in contrast, the municipal government, however, is shown significantly with a red star.

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