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…Đenis Đenis (Enis Bešlagić) – He is a famous rocker, that came to Faruk two times to record a hit. Izet got involved and his plan failed.

Ingrid Gjoni, and Të dy qajmë të ndarë (Away we both cry), a hit composed by Flori Mumajesi and with words of Ardit Roshi in the Kënga Magjike of 2010, where she cried while interpreting the song. Çiljeta had already interpreted in the Kënga Magjike 08 with S’ke ku vete (Can’t go nowhere).

…Álvarez, who is of Mexican descent, is the President of the Mayans Motorcycle Club’s Oakland, California chapter and seems to be their overall leader in Northern California. His son, Esai, was also a member of the club but had a hit placed…

Zé Ramalho da Paraíba is a compilation of rare songs by Brazilian solo artist Zé Ramalho in 2008. Most of the tracks were recorded live, in a time they were still unknown. Avôhai (a tribute to Ramalho’s grandfather), for example, was performed only three days after his death (as said in the beginning of the song), but became a hit single years after.

January 2016. The film was released on 7 October 2016 during Durga Puja to poor reviews but was a box office success. The songs and music of the film is a hit and topped the charts.

… determined (such as in a hit and run) must pay the first $1000 of these costs. For members under 21, Zipcar provides insurance coverage at state-mandated levels.

Zhao achieved breakthrough with Legend of Lu Zhen (2013), where she played an ordinary girl who worked her way up to become the first female prime minister. The drama was a hit domestically, and also overseas in South Korea and Japan,…

Zhang’s next directorial work, The Story of Qiu Ju, in 1992, once again starring Gong Li in the lead role. The film, which tells the tale of a peasant woman seeking justice for her husband after he was beaten by a village official, was a hit at film festivals and won the Golden Lion award at the 1992 Venice Film Festival.

Zeritu has a strong commitment to social activism and was named a Climate Icon by the British Council. As a climate icon, Zeritu wrote and performed ‘Artificial’, a hit single that played a role in awakening young people to how much life…

… a tremendous response from the college community, Zeb and Haniya recorded a rough version of Chup and another song titled Yaad with Mekaal Hasan (of Mekaal Hasan Band). Once again, the response was remarkable. The songs were a hit. They spread on the internet and soon found their way onto Pakistan’s City FM 89 radio waves.

… introducing former President Bill Clinton to Michael Nobel of the Nobel family, where she also presented a Peace Book to a social and political activist Bono of U2 from Nobel and eventually, co-developing of what was yet to become a hit television series for teens (13 to 18 years old) and their music called, B InTune TV.

Zangief – A power-type character. Zangief seeks Felicia to convince her to perform a concert in Russia which eventually becomes a hit.

Zander takes Emily hostage. The two flee from the police. Emily learns Zander had been working for unethical mob boss Joseph Sorel, who placed a hit on Zander for the problems he had created. When she starts to develop romantic feelings…

… composed by Sapan Chakraborty. It was a remake of 1960 film Bombai Ka Baboo starring Dev Anand. It was a hit in the Indian box office, in an years of big hits Deewaar, Sholay, Dharmatma and Julie.

Irwin developed and started marketing Zaks. Zaks was a hit during its first Christmas season, and Irwin was able to quickly sell licenses to companies in the United States and Australia.

ZM Wellington (previously 2ZM, ZMFM and 91ZM) is a hit music radio station in Wellington, New Zealand. It is a station of the ZM network, and is owned and operated by New Zealand Media and Entertainment.

ZM Christchurch (previously 3ZM, Radio Nova, ZMFM and 91ZM) is a hit music radio station in Christchurch, New Zealand. It is a station of the ZM network, and is owned and operated by New Zealand Media and Entertainment.

ZM Auckland is a hit music radio station in Auckland, New Zealand. The station is the host of the ZM network, and is owned and operated by New Zealand Media and Entertainment.

… cruisers in an attempt to force them to change course, but this was not successful. Z38 also tried to launch torpedoes, but had to break off this attack when her funnel caught fire and a boiler tube burst. Z34 suffered a hit on her waterline during this period.

Yugandhar is a 1979 Telugu-language Indian feature film directed by K. S. R. Das and produced by P. Vidya Sagar, starring N.T. Rama Rao, Jayasudha, Jaggaiah, Sheela and Chalam. Jayamalini does a dance number in the film. The director was K. S. R. Das, who stated that this film would become a hit.

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