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…Ōtsuchi Station had two opposed side platforms connected to the station building, by an overhead passage. The station was staffed and had a Green Window ticket counter.

…Ōnuki Station has a single island platform serving two tracks, connected to the station building by an overpass. The station has a Green Window service counter in operation from 0645-1800 hours.

…Ōgawara Station has a single side platform and an island platform connected to the station building by an overhead passageway. The station has a Green Window ticket counter.

…İŞLEM TAMAM, GÜLE GÜLE (Operation complete, Good bye): For both KGS cards. Three beeps sound and there is a green light.

Zwar’s other screen-acting credits include both seasons of the Network Ten sketch comedy series The Wedge, Blue Heelers, Stingers, CrashBurn, SeaChange, BackBerner, and MDA. His stage-acting credits include Kissing for Australia, for which he received a Green Room Award nomination, and Cyrano de Bergerac for the Melbourne Theatre Company.

Zoutank – A green robot that is a cross between an elephant and a tank, with a cannon for a trunk. It seems to be an independent character, rather than merely a vehicle. However, it’s large enough for other Robonimals to ride in.

… plant in the sediment. The leaves have three irregular, longitudinal veins and blunt, notched ends. They are up to 22 cm long and contain air spaces which make them buoyant. Several separate male and female flowers grow on a short, spear-shaped lateral stem. The smooth white seeds develop inside a green capsule with membranous walls and are about 2 mm long.

Zorio’s Tenda is a work that plays with the laws of physics and chance. Zorio took a green cloth, which was soaked in salt water, draped it over a metal scaffolding, and clamped it in place. The salt water ran through the cloth and onto…

… base. As they view the base they see a green light launch and head towards the mothership in the sky. Assuming all the soldiers have been killed Zombie begins to make his way into the base.

Zilius Zox wields a Red Lantern power ring similar to that of a Green Lantern’s, save that it is powered by rage rather than willpower. The full extent of a red power ring’s powers has not been revealed, but it is stated in Final Crisis:…

Crisis storyline, Zilius Zox was with the Red Lantern Corps when it came to their mission to abduct Sinestro from a Green Lantern Corps escort to Kurogar. During the fight between the Green Lantern Corps and the Red Lantern Corps, the…

Zhang Yin holds a green card.

Zeunerite is a green copper uranium arsenate mineral with formula Cu(UO2)2(AsO4)2•(10-16)H2O. It is a member of the autunite group. Metazeunerite is a dehydration product.

Zenker’s turaco (Tauraco persa zenkeri), is a subspecies of the Guinea turaco. It is a green turaco, in the family Musophagidae, subfamily Tauracinae, a group of near-passerines birds. Zenker’s turaco is found in forests of Central Africa…

Zechariah and Micah look down on the fulfillment of their prophecies contained in the banderoles floating behind them. The Erythraean Sibyl is shown observing, while the Cumaean Sibyl, wearing a green dress with thick fur sleeves, gazes…

… distribute Zayandeh water to Isfahan’s suburbs. Water from the Zayandeh River helped the growth of the population and the economy, helped established Isfahan as an influential center, and gave a green landscape to Isfahan, a city in the middle of a desert.

… use during the British protectorate period. When Zanzibar gained independence from the United Kingdom on 10 December 1963, a green disk with two yellow cloves was added to the flag.

… pulled from his top hat a green, white and red bird – the colors of the Mexican flag. The governor bowed back at Zamloch, who then waved a program which turned into a silk Mexican flag. The governor saluted, and Zamloch pulled from his hat…

… official kit colours include green shorts, a green jersey and green socks. The team has received media coverage from the Daily Mail, Times of Zambia and the Post Newspapers. This coverage has included pictures of players being printed in the newspaper and interviews with players.

Zakembor (Zakemubō) is a red-eyed cicada-like mutant. He can emit sonic waves by flapping his wings and spit a green, acid-like liquid. He accompanies Chuubo who kills Dr. Koga and first fights Metalder. He and Damnen sneak away to spy on…

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