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… established in 1975, the Minister of Food, Agriculture and Livestock, The Minister of the Interior received his position from the Nationalist Front Government. On September 12, 1980 Darth was politically dull. He did not survive the effects of a

…Éric Lapointe (born 28 September 1969) is a francophone lead singer and guitarist for his eponymous band. His band is characterized by a heavy metal style containing elements of punk, grunge, pop and hard rock from guitarist Stéphane…

…Épée — a heavy thrusting weapon; the valid target area covers the entire body; double touches are allowed.

She was begun at Toulon on 26 September 1798 but while building she was modified into a heavy frigate based on the Forte. She was launched 17 July 1799, put into service in November 1799 and armed at Toulon on 23 September 1800. The foremost maindeck port was found too curved in the bow to admit a gun, so Égyptienne received only 48 cannon instead of 50.

… school in Uppsala. The curriculum at Fjellstedtska had a heavy emphasis on the study of languages, including Latin, Greek, and Hebrew.

…Ásgeirsson is a former member of a heavy metal band, and likes to listen to rock music when preparing for games.

Furosemide. At the time, Zlatev was a three-time World champion and five-time European champion, and a heavy favorite for the gold medal.

Zion Lutheran Church, also known as Organ Church, is a historic Lutheran church located near Rockwell, Rowan County, North Carolina. It was built in 1794, and is a two-story, stone building. A large bell tower was added about 1900; it is topped by a heavy octagonal spire with a weathervane. A Sunday School addition was built on the rear of the church in 1929.

Zibeline can also refer to a heavy silk fabric with a twill weave, very similar to Mikado.

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and then with Punjab; originally it took 12 hours or more to reach Dera Ismail Khan, but now it is distance of almost 4 hours. On this route there is a heavy traffic of cargo and goods carrying vehicles to Khyber Pakhtunkhwa…

Zhang Guan governed with a heavy hand, based on his own whim. In 359, he became suspicious of Song Hun and wanted to kill him and his brother Song Cheng (宋澄), and then depose Zhang Xuanjing and take the throne himself. Song Hun received…

… number of missiles aimed at Strategic Air Command’s (SAC) bases presented a serious threat. Two Zeus deployment plans were outlined. One was a heavy defensive system that would provide protection over the entire continental United States, but require as many as 7000 Zeus missiles. McNamara supported a much lighter system that would use only 1200 missiles.

… a 2 1/2 story, nine bay wide, rock-faced granite building with a dormered hipped roof. It features a heavy eave cornice, prominent chimney stacks, and projecting facade pavilions. The interior reflects both Colonial Revival and Arts and Crafts influenced in its design and detailing.

Zensational faced a heavy field of sprint horses at their best in the $2 million Sentient Jet Breeders’ Cup Sprint at the Oak Tree Meeting at Santa Anita Park. The field included Kentucky Cup Sprint winner, El Brujo, Forego Handicap winner Pyro and winner of the 2009 Ancient Title Stakes going 6 furlongs, Gayego.

Zenit-3F – A heavy lift rocket that uses the Fregat stage.

Zeman is a heavy drinker and long-term chain smoker. He only slightly curbed his consumption of alcohol and cigarettes after being diagnosed with diabetes in 2015.

Zele Racing was in charge developing the stillborn Formula Superfund series. The series was intended to start for the 2005 season racing the Force 10 SF01 car replacing the Italian Formula 3000 championship. Patrick Lemarié tested the car at Estoril. Lemarié had a heavy crash and the series was therefor suspended indefinitely.

Zambrano had six pitches. His most-used pitch was a heavy sinker at 88-92 mph designed to get ground balls. His next-most used pitch was a cutter (88-91), followed by a splitter (80-85). He also threw a four-seam fastball (90-91), slider…

Zaharulnizam made his international debut for the Malaysia national team in a friendly match with Australia, where Malaysia suffers a heavy 5-0 defeat, on 7 October 2011.

Z. mima is also easily distinguished from Trigonospila by other characters, including a heavy suffusion of black or brown along the wing margin, giving the appearance of a brown stripe adjacent to the wing margin and much longer antennae.

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