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…Еxpelled by the Romanian authorities, at the end of 1918 Misirkov returned to Sofia, where he spent one year as a head of the Historical department of the National Museum of Ethnography. Then, he worked as a teacher and director of the…

…Štefan Zaťko (born 21 May 1962) is a Slovak football manager and currently is a head coach of team FK Pohronie.

…Škobalj had worked as an assistant coach in FMP Železnik for three seasons before he became the assistant coach of Crvena zvezda in 2001. In 2008 had a stint as a head coach of Crvena zvezda after Stevan Karadžić resign. In 2008-09 season he was an assistant coach of Kyiv in Ukrainian League.

… coach of Darko Milanič at Maribor. He was part of Maribor’s sports department until 2011 when he was selected as a head coach of Mura 05. His season with Mura 05 was impressive and he turned the team around, changing it from a relegation…

… speed their production was the use of compasses to produce haloes on holy figures and a woodblock to provide the rough outline of a head that was then painted over.

…Đorđević was the subject of the 2013 documentary Coach Zoran and His African Tigers, describing his attempts to give a head start to the recently formed South Sudan national football team.

…Čech sustained a head injury in the match against Reading at the Madejski Stadium on 14 October 2006 when he collided with Reading midfielder Stephen Hunt inside Chelsea’s penalty area within the first minute of a Premier League match.

…Özdemir Erdoğan graduated from Kadikoy Commercial High School in 1960 and completed his military service as a reserve officer teacher in Adıyaman, Besni Araplar village as a head teacher.

… come with him from the SFP. Protests against the new regime reached a head with the introduction of the self-certifying ‘passe’ to analytic status, and old comrades such as François Perrier broke away in the bitter schism of 1968 to found the Quatrieme Groupe.

Zun was born and raised in Yangon from Rakhine ethnic parent. Her father is a head doctor from Yangon Ear Nose & Throat Hospital, while her mother is a housewife. She graduated with double degrees in Burmese Literature and Dramatic Arts from Yangon University & National University of Arts and Culture in Yangon.

… the obstacles, the couple continue to fall deeper in love, but things come to a head when Zora suffers an epileptic seizure while sleeping. The next morning when confronted by Franklin on why he never knew of her condition, she says she did not want to scare him off. Franklin reassures her that it will take more than that to get him to walk away.

Zoltan Sabo (Serbian Cyrillic: Золтан Сабо, Hungarian: Zoltán Szabó; born 26 May 1972 in Belgrade) is a retired Serbian professional football player. He is currently employed as a head coach in FK Jagodina.

Zola’s most noticeable feat was performed upon himself. He constructed a specially-modified robot body which lacks a head. Instead, Zola’s face is located via holographic projection on his chest. Atop his shoulders is an ESP Box, a…

… to stay on a permanent role. Zoe is next seen trying to save Dixie’s girlfriend, Carol Walcott (Georgia MacKenzie) from dying of a head injury she failed to alert anyone off. Zoe is the one that is left to tell Dixie that Carol has died.

… started coaching the reserve team for Hamburger SV on 1 July 2014. in the Regionalliga Nord. The reserve team won 4-0 against Goslarer SC 08 in his first match as a head coach. He led the reserve team to eight wins in eight matches prior to…

Zimm died in Los Angeles, California, on November 17, 2005. He had suffered a head injury in 1994, and spent much of his remaining years shuttling between Hilo and California, ultimately living in a retirement facility in Westwood, Los Angeles, California.

Zieten was a good sea boat with a gentle motion, but she was very crank. She was very maneuverable, but she handled poorly in a head sea. In bad weather, she took on considerable amounts of water and was very dangerous. The ship had a crew…

Zeka became the head coach of Albanian Superliga side KF Laçi on 25 March 2016 following the departure of Stavri Nica. This was his first role as a head coach of a senior professional club in Albania, and he guided his side to a goalless…

Zehrfeld made his film debut in 2005 with a lead role in Dominik Graf’s The Red Cockatoo. He starred in the comedic pirate movie 12 Paces Without a Head directed by Sven Taddicken where he played the role of the pirate Klaus Störtebeker.

Zavarov began his coaching career with Saint Dizier CO as a player-coach. He had a short spell as a head coach of FC Wil in 2003-04, however because he lacked the necessary UEFA licence, he was given the position of director of football with the club. He is currently manager of Ukrainian team Arsenal Kyiv.

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