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… expert testimony. The schools of Hinduism which consider it epistemically valid suggest that a human being needs to know numerous facts, and with the limited time and energy available, he can learn only a fraction of those facts and truths directly.

…Śabda (Sanskrit: शब्द, Word), in Nyayasutras, means relying on word, testimony of a reliable source. Sabda-pramana has been an accepted and reliable method to knowledge by all orthodox schools of Hinduism including Nyaya, asserting that a

…İştar Gözaydın (April 5, 1959 – Istanbul, Turkey) is a professor of Law and Politics. She is also a founder of the Helsinki Citizens Assembly, a human rights organization in Turkey. She was a research fellow at the University of London, Birkbeck College Birkbeck, University of London in 2009 and she was a Fulbright Program scholar in the U.S. in 1986-87.

…Étude No. 14A: Coloana fara sfârşit (Column without End) was the first version of Etude 14 but was judged too difficult for a human player, so Ligeti recomposed it, changing the harmonic structure as he reduced the number of pitches in…

…Étaín had been the second wife of the Tuatha Dé Danann god, Midir. As punishment for her jealousy towards Midir’s first wife Fuamnach, she had been reborn as a human. High King Eochaid having heard of Étaín’s beauty, brought her to his…

…Éabha holds a Human Rights degree from NUI Galway. She was a member of the musical society at NUI Galway.

…Äbädä is a demon or spirit. He is a Turkic forest being, similar in nature to the İyes. He protects the birds, trees, and animals of the forest; he appears in the shape of a human with blue skin, two great horns, green hair, and a long…

Zymogen granule protein 16, also known as ZG16, is a human gene.

Zoraida: a Neverborn and Gremlins master, known as the Swamp Hag, Zoraida is actually a human that was left behind in Malifaux during its first incursion and has lived there for so long that she has been twisted by its local environment.

Zones intelligently organize design elements in a human environment based on the frequency of human use and plant or animal needs. Frequently manipulated or harvested elements of the design are located close to the house in zones 1 and 2. Manipulated elements located further away are used less frequently. Zones are numbered from 0 to 5 based on positioning.

… aggravating tendency to rip things apart (mainly Molly’s homework), throw food around, and trash anything she comes across, she has to be carefully monitored as if she were a human toddler. She once swallowed an entire bottle of shampoo and…

… with her photographic memory and the advanced learning techniques of her era, this makes her somewhat like a human calculator, able to perform complicated mathematics in her head. Part of the reason for her wanting to travel with the Doctor…

… six years old. Zits’ Native-American father left the family when Zits was born. Zits describes himself as “a blank sky, a human solar eclipse,” not belonging to anyone and no one belonging to him. After staying with his Aunt and her sexually…

… other materials, this acidic plating is an environmentally safe option. Hexavalent Chromate has been classified as a human carcinogen by the EPA and OSHA.

Zinc finger protein 91 homolog (mouse), ciliary neurotrophic factor transcription unit, also known as ZFP91-CNTF, is a human gene.

Zimbabwe Peace Project also known as ZPP is a human rights monitoring group in Zimbabwe. The ZPP was established in 2000 by a group of civilians and church members. It has critical of the Human rights situation in Zimbabwe, and its…

… law and lecturer at the university until 2013. He is also known as a human rights lawyer. He has defended arrested people who had affiliated with the New Citizens’ Movement. He has also defended Weiquan movement member Guo Feixiong in court.

Zhang Kai (Chinese: 张凯; pinyin: Zhāng Kǎi) is a human rights lawyer known for defending churches in China that were being forced to remove their crosses and crucifixes. He is also known for representing or campaigning on behalf of the disadvantaged, such as Feng Jianmei, a woman forced by government authorities to have an abortion in 2012.

Zeus: Prometheus’s cousin. He punished Prometheus by chaining him to a rock to have his liver eaten every day. He then gave him a task to find a human hero so to call of The Avenger.

Zeus had received a prophecy that Thetis’s son would become greater than his father, like Zeus had dethroned his father to led the succeeding pantheon. In order to ensure a mortal father for her eventual offspring, Zeus and his brother Poseidon made arrangements for her to marry a human, Peleus, son of Aeacus, but she refused him.

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