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… ignorant Bahram become angry of this and let his camel trample her. Tha’alibi mentions that Al-Mundhir I ibn al-Nu’man had the event painted in the palace of Khawarnaq. This story is also narrated by Nezami Ganjavi, but with a happy ending.

… interpret it as a happy omen. Cassandre has watched the procession in despair, and as the act ends, resigns herself to death beneath the walls of Troy.

…Éléonore became his mistress and received the title Lady of Harburg. In 1666 their only child, Sophie Dorothea, was born. In 1674 the child was legitimised and Éléonore became the Duchess of Wilhelmsburg. Two years later the couple could finally marry. It was a happy marriage.

…Álex (Dani Rovira) and Eva (María Valverde) are a happy couple who, after years of relationship, have decided to marry in the English countryside village (Castle Combe) where they met each other. However, an unexpected problem occurs: a strike of air traffic controllers prevent Álex and his guests arrive to where Eva is.

First, it would have given lie to his thesis on that the practice of the traditional rites guaranteed the fortunes of empire, since the period following the games was hardly a happy one (and this argument remains valid even if both Philip’s…

… conversation to cheer her up. The two of them later start a relationship, but that relationship has problems that include jealousy, mistrust, and the fear of marriage. Things improve and they became a happy couple, despite peculiarities such as…

… blames himself for failing to trust his wife. Farida loses her sanity when she realizes what she has done. Ashar begs for Khirad’s forgiveness and asks her to return to his life; she finally forgives him and they reconcile. Three months later, the two are shown to be living a happy life with their daughter.

Yu An-shun as Wang Ming-kai (王名凱), a divorced tenants who has sexual fantasies about his daughter as described by Chang, while in actuality, Wang is married to Chen Min-hui and the father of Wang Yun-ko in a happy family of three.

Ysätters-Kajsa was not a dark and gloomy troll, but a happy and playful one. What she liked most was a real gale. As soon as there was enough wind she would leave her home to go dance on the Närke flatland. Närke is essentially nothing but…

Ilseong, and moves into the Na household. Soon after, Youngil and Miyeon marry. Despite their chaotic beginnings, Youngil and Miyeon are a happy couple.

Younger families usually visit their older neighbours or relatives to wish and greet them a Happy Eid also to ask for forgiveness. During these visits, it is a customs for older, established or married couple to give uang lebaran, small amount of moneys for children’s of their own, relatives’ as well as neighbours’. Idul Fitri is a very joyous day for children as adults give them money…

… falls under the spell of the maidens, who seduce him with dance. The final guest attracted to the castle is Ruslan, who finds himself forgetting Lyudmila upon seeing Gorislava. Suddenly Finn appears; and, after pronouncing a happy fate for Ratmir with Gorislava, and for Ruslan with Lyudmila, the castle turns into a forest as they resolve to rescue Lyudmila.

You hear a happy sound.

… rich old men, pleased to have their natural children restored to them, magnanimously agree to provide support for their false imbecilic children; and a happy ending is engineered all around.

Yekaterina was granted the title maid of honour, in 1791. She married Count Fyodor Vasilievich Rostopchin, who appreciated her serious nature, in early 1794. The couple had four sons and four daughters and had a happy marriage until Yekaterina’s conversion to Catholicism.

… relationship with the Human Torch. The two eventually married, and remained a happy couple until the Skrull’s true identity was exposed by the Thing and the Puppet Master.

… is suspicious of Peter because of his past with Clarissa. But after he proves his love to her, the two become a happy couple. But Clarissa has problems to see her ex-husband happy and tries to ruin his announced wedding with Charlie.

Years later, Kwan dies, and leaves his fortune and possessions to Kin and Gwan. The couple have a son, and a happy marriage.

… could be called on in the future, she would be allowed to marry Mark and move to America. After years in America building a happy life and without word from Moscow, they thought they had escaped. Now it seems that the new Mother Russia has one…

Yazid ibn Abi Muslim’s tenure in Ifriqiya was not a happy one. Perhaps recalling the brutish administration of his mentor al-Hajjaj in Wasit (Iraq), Yazid ibn Abi Muslim showed little respect for non-Arab Muslims under his jurisdiction.

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