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…Žana, Marija, and Jan escape when the electricity to the barracks is cut off by Maks. They make their way through a hole in the floor to the fence, and crawl underneath. As they do so, Jan starts crying and German guards catch on, but…

… went through a hole in the side netting, but Økland famously told the referee that it wasn’t a goal. In his three years at Leverkusen, Økland played 101 Bundesliga matches and scored 43 goals. In 1983, Økland moved to the French team Racing Club de Paris, where he spent two seasons before returning to Bryne.

…Ó Gráinne was strongly influenced by his fellow Connemara-man, Máirtín Ó Cadhain whose death he felt left a hole in the leadership of the Irish-language movement. Ó Gráinne also took an interest in some Continental European authors, translating writings by or autobiographies about Karl Marx, Albert Camus and Freidrich Nietzsche into Irish.

Zoe finds a freaked-out Misty (Lily Rabe) at the door. In a flashback to Misty’s cabin, Myrtle (Frances Conroy), still covered in her healing mud, has woken her about a man outside. The man blasts a hole in Misty’s door with a shotgun. At…

Zobova was born with a hole in the heart, and at age six underwent surgery to correct it. She attended the University of Moscow and studied psychology and anthropology while modeling on the side for extra money.

Ziggy meets with Glekas and offers him stolen cars from the docks to sell abroad. Glekas is initially reluctant but eventually agrees to give Ziggy a chance since it is a good deal for him. Ziggy plans to create a track across the grass and a hole in the fence to take the cars through to make the theft look like an outside job.

… lips were burnt off. Also he had shrapnel in his skull, above the eyebrows there was a hole in the bone. For future use part of Ziegel’s skull was implanted into the fatty tissues of the upper part of his body and artificial plate was…

… controlled by Zauriel’s will, the sword can cut virtually anything, including otherwise intangible objects and people, and even the very fabric of dimensions. Zauriel was once able to cut a hole in the dimensional barrier separating Heaven and Earth when the blade was magically augmented by teammates, enabling him and his team to traverse dimensions.

… metamorphosis, and are distinguished by their irregular shape, which differs from the more circular shape seen in other temnospondyls. Zatrachydids also possess a hole in the center of their palates called the inter-vomerine fontanelle, which grows…

… reported that Simmons once wagered an automobile a hole in a game of golf. His unshakable character increased the company’s profits from less than $5,000,000, when he became president, to over $40,000,000 at the peak of his incumbency and revolutionized the bedding industry.

The more massive Herbig Ae/Be star is enveloped in an irregular roughly spherical cocoon of dust that has an inner diameter of 20 AU km and outer diameter of 50 AU km. The cocoon has a hole in it through which light shines that covers an…

Yuán (圓): Also called yuánbì (圓幣), yuánbǎo (元寶), or yuánqián (元錢). Circular coins with a hole in the middle, usually made of copper or bronze; what most Westerners think of as ‘Chinese money’. Also see fúyìnqián (符印錢).

… the antorbital fenestra, a hole in the skull in front of the eyes. In Youngosuchus, the fenestra is large and triangular, but lacks the depressed upper and front margins seen in the skulls of erythrosuchids.

… of the window and it drops down a hole in the street. Two years later, South Korea is threatened by an asteroid that looks exactly like a giant version of the 8 Ball. In their underground shelter, the family tries to cancel the order via the extraterrestrial website. Ten years later, the adult Min-seo (Bae Doona) and her family emerge from their shelter.

Jennifer were in. Jesse and Jennifer use the boat as an air pocket to keep from drowning, and to prevent themselves from getting burned alive as the firestorm destroys the area. Suddenly, gunshots start coming from underneath them and a couple of bullets make a hole in the boat.

… woodpeckers. The long sticky tongues, which possess bristles, aid these birds in grabbing and extracting insects from deep within a hole in a tree. It has been reported that the tongue was used to spear grubs, but more detailed studies published in 2004 have shown that the tongue instead wraps around the prey before being pulled out.

Women wore matanpushi, embroidered headbands, and ninkari, earrings. Ninkari was a metal ring with a ball. Women wore it through a hole in the ear. Matanpushi and ninkari were originally worn by men. However, women wear them now.

Wolch holds the rank of Life Master Bridge Player, the highest recognition of achievement for bridge players. Wolch has won Provincial Tennis Tournament. Wolch has scored a Hole in One in golf. He has represented Canada at international Contract Bridge tournaments, won multiple prizes, and once played against Omar Sharif.

Lanarkshire Yeomanry shortly after Chamberlain left Downing Street. The consequent medical examination revealed that Dunglass had a hole in his spine surrounded by tuberculosis in the bone. Without surgery he would have been unable to walk…

… when a high energy electron in the conduction band recombines with a hole in the valence band. The energy of the photon and hence the emission wavelength of laser diodes is therefore determined by the band gap of the material system used.

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