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…Švejk gets his charwoman to wheel him (he claims to be suffering from rheumatism) to the recruitment offices in Prague, where his apparent zeal causes a minor sensation. He is transferred to a hospital for malingerers because of his…

…Štrpce also has a hospital and ambulances.

…Šime Đodan died on 2 October 2007 at the age of 79 in a hospital in Dubrovnik, Croatia, after a long illness. His funeral was held on 5 October 2007 in Dubrovnik.

… urbanized it after the Second Serbian Uprising. The period from 1820-1850 saw the establishment for the first time in Šabac of a hospital, a pharmacy, a Serbian grammar school, a gymnasium, a theatre, and a musical society.

…Şerafttin Elçi died on December 25, 2012 at a hospital in Ankara, where he was treated for cancer. After a memorial before the parliament building, his corpse was taken firstly to Diyarbakır, and then was buried in Cizre in a religious funeral attended by thousands.

…Ōmura donated a piece of land and a house to the Jesuit mission from his own personal property. The house was used as a Jesuit residence and Torres established a Christian cemetery, as well as a hospital on the donated land. This cemetery was particularly important for the mission, since Buddhist temples refused to bury Japanese Christian converts.

…Čáslavská was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in 2015. Her health condition deteriorated significantly in summer 2016, to such an extent that she was taken to a hospital in Prague on 30 August, where she died at the age of 74.

…Öholm died of liver cancer on 25 January 2017 in a hospital in Växjö.

… ill shortly after saying Mass at the grotto in the French town. He was rushed by helicopter to a hospital in Toulouse, 125 miles away, where he died. He was aged 66. He lay in state at the cathedral in Armagh, where thousands of people lined up to pay their respects.

… complex which also includes a hospital, a daycare, senior’s care and offices. The schools are within the Île-à-la-Crosse School Division No. 112.

…Élisabeth Charlotte authorised the construction of a hospital in the town of Bruyères.

…Çakıcı stayed four-and-half months in Paris and Strasbourg in France as observed by the Turkish police. In order to visit Ali Çakıcı, his son from the first marriage, in a hospital in Graz, he drove to Austria changing three times his car…

…Ça Ira was commissioned in the Royal Navy, but in too battered a state to serve, she was used as a hospital hulk in Saint-Florent.

… seriousness of Pablo’s wound, Ángela calls a doctor who, upon arriving at the apartment, confirms the gravity of Pablo’s condition. He has been shot in the liver and must be brought to a hospital if he is to survive. Refusing, she offers him a…

… insists upon caring for him in the house rather than sending him off to a hospital. He is soon bedridden and in constant pain. Luisa makes love to him, and when she returns to Ramiro in their bedroom, she has sex with her husband. She loves them both intensely and equally.

Zé Carlos died on 24 July 2009 of abdominal cancer, after more than one month at a hospital in Rio de Janeiro.

Zychowicz died in a hospital in Szczecin on January 6, 2016, at the age of 62.

Zsuzsa Szikra was born in 1951 in the Szechenyi castle which served as a hospital and which was situated in the town of Marcali in Hungary. Already at an early age Zsuzsa was influenced by the paintings and other forms of art her father…

… the hapless Canadian was thrown out of his car during the accident; he succumbed to his severe injuries into the night at a hospital near the circuit. John Watson won the race for McLaren.

… became seriously dehydrated, which caused Molly to rush her to a hospital in order to keep her from dying. This act has probably led to Zoey bonding strongly with Molly and learning the most from her.

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