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…Ülo Ausmees was killed in a road accident in 2002 and AYR’s production of sidecarcross frames came temporarily to a halt. The company recovered and continued to manufacture frames.

… amongst the young readers. However, as Zheng and his co-editors were still inexperienced in editing by that time, the magazine was thought to be immature in editing and too sloganeered. On the hand, the content of the magazine upset the military side of the government. Thus, in one month’s time, the government called the publication to a halt.

Zber’s successful but short career was to put to a halt in 1940 when Nazi Germany overtook Paris. Zber fled Paris in late May 1940 with a group of about ten Polish friends including his fellow artists and art school friends Ilya Schor and Resia Schor but then decided to return to be with Stenia Bonder. Of that group, only the Schors survived the Shoa. Zber married Stenia Bonder, who fought in the anti-Nazi underground movement in France. On May 14, 1941, Zber was arrested and sent, with 5000 other Jews, to the French internment concentration camp of Beaune-La-Rolande. Even under these conditions he continued to pursue his artwork, such that, a recent exhibition in the Musee d’Art et d’Histoire du Judaisme included portraits painted by Zber while he was imprisoned there. He was in…

… filming and dreams to be a successful director in the future, but his dream is often tossed around as a joke by people he knows, with the exception of Xiao Min. These three best friends complement each other, forming a strong friendship, but all this comes to a halt when Yi Jia finds herself pregnant.

Civil War brought most operations to a halt, but a few operations continued after the war, and several mines were reworked in the 1930s, during the Great Depression.

… jobs. Unemployment and businesses coming to a halt was universal. The death rate was so high the people had to work day and night to bury the dead.

Yang Prasat was changed from a railway station to a halt on January 1, 1977. Although the station ruins remain, no trains stop here.

… interested in pretty new teacher Lee Yoo-ri. Mi-sook tries to put a halt to this blossoming romance, forming an unlikely alliance with Jong-cheol’s daughter, Jong-hee.

Xueliang and the Japanese, who were anxious to prevent the extension of Chiang’s authority into Manchuria. In Yan’s absence the civil government of Shanxi ground to a halt, and the various military leaders of Shanxi struggled with each other to…

… career effectively came to a halt after Georgi Daneliya’s sci-fi extravaganza Kin-dza-dza!, in which he appeared alongside Yevgeny Leonov.

World War II forced a halt to most international chess, but several tournaments involving Soviet players only were still organized. Smyslov was exempted from military service due to being severely nearsighted, and he won the 1942 Moscow…

World War II brought a halt to football in Calgary for a few years. 1940 was the final year for the Bronks.

World War II brought European studies to a halt. Schenker’s publications were placed under Nazi ban and some were confiscated by the Gestapo. It is in the United States that Schenkerian analysis knew its first important developments.

Hungarian Revolutions. The Soviet offensive sparked a series of local wars, including the Polish-Soviet War and the Lithuanian-Soviet War. At first, the Soviets were successful, but came to a halt in February 1919. In March-April both Lithuanians…

World War 2 drew a halt to motorsport in Europe but by this time, Eileen Ellison had found another interest in life – her new husband. Eileen married Squadron Leader Brian Lane in 1940. The marriage was brief, as he was killed in action in 1942.

… largely finished, however, due to austerity measures imposed in the 1980s by the successive Martens governments, and the transfer of authority to the Flemish government after state reforms, construction on the premetro network was put to a

… transports a small statue from the future. Concerned over the vast amounts of energy needed to conduct the experiments and realizing that their unique work needs formal verification from another professional, Howard calls a halt to the research,…

Work started in December 2011 on building a halt style platform at Little Horsted together with a picnic area. The Halt was opened on the Saturday of the first Diesel Gala in July 2012, and is called Worth Halt. The weak bridge over the river Uck was cleared and inspection was due in 2012.

Work on the interiors came to a halt when the building’s fabric was completed. Not until the 1730s was the first phase of interior work carried out, including a palace chapel in the attic designed by the Swedish architect Carl Hårleman.

… pollution and violation of standards, electricity failures and asbestos outside the screen brought work to a halt. Longer time frames and more capital were demanded to complete the work. Outside management was brought in with asbestos removal…

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