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…Ġebel San Pietru is a hill in Malta, located on the Għargħur Hill, with an altitude of 150 metres (492 ft). Near this point you can find a beautiful walk, which foreign people call it Top of The World, while locals call it l-anċirietka. The street is officially named ‘Għaxqet L-Għajn’.

German. Like other settlements with the same name, the name indicates that it is associated with a hill or mountain covered with dark (coniferous) trees. The element vrh does not necessarily refer to a peak, but can also refer to a mountain pass.

…Čačalica (Чачалица) is a hill above Požarevac, which contains a memorial park with same name, Memorial Park Čačalica (Спомен парк Чачалица), that was built in 1962 and includes 28 hectares. The authors of the monuments inside the park are…

…Úhošť (Burberg or Burgberg) is a hill (improperly designated mesa) near Kadaň, Czech Republic between the villages Brodce and Pokutice. The hill is part of Doupov Mountains. It reaches the elevation of 592 metres and has the area of 282…

… was opened on 10 October 1934. Nordberg was formerly the next northbound station, but it was closed in 1992, when the Sognsvann Line was upgraded to metro standard. Østhorn is located near a hill named Havnabakken, where local residents toboggan at winter’s time.

… associated with pedagogical psychological counseling. The school also has a healthcare provider attached. The school also has SFO that have the nickname vulkanen (English: The volcano). Because the SFO had a hill which looked like a volcano. The…

…Öskjuhlíð is a hill in the centre of Reykjavík, Iceland. It is 61 m above sea level. The hill is a designated outdoors area and is covered with trees. At the top of the hill stands Perlan, a landmark building set on top of six water tanks. It is a city landmark built during Davíð Oddsson’s period as mayor.

… (Ottoman viceroy) of Egypt and Sudan, built the Khedive Palace on top of a hill, villas in a grove around the palace and Çubuklu Mosque. The Rescue and Underwater Command, which trains frogmen and second -class divers for the underwater…

…Çobandede Park is a 16.5-hectare park at the west shore of Seyhan Reservoir. It is situated on a hill overlooking the reservoir. The park has the tomb of Çoban Dede, a wise man from Karslı Village.

…Çamlıca Hill (Çamlıca Tepesi), aka Big Çamlıca Hill (Büyük Çamlıca Tepesi) to differentiate from the nearby Little Çamlıca Hill (Küçük Çamlıca Tepesi), is a hill in Üsküdar district of Istanbul, Turkey. Situated on the Asian part of the…

…Årvoll is a mix of apartment buildings, single family homes and duplexes. It is adjacent to Grefsenkollen, a hill offering views of the city with walking trails, a small ski area with t-bar lift and a small pond named Trollvann.

Złotów is the historical centre of the northern part of Krajna. Human activity in the region goes as far back as the 8th century BC. Around 700 AD, a hill fort on the shore of the Baba lake was the residence of a Pomeranian tribal chief.

Zvolen Castle (Zvolenský zámok or incorrectly , zólyomi vár) is a medieval castle located on a hill near the center of Zvolen, in central Slovakia.

Zolwerknapp (Zolver Knapp) is a hill in the commune of Sanem, in south-western Luxembourg. It is 422 m tall, and lies just to the north-west of Soleuvre (Zolwer in Luxembourgish and German, hence the name of the hill).

Zira’a (زراعة, also spelled Zerraa, Zirhagh or Zar’a) is a village in central Syria, administratively part of the Homs Governorate, located southwest of Homs. Situated on a hill just east of the Orontes River, nearby localities include…

Zion is a hill near Jerusalem (now in the city), widely symbolizing the Land of Israel.

Zimmerwald was an independent municipality in the Canton of Bern, Switzerland until 31 December 2003. It is located on a hill in the proximity of the city of Bern in the Bernese Mittelland. On 1 January 2004 Zimmerwald united with the municipality of Englisberg to form the new municipality of Wald.

… ‘lower Zilje’) furthest east. A road from Vinica to Preloka runs through the village. The fields have sinkholes, and above them are sparse birch and fern woods, low-quality hay fields mowed once a year, and then mixed woods in the direction of Bojanci. The village lies on the sheltered lee of a hill, favorable for orchards and vineyards.

Zig zags tend to be cheaper to construct because the grades required are discontinuous. Civil engineers can generally find a series of shorter segments going back and forth up the side of a hill more easily and with less grading than they can a continuous grade which has to contend with the larger scale geography of the hills to be surmounted.

Zhong Mountain is a hill at the suburb of Nanjing.

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