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… championship and played very well, so he began to attract attention from stronger clubs. At that time he was a highly rated prospect in Europe and his game was compared to Serbian star Aleksandar Đorđević.

…Škoda Motorsport, a small outfit by works rally team standards, was at the time run as a department of the main Škoda factory. Among the staff there, working on the rally team was regarded as a highly desirable job, and even many of the…

…Świętochłowice is situated the middle of a highly populated area of Upper Silesia and is part of the Upper Silesian Metropolitan Union, the largest urban center in Poland and one of the largest in Europe.

…İsmet İnönü was, by the standards of his time, a highly educated man, speaking Arabic, English, French and German in addition to his native Turkish.

…Ďurica moved to FC Saturn Moscow Oblast after a highly successful UEFA Champions League campaign with FC Artmedia Bratislava. On 31 January 2009, Ďurica signed a three-year contract with Lokomotiv Moscow, who have paid around 3,5 million…

… identifiable work to date. The album is the first of a highly conceptualized trilogy of DIY industrial rock metal operas that denote a distinct change in style for the group marked by aggressive death metal style guitar riffs, gritty orchestral sampling and guttural German spoken vocals.

…Æ, a highly similar ligature evolving from the same origin as Ä, evolved in the Icelandic, Danish and Norwegian alphabets. The Æ ligature was also common in Old English, but had largely disappeared in Middle English.

Stockholm, but upon reaching Halmstad the pilots chose to make a direct approach to Ängelholm runway 14 using visual flight rules. Given the weather conditions this was a highly unusual landing plan: normal procedure would be to turn northwest and carry out an instrument approach instead.

… Árbenz and Francisco Arana rebelled against Ubico’s repressive policies. In the elections that followed, Juan José Arévalo was elected president, and began a highly popular program of social reform. Árbenz was appointed Minister of Defense, and played a crucial role in putting down a military coup in 1949.

Zynga is reportedly known for having a highly competitive and stressful culture, with long hours and relentless tracking of progress.

Zyklophin is a semisynthetic peptide derived from dynorphin A and a highly selective antagonist of the κ-opioid receptor (KOR). It is systemically-active, displaying good metabolic stability and blood-brain-barrier penetration. Similarly…

Zuttah started for three years for the J. P. Stevens High School football team, becoming a highly touted prospect and turning down several college football powers for Rutgers. Zuttah’s career followed in the footsteps of his older brother…

… its foundation has witnessed ZMC developing into a highly accredited multi-disciplinary and multi-specialty medical education institution.

U.S. military history, especially during the Vietnam War. A highly decorated war veteran, Zumwalt reformed the US Navy’s personnel policies in an effort to improve enlisted life and ease racial tensions. After he retired from a 32-year naval career, he launched an unsuccessful campaign for the United States Senate.

Zsupán arrives and tells everyone that he is a highly successful pig-breeder adding that he lives for sausages and wine and has little time for art. He agrees to witness Barinkay’s claims but warns him that he can be a contentious…

Zorn continued his interest in hardcore improvisations with the release of Hemophiliac in 2002, with Mike Patton and Ikue Mori, a double CD set signed by the performers and limited to 2,500 copies which soon became a highly sought-after collectors item. The trio also released a live recording as part of Zorn’s 50th Birthday Celebration Series.

… outbreak situations through research, technical development, training and scientific consultation. Protected by positive pressure suits, bench work with infectious agents is conducted in a highly specialized CFIA containment level 4 laboratory.

Zone Policeman 88: A Close Range Study of the Panama Canal and Its Workers is a non-fiction book written by Harry A. Franck and published in 1913. Franck, a travel writer who had produced a highly successful 1910 travelogue, Vagabond…

Zohra and Kameshwar had two children, Kiran Segal and Pavan Sehgal. Pavan Sehgal works for the WHO. Kiran is a highly reputed Odissi dancer.

Zirconium diboride (ZrB2) is a highly covalent refractory ceramic material with a hexagonal crystal structure. ZrB2 is an ultra high temperature ceramic (UHTC) with a melting point of 3246 °C. This along with its relatively low density of…

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