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…Şalgam, has been celebrated as a festival in Adana since 2010. Adana Kebap ve Şalgam Festival, emerged from a hundred year tradition of enjoying kebab, with liver, şalgam and rakı. The event turned into a nationwide popular street…

…İzmir Atatürk Lisesi (İAL) was established in 1888 as a 5-year preparatory school. The school was subsequently converted to a 7-year preparatory school in 1890 and became a high school in 1910. Serving more than a hundred years as a day and boarding school for boys, the school started admitting girls in the year 2000.

…Óscar López Rodriguez’s body was taken by his son during the night of 13 July 2012 from the Servicio Médico Legal of San Fernando. His body was waked at his parents’ home in Los Boldos, near Santa Cruz, and was buried the following day in the Cemetery of Santa Cruz, in a ceremony attended by about a hundred persons. His former wife did not attend his funeral.

…Çorum Massacre occurred in the province of Çorum in Turkey between May and July 1980. Nationalist Sunni Muslims targeted the Alevi Turkish minority and killed more than half a hundred of them. More than 200 were injured. Another target was the social-liberal Republican People’s Party (CHP). Many victims were youngsters and women.

…Åsbo Southern Hundred (Södra Åsbo härad, Sønder Åsbo or Åsbo Herred) was a hundred of Skåne in Sweden.

…Åsbo Northern Hundred, (Norra Åsbo härad, Nørre Åsbo or Åsbo Herred) was a hundred in Skåne in Sweden.

…Åke Dahlqvist (1901-1991) was a Swedish cinematographer who worked on around a hundred films during his career.

Zázvorková, an alumnus of Prague’s theatre school of E.F. Burian, appeared in more than a hundred films and series. She was married to the actor Miloš Kopecký. She became known abroad through series including Arabela, The Territory of White Deer, and Hospital at the End of the City, and also through her role in the Oscar-winning movie Kolya by Jan Svěrák.

Zorka Grandov has published over a hundred important articles in the fields of international and business economics in nation and international scientific papers. She also wrote a number of books in economic globalization, international business and trade.

Zoo Basel first acquired kangaroos in 1908. Since then, over a hundred kangaroos have been born. In 2006, the theme area Australis was opened, funded by Novartis. In this outdoor exhibit, western grey kangaroos and Australian brush-turkeys…

Zonderwater camp, which can more accurately be described as a city, was the largest of the eighteen known World War II Italian POW camps and held nearly a hundred thousand prisoners of war before it closed down on 1 January 1947. The…

… flames in the late 16th century, it was rebuilt within a hundred years and significantly expanded over the course of the 20th century.

Berbers, but possibly also some Khurasanis. The fleet comprised seventy or a hundred ships, to which were added Euphemius’ own vessels.

… trade-unionist Nubir al-Amawi. More recently, Ziane was the lawyer of the Moroccan intelligence service in a defamation case against journalist Aboubakr Jamai in 2007. In late May 2017, after the arrest of Nasser Zefzafi and about a hundred other activists in the Rif, he joined their defence team.

University amounted to 2.817 billion Yuan. More than a hundred projects under research have each secured a grant of more than 10 million.

Zharkov played more than a hundred roles in movies. He had a very distinctive voice, so often invited the actor to voice the role of other actors.

… reforms he instituted either failed to achieve their aims, such as the empire-wide land survey, or were quickly discarded after his death in 1582. At the same time, his luxurious lifestyle – which included meals with over a hundred dishes, and a…

… and in the midst of chaos and infighting Zhang Qian escaped. Of the original mission of just over a hundred men, only Zhang Qian and Ganfu managed to return to China.

… evolved from a village owned by a noble and the left bank from a settlement of forest workers. Combined, both sides had about 10 homesteads and a hundred inhabitants.

Zerneck’s career began as a theater producer in Los Angeles, but moved to television in 1975 in a collaboration with Robert Greenwald, which resulted in the Emmy nominated docudrama 21 Hours at Munich. In 1987 Zerneck and fellow producer Robert M. Sertner created von Zerneck/Sertner Films, a long-term venture which has resulted in nearly a hundred television movies. Of the company’s most notable productions are four Native American films produced for Turner Network Television between 1993 and 1996, which included the Emmy winning Geronimo, nominated Crazy Horse, and Golden Globe nominated Lakota Woman. Tecumseh, which concluded the series, was also critically acclaimed. Recent productions have largely consisted of disaster and true crime dramas.

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