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…Ōta died suddenly of a heart attack in 1963, whilst bathing in a hot spring in Inawashiro, Fukushima.

…Čepička was selected as a scapegoat for the cult of personality around Gottwald, dismissed from all functions in 1956 and put into low importance position as head of state patent office (1956-59). In 1959 he suffered a heart attack and was sent into comfortable retirement.

…Úrculo died of a heart attack in 2003 at the Madrid home of Salvador Dalí, and was buried at the Iglesia de San Juan el Real in Oviedo.

…Özcan died of a heart attack on 22 October 2013, aged 61, in his hometown of Akçaabat, Trabzon Province.

…Özaltay died of a heart attack while giving a speech at Altay Sport Club’s general congress in 1965. Altay SK erected his bust at Izmir’s Alsancak Square in his honour which was sculpted by Can Şen.

…Ó Sé’s body was found at his home in Ceann Trá early on 15 December 2012. His death, at the age of 57, was unexpected and was thought to have been as a result of a heart attack. Having got up in the morning, he had gone to lie down again after experiencing what he thought was indigestion, and his wife Maire made the discovery.

…Ó Fiaich died of a heart attack on the evening of 8 May 1990 while leading the annual pilgrimage by the Archdiocese of Armagh to the Marian shrine of Lourdes in France. He had arrived in France the day before and had complained of feeling…

…Élie died of a heart attack when on vacation at his hunting lodge near the village of Scharnitz outside Innsbruck in Austria. His wife predeceased him in 2003. He is survived by a son, Nathaniel, and two daughters, Elisabeth and Nelly. He…

…Ângelo died of a heart attack at age 54.

…Ángeles suffers a fatal accident at the same time that Andrea has a heart attack. Ángeles is an organ donor, and Andrea’s life is saved when she becomes the recipient of Ángeles’ heart. After losing his true love, José Manuel’s personality changes drastically; he is no longer the happy and cheerful young man that he used to be.

Zózimo Bulbul died from a heart attack at his apartment in the Flamengo neighborhood of Rio de Janeiro on January 24, 2013, at the age of 75. He was survived by his wife of thirty years, Biza Vianna. He was buried at São Francisco Xavier cemetery in the Caju neighborhood of the city.

Zóbel died of a heart attack in Rome, Italy on June 2, 1984.

Zygmunt worked as a chief engineer of the Public Work Ministry until August 1917 when he suffered a heart attack. His illness caused his resignation.

Zuccotti was married to Susan Sessions Zuccotti, the author of a number of books relating to the Holocaust. He died of a heart attack on November 19, 2015. aged 78.

Zorinsky died after suffering a heart attack at the 1987 Omaha Press Club ball. After his death, one of the largest man-made lakes in Nebraska was named after him. Ed Zorinsky Lake is located in Douglas County, in the City of Omaha.

Zoet died of a heart attack, which was induced by depression, alcoholism and hereditary heart disease.

… in 1956, dying of a heart attack in Tel Aviv several months after. His funeral was attended by some of Israel’s highest-ranking figures, among them Golda Meir, Yosef Sprinzak, and Nahum Goldmann.

Zinnemann died of a heart attack in London, England on March 14, 1997. He was 89 years old. His wife died on December 18, 1997.

… three deputies of the colony of Ivory Coast in the French National Assembly. He died a few months later, on 25 May 1947, in Abidjan, Ivory Coast at the age of 26. Rumor maintained that he was poisoned, but doctors determined that he had had a heart attack.

Zimmer died while a guest of honor at Albacon, a science fiction convention in Schenectady, New York, which he attended in part so he could visit his older brother on the family farm. He suffered a heart attack in room 707 at the Boskone party. EMTs in the room immediately started CPR, to no avail. He was cremated and his ashes buried in the family plot in Canandaigua, NY.

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