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… father is a graphic designer, but he lacked a permanent job at the time of the murder, while her mother had previously retired from a cargo company. She was also planning to work at a hotel in Northern Cyprus during the summer to help with…

… now a hotel and conference centre with a public restaurant. During World War II Danish and Estonian refugees were hosted here. It is known to be the youngest castle in both Scania and Sweden.

… (Víkingur Kristjánsson), a successful stockbroker, has been living in a hotel for several months while waiting for his wife to take him back. Katrin Rós (Nanna Kristín Magnúsdóttir) has been living in Sweden for eight years, and then returns to…

…Ó hAilpín was born on the island of Rotuma, 646 kilometres north of the main Fiji islands to Seán Ó hAilpín, an oil-rig worker and a native of Fermanagh in Northern Ireland, and his wife Emilie, a hotel worker and a Rotuman. The eldest of six children, he was the only Ó hAilpín to be born on his mother’s native island.

… administration when the islands were used as a penal settlement. With an elevation of 66 m, the island is the highest of the group. It contains a museum and a hotel (l’Auberge des Îles du Salut) as well as an optical and infrared tracking site that supports space launches from the nearby Kourou facility.

…Éljen a Magyar! can be heard intermittently in the background during an early scene in the 1940 film My Little Chickadee when newly-weds Cuthbert J. Twillie and Flower Belle Lee check into a hotel.

…Çalhanoğlu was sharing a hotel room with national team defender Ömer Toprak in October 2013 after a World Cup qualifying defeat to the Netherlands, when Gökhan Töre and an unknown armed friend entered the room, and threatened both…

…Årdalstangen serves as an important transportation hub for the aluminium industry. Norsk Hydro’s site for production of coal for anodes and small port at the end of the Årdalsfjord are located here. The village also has a hotel and other tourist accommodations. Årdal Church is located in the village.

Zum Riesen (The Giant) is a hotel in Miltenberg, Germany and is one of the oldest hotels in the country, dating back to at least 1411.

… difficult situation. During the reconstruction work the family will stay in a hotel and is not allowed to get in touch with the building site. In 2009 Eva Brenner and John Kosmalla were supported by Natalie Nguyen-Ton, Christopher Brenner and Daniel Kraft, as well as by a new craftsmen team.

Norman England. Mihiro plays a spoiled pop singer who barricades herself in a hotel with several soldiers during a zombie outbreak.

Zimmermann is a hotel owner in Lech am Arlberg and suffers from multiple sclerosis. Two other alpine medalists from the 1964 Winter Olympics also developed MS, Jimmie Heuga (1943-2010) and Pepi Stiegler.

Zimmerman stopped racing in 1905 and retired to Point Pleasant, New Jersey on the coast near Asbury Park. He ran a hotel and former colleagues such as Alf Goullet called in to remember old times. Zimmerman still received invitations to race but turned them down, saying when he was 48, that he had rheumatism.

… comprises retail and office space in the lower section. The floors near the top feature a hotel, numerous restaurants, and a public observatory. The tower’s stepping is functional, helping separate these sections. The building is currently the tallest in Nanjing and Jiangsu province, the sixth tallest in China and the fourteenth tallest in the world.

Zepyur Football Training Camp (Զեփյուռ Ամառային Ճամբար), is a football training camp in the Pyunik village of Kotayk Province, on the left bank of Marmarik River. The training camp is provided by a hotel, a restaurant as well as other entertainment facilities.

Zeidan was kidnapped again on August 14, 2017, by an armed group, being taken from a hotel in the Libyan capital of Tripoli.

… influences. It has a hipped roof and sits on a stone and concrete foundation. The central bay of the front facade features concrete balconies on both upper floors. The building contained a hotel and other businesses until the 1980s.

Zef Kolombi, an Albanian painter, was born on March 3, 1907 in Sarajevo. His father, John, who was the owner of a hotel in Sarajevo, died in 1910 and a year later, his mother died. Zef, along with his sister Vera, moved back to Shkodra to…

Zebercet owns a hotel in a small provincial town. He manages to keep it up with the help of one maid, a little girl who lives with him. One evening, one of the clients leaves the hotel, promising to return in a week. Haunted by the memory…

… move elsewhere: the Zatti’s arrived in Argentina at a port in Buenos Aires on 9 February 1897; the Zatti’s settled in Bahía Blanca. An uncle of his lived in Argentina prior to their arrival. He worked in a hotel around this time and also in a brick factory.

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