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…Ğulām Husayn “Salīm” Zaydpūrī was a historian who migrated to Bengal and was employed there as a postmaster to the East India Company serving under George Udny (a Commercial Resident of the East India Company). At Udny’s request, the author composed a history of Bengal entitled Riyāż al-salātīn, completed in 1787-8. He died in 1817-18.

…Đapić was born in Čaprazlije, Livno municipality, SR Bosnia and Herzegovina, Yugoslavia (now in Bosnia and Herzegovina). The Đapić family had a history of supporting the old Croatian Party of Rights, and later the Ustaše regime. His father…

…Élie Halévy (6 September 1870 – 21 August 1937) was a French philosopher and historian who wrote studies of the British utilitarians, the book of essays Era of Tyrannies, and a history of Britain from 1815 to 1914 that influenced British historiography.

King Edward the Confessor to give the abbacy to Æthelwig, another, in the Chronicon de Abbatiae Evesham, a history of Evesham Abbey, states that it was Mannig who asked the king to make the appointment. The Chronicon also states that the…

…Årvoll has a history of cooperation with other clubs in football. In 2001 it formed (together with Linderud IL and Hasle-Løren IL) the umbrella team Bjerkealliansen, which operated on junior level (age 19 and below). Hasle-Løren backed out…

…Ásatrú organizations have memberships which span the entire political and spiritual spectrum. There is a history of political controversy within organized US Ásatrú, mostly surrounding the question of how to deal with such adherents as…

…Ágrip af Nóregskonungasögum or Ágrip is a history of the kings of Norway. Written in Old Norse, it isalong with Historia Norvegiæ, one of the Norwegian synoptic histories.

a history of religious persecution by non-native peoples, they are very private about their religious beliefs. Roman Catholicism has to some extent been integrated into traditional Zuni religion.

Zrínyi Ilona Grammar School (ZIG) (Hungarian: Zrínyi Ilona Gimnázium) is a grammar school located in Miskolc, Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén county, Hungary. It has a history of 160 years.

Zotov was an encyclopedist who compiled and edited a History of World Literature (1876—1882). His Memoirs came out in 1890, published by Istorichesky Vestnik, Nos. 1-6.

Zosimus was a pagan historian who wrote at c. 500 AD a history of Rome to 410 in six books. Although he couldn’t be compared with Ammianus Marcellinus, his work is important for the events after 378.

Zoric is a first foreign coach in a history of clubs football in Sri Lanka who was appointed on position of Head Coach of Up Country Lions SC, Nawalapitiya.

… long-term against medical advice. Zopiclone may be more addictive than benzodiazepines. Those with a history of substance misuse or mental health disorders may be at an increased risk of high-dose zopiclone misuse. High dose misuse of…

… resulting in many deaths; marine mammals in captivity have a history of premature deaths; and captive enclosures cannot simulate the complexity of the ocean and coasts. CAZA does not appear to have issued a new policy on the maintenance and display of whales and dolphins since 2008.

… “vacationers” and their growing interest in recreational boating.With a history of unrivalled experience, Zodiac Nautic’s origin is closely tied to all major innovations in the sector of inflatable boats.

Zil has a history of exporting trucks to Cuba, a business resumed in the early 21st century. The ZiL factory is portrayed in a 2014 documentary, The Last Limousine.

Zhuang folk medicine has a history of over one thousand years. In Sawndip texts thousands of Zhuang medical terms have been identified and some terms have entered into Chinese medical dictionaries, and in Southern China some hospitals have Zhuang Medicine departments.

University of Strasbourg where he earned his doctorate. Later, he returned to China to write The Psychology of Tragedy (悲劇心理學), On Beauty (談美), The Psychology of Art (文藝心理學), On Poetry (詩論), A History of Western Aesthetics (西方美學史), and Letters…

Zhili (Chinese) aristocrat cuisine (直隶官府菜) originated in Baoding in Ming dynasty, matured in Qing dynasty, with a history of approximately six-hundred years. The flavor of dishes of Zhili (Chinese) aristocrat cuisine is generally slightly salty.

Zatarain had five sons. Emile A Zatarain, Jr., the oldest, took over the company as his father slowly retired. Charles Zatarain was the last surviving son of Emile when he died in 1986 at age 89. His great-granddaughter, Allison Zatarain, wrote a history of Emile and the family in 1993.

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