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…Évian still derives funding as a holiday resort and spa town.

Zotov and the Soviet air attaché Serge Smirnov, followed by Special Branch, went on a holiday visit to Portsmouth. Dressed in casual clothes and carrying cameras the two joined a pleasure boat which took trippers around the Devonport…

Zorawar Singh (Yo Yo Honey Singh) is a daring Indian Army officer with Rapid Task Force. After completing an assignment he asks for a holiday from his senior which is granted to him. Zorawar comes back to his home to his loving mother Mrs…

Ziemassvētki is a holiday in many countries, and it is also celebrated by people, whose religious belief is not Christianity. Ziemassvētki’s waiting time is called Advent. Nowadays the customary Ziemassvētki traditions are decorating Ziemassvētki fir, Ziemassvētku vecītis, baking gingerbread and mandarin scent.

Spyridon, and the central church of the city bears his name. The Saint’s feast day is on December 12 and it is a holiday for the town.

Yyteri (Ytterö) is a district and a beach in the city of Pori, Finland. It is located about 17 km from the centre, bordering the Baltic sea. Yyteri is not an urban district, instead it is mostly like a holiday resort.

Yusuf, a bachelor and white-collar wakes up late one day and rushes to work only to find out that it is a holiday. The last twenty years he had hardly been out and spends the day drifting. He meets different odd people, among others an…

… story instead. The Sultan enters, telling the members of his Court that they are to treat Hassan as if he were the Sultan. The Sultan is amused by Hassan’s behaviour, as no one has ever treated him so disrespectfully. He also reasons that it might be convenient to have a fake Sultan available, as he wants to take a holiday.

Yusef learns that Amira gave birth to Syed’s daughter Yasmin, so persuades Zainab to take a holiday with him and Kamil in Pakistan. While there, he suggests that they move there permanently as a family. On their return to Walford, Yusef learns that Amira has been seeing Syed, so tells Amira that she is not wanted by the Masood family. Amira ignores him and Zainab meets Yasmin, and informs Yusef that she cannot leave Walford after becoming a grandmother. Yusef then puts doubt into the mind of Syed’s boyfriend, Christian Clarke (John Partridge), about Syed’s paternity of Yasmin. Christian then asks Yusef to perform a secret paternity…

Yud Beis-Yud Gimmel Tammuz, the 12th and 13th days of Tammuz on the Hebrew calendar, are celebrated as a holiday by the Chabad Hasidic community. The holiday commemorates the liberation of Rabbi Yosef Yitzchak Schneersohn, the sixth Chabad…

Youth Day is a holiday dedicated to the youths of a country. It is observed by 18 countries, on many different dates throughout the year. The United Nations agreed on the date of 12 August in 1999.

Young children and babies can be more easily accommodated for in a holiday cottage where the parents do not feel pressure from other families (e.g. in a hotel resort) who may not have young children. The fact that guests are on holiday in a home together, often with three generations in larger houses, brings a much different atmosphere to the holiday.

Yorktown Day is a holiday celebrated in Yorktown, Virginia, United States annually on October 19. The holiday celebrates the surrender of the British forces on that date in 1781, ending the Battle of Yorktown and bringing about the end of the American Revolutionary War.

Years later, Grandgil is leaving Paris for a holiday and a porter carries his bags to the train. When Grandgil gives him a tip, he recognises that it is Martin. “Still carrying suitcases?” he says as the train moves off.

After Lindsay’s departure Hugh declares his love to Emma, but she refuses him, saying she has already hired another secretary and companion. At the end of the novel, Hugh is on his way to India for a holiday, accompanying Felix and Felix’s older sister Mildred, who is in love with Hugh.

Yandle sold Northmoor House and its 100 acres to Ralph and Suzanne Nicholson who refurbished the house, which in 2016 is operated as a holiday let.

Working class cockney teenagers Dot (Rita Tushingham) and biker Reggie (Colin Campbell) get married. Their marriage soon turns sour. During an unsuccessful honeymoon at a holiday camp Reggie becomes alienated from the brassy and…

… 1925, demonstrations were intervened by arm floats. In 1935, The National Assembly declared Workers’ Day to be a holiday again.

Wlotzkasbaken or Wlotzka’s Baken (Wlotzka’s beacon, often shortened to Wlotzka or Wlotzkas) is a holiday settlement on Namibia Atlantic coast, situated approximately halfway between Swakopmund and Hentiesbay. The area around the village lies within the Dorob National Park and features extensive lichen colonies.

Witton Castle is a much-altered 15th-century castle, which is the centrepiece of a holiday and caravan country park at Witton le Wear, near Bishop Auckland, County Durham. It is a Grade II* listed building.

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