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… organs of Gymnospermae. He described numerous new botanical species, and has a handful of plants named after him, such as Stipa celakovskyi, Lathyrus celakovskyi and Orchis celakovskyi.

… advantages. In his will, only left a handful of estates to his brother’s sons, and the bulk of his property to Edward, including all his booklands in Kent. In a Kentish charter of 898 Edward witnessed as rex Saxonum, suggesting that Alfred may have…

Zwerg was also very active in the Christian church, where he attended services regularly. Through the church, he became exposed to the belief in civil equality. He was taught that all men are created equal, no matter what color they are. Jim was one of only a handful of white Christians to join the nonviolent movement.

Zuelli was born at Reggio Emilia. He wrote two operas, one of which was performed; some sacred choral works; and a handful of orchestral pieces. He died, aged 81, in Milan.

… was stopped in 1968 with 400 meters left to finish, forming the current peninsula. The area reached its heyday during this decade, with many industries moving there. However, during the industrial crisis of the 1980s that struck the city, many industries were forced to shut down or relocate, and only a handful of them survived to this day.

Zoombu’s search engine was available to a handful of users on a private basis from mid-2009. In March 2010, Zoombu’s Beta product was opened to the public, catering for searches from the UK to within Europe. In April 2010 the product was…

Zooceras is an extinct genus of prehistoric nautiloids. The nautiloids are a subclass of shelled cephalopods that were once diverse and numerous but are now represented by only a handful of species.

Zohore went onto to sign a three-year deal in the Welsh capital, in June 2016. He was a bit-part player under Paul Trollope only making one start in a 1-0 loss to Bristol Rovers and a handful of substitute appearances. In December, Zohore…

Zittelloceras is an extinct genus of nauiloids from the order Oncocerida which are among a large group of once diverse and numerous shelled cephalopods, now represented by only a handful of species.

… make music in Vermont. The Zip Code Rapists reunited for a handful of shows in California and in Canada in 2005-2006, followed by a retrospective CD release on the Eabla label in 2009. In 2015 they did a one-off show in Brooklyn, New York.

Zhombe (formerly known as Jombe) is a Communal land, a rural settlement with a few commercial farms within its borders and a handful of resettlement areas. The greater part of it makes Zhombe Constituency in the Midlands Province of…

… and as a member of its Sofia County Committee. Although the BWP was banned along with all other political parties after the uprising of 19 May 1934, it continued fielding a handful of non-party National Assembly Deputies and Zhivkov retained his posts at its Sofia structure.

Zhang Yufei (born 1988 in Dalian, Liaoning) is a Chinese gymnast. She was known for performing at a high technical level, but was held back in her career by repeated injuries. She is one of only a handful of female gymnasts to attempt and successfully complete the ‘Mo Salto’.

Region 1 volume of Zegapain with the last volume released on August 5, 2008. Following the 2012 closure of Bandai Entertainment, Sunrise announced at Otakon 2013, that Sentai Filmworks has rescued Zegapain, along with a handful of other…

Zarbalas published his first poetry collection We insist (Επιμένουμε), in 1981. Moreover, with his collection 101 poems for a handful of earth (Ποιήματα για μια χούφτα τόπο, 1992), written in 1972, but unpublished until 1991, Zarbalas…

Zaparoan (also Sáparoan, Záparo, Zaparoano, Zaparoana) is an endangered language family of Peru and Ecuador with fewer than 100 speakers. Zaparoan speakers seem to have been very numerous before the arrival of the Europeans but their groups have been decimated by imported diseases and warfare and only a handful of them have survived.

… around 700-1000 people but was de-populated in 1995 during the war that saw the breakup of the former Yugoslavia. A handful of old people remained in the village and a few new people have subsequently settled in the last 10 years.

… operas, Amleto (1961) and Wallenstein (1965). His other vocal works consist of a handful of art songs for solo voice and piano with the exception of one piece for voice, piano, and flute.

Your Absolutely Right EP received acclaim and reviews from a handful of South African music blogs, such as Between 10 and 5, Slikour On Life””, The African Hip Hop Blog””, Hype Magazine and Durban is Yours, and landed on Okay Africa’s The 15 Best South African Hip-Hop Albums of 2016””, as well as Texx And The City’s Top 20 Albums & EPs Of 2016.

Young started his career in his native Scotland, making a handful of appearances for St Johnstone and then Dunfermline. He moved to Northern Ireland in 1998 when he was signed by manager Roy Coyle for East Belfast club Glentoran. He was a…

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